22 November, 2009

What a Day....

LOL I don't even know how to start telling you about our yesterday. Parts of it were absolutely great. Parts of it royally sucked. I'm sure we'll be laughing about them at some point, if not already, though...

First off... Yesterday was Hijab Day.

Long story short, I'm in a group on CafeMom called Modest Mommies... all of us have various degrees or ideas of what modesty means to us and such so don't get the wrong idea here lol. For some its longer shorts and no strapless, some looser clothes, some wear headcoverings full time, some cover part time, some don't at all, etc... Pretty much everyone has their own definition of it... and its a great group.

Well awhile back one of the members brought to our attention a law that's trying to get passed in another country where women (of any faith from what we understand) would have to pay a tax in order to wear a headcovering. That's not the only place or issue going on with that right now either... Not cool.

So one of our members decided we should do a "hijab day" where we all wear some kind/style of headcovering... and we put the date for Nov 21st. At first I was a little dissapointed because that was a Sat & since Baba used to work on Sat's... I'd be home all day. Oh well right? Well then his schedule changed... and all the sudden I realized we had a ton to do that day too!

I had orginally planned to wear mine hijab style, for one because I really like the way it looks and for another because lately any time I do wear a scarf I've been wearing it like a tichel... which I really like too (as does Baba so that helps lol), but still I kinda miss the other... But then I realized I had an appointment with Avon first thing in the morning & then we were gonna have breakfast w/ Gido and Ammo Trevor afterwards (that got postponed to lunch today, but I didn't know that yesterday morn) so I decided tichel might be better... Told Baba and he got all happy lol. No really, I'm not joking when I say he likes that style...

Awww as Kalila is playing with my hair right now... sorry off topic...

Well, yesterday came & I had to rush to get ready as always. We take off much later than planned, but got to the Avon place in time... Baba dropped me off since he had to go across town to pick up his paycheck. No problem... actually the timing worked out great because I was done by the time he got back!

I'm not gonna write a whole lot about that right now, but I am very excited about selling Avon. I remember helping Nana (my grandmother) when she sold it, I was in high school at the time... So as you can imagine, things have changed a bit, but I still recognized a lot of it. I can't wait to get my website set up in a little bit and all that fun stuff. But yeah, I'll get back to all that later... Basically the morning just went well there.

So Baba met me back there w/ Kalila and a taco. He knew we needed something in our stomach's at that point even if we were about to eat lol. So we sat there in the truck eating and he called Gido to find out that today worked better for him. So I asked if he minded me switching styles real quick since I was having problems with the knot slipping off the back... Really windy so it wasn't holding up to well lol. Plus it was cold and hijab is a little warmer :-j Of course he didn't mind (I didn't really expect him too) and I got adjusted while we finished up eating and he decided to call Tia Sallie and see if she wanted to get together.

Well, before we could meet her and get some food... We needed to put gas in the truck. To put gas in the truck we needed to put Baba's check in the bank. Can you see where this is going? We get right up to the drive in nini and run out of gas. Seriously trapped in the little space. The teller was nice about it and called security for us... Baba had to climb out the window and off the side of the truck to get out... and then pushed it about 20 feet out of the way. At the end a couple of men helped us turn it too. Then we got to wait while security brought us a gallon of gas. They were really nice about it.. but still. Wow.

So we got gas lol. Then headed to Jims to meet Tia Sallie... Sounds good right? Would have been except Baba closed his door after getting Kalila out thinking his keys were on his belt like normal. They weren't. Yes, our keys got locked in the truck! Thankfully we have a spare, but it was here at the house... as were my keys and his house key was in the truck too! At this point Baba was kicking himself pretty badly and all kinds of frusterated... Tia Sallie got there soon after.. since she had errands to run to, we decided to do them together and just have a fun day. After eating we walked to the Cracker Barrel for something she needed and then they ran in her car back here, had the office open our door & got his spare. Kalila and I played with some checkers outside the Cracker Barrel for awhile and then headed back to the truck just about the same time they were getting back, so good timing there.

We came back here again after that... changed a diaper and then piled into the truck. Spent the day going diff places. Sprint store was too full, but we managed Garden Ridge (although Tia Sallie didn't end up getting what she needed yet... was fun to look around though) and Sams. Back here to unload and change another diaper lol... I ended up adjusting my scarf again back to the style I'd started out with, figured out a way to help it stay a little better (safety pin at the nape of my neck before tying the knot).

And then we headed out to Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud's place since he was off work. Had dinner over there and watched tv... Kalila played with their cats. They have a new kitten, tiny little thing and Kalila just fell in love... was trying to carry her around everywhere. She didn't want to leave when we finally had to go. Tried to put herself to bed there and told us byebye lol.

So yeah, very full day... Mostly good too.

Eta - Ok so apparently those 2 things weren't the only issues. We missed my social security number on teh form somehow (I knew that cause she called to ask for it) and now apparently we're having to jump through hoops over this. I need some form w/ it on there photocopied and stuff before I can do anything. GRRRRR


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

ugh I have locked my keys in the car way too many times. It always makes me feel like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day!

So did anyone say anything to you about hijab? I get irritated with people who always abide by the "rule" that "hijab is degrading to women and their sexuality". And it seems like they are quicker to post it online rather than say it to someone's face.

Mama Kalila said...

Stacy aka Fahiima - Its a pretty common thing, but yeah.. pretty embarrassing anyways.

Angela - No, noone did. I don't think I've had anyone say anything to me about it here. I have had someone back home say they're embarrassed to be seen with me when I'm wearing it (this was years ago though) and gotten a go back where you came from comment where I lived in college. Mostly I get nice comments if any... You'd think that'd make the decision of doing it more often (because I want to) easier, but somehow it isn't right now.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.