28 December, 2009

After Christmas Update

This should be short because I'm really busy right now... but needed a break lol. I'm still pretty blurry from the last few days... Christmas was great, as was the weekend... but still. Wow.

It was really nice having Baba home for 3 days in a row... A little strange, threw our days off a bit lol, but still so nice to have that time. We got to relax and hang out awhile.. Got errands done. And of course all the Christmas stuff. Kinda sad that he's back at work now lol, but its ok. 

Kalila's potty training is moving along. Not going to lie and say that she's using it full time or even close yet lol... or that she's not having accidents (because she is, I'm washing the evidence of one right now). But... She's using her potty a lot more often now. We've stopped using diapers at night the last few nights and have not had a night accident at all... Yesterday (I think.. maybe was the day before) I went into her room and found that she'd used her potty at night w/ out telling us! Progress right? I'll take it... 

The whole night time thing I started Christmas Eve is still going... and seems to be working. I'm keeping in mind that I've said that one before lol... but we're starting to figure out what may have been the problem lately. Basically she's been going down great w/ this new routine... but still waking up in the middle of the night/early morning & screaming until we come get her. By that point she's usually pretty unconsolable and it's really rough to get her calmed down and back to sleep... same as before. Well yesterday both of us seperately (lol) started thinking that maybe she's freaking out because of the closed door... We've been closing it after she goes to sleep. Before we used to close it immediately after she went to bed & she'd end up either flipping then too or laying down by the door or both. We talked about it and decided to leave her door open last night. She did wake up still... and crawled into our bed with us at one point, but no crying at all.  She just snuggled in next to me and went back to sleep.  We do really want her to be staying in her bed, but once again this is a big improvement & hopefully it'll continue and we can build off it. If not... we'll figure something else out I suppose lol. 

On the other hand naps are still a fight... She's not ready to go w/out them though. I almost wish she was (as much as I enjoy having the time to get things done), but she's just not. 

I need to get back to laundry though. I'm washing Christmas gift clothes right now (well with the one break to do my sheets since we were sitting on my bed a sec ago when someone had that accident lol) and then moving on to all the backup we have from not doing a load in several days. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to make more detergent tonight, but not too worried about that. Is easy... and while I need to go back and see when I made it to see how long one batch lasted... as many loads a day as I do it really didn't go that fast I'm sure.