13 December, 2009

Another Fun Day...

Until Kalila busted me over the head w/ her broom that is... Huge headache now. 

Anyways... Mass went well today. We were "almost" on time. Kalila was much better behaved in the cry room. It might have been because Baba was with us most of the time, but she was behaving before he came in there... So who knows. And my fav part... She stuck her hand in the holy water font on the way in and tried to make the sign of the cross all by herself! Too cute!

After Mass we met Grandma for lunch... She's on the way back from Houston and stopped by to see us. It was really nice... We felt a little bad because we had to rush, plans soon after... but I'm still glad we got to see her. 

Then we headed down to see Gido in Beauty & the Beast... We got invited last week, but already had plans... Was cool that we went this week though because several other family members were there too. Kalila did pretty good in there too... Got fussy at the end, but made it through a good chunk. She loved it. 

Btw (completely off topic here, but came home to several comments & thought I'd address it while its on my mind lol). When I posted that post earlier I wasn't complaining about food cost at all. Sorry if anyone took it that way. That is nowhere near what I was thinking... I have fun shopping around, getting deals and all that stuff even when we don't need too.. I don't see that changing at any point. Now figuring out how to keep little miss from finishing off the food between groc trips and/or how to store more food in this apt is another story lol.


Catherine Anne said...

Sounds like a great Sunday! Me and my little one had a time in mass. She was tired and after mass it made me tired too. LOL Blessings!

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah I'm so grateful for it too... Kids around this age can really have a hard time w/ Mass and I know that in my head, but it still stresses me out a little, esp when she's the only one acting that way.