04 November, 2009

Well Visit

I have to say that I love being down to one well visit a year... Although, as our dr pointed out, we're gonna be seeing her alot again for the little one soon too. Not complaining about that though, we found a great pediatrician... Once again, Kalila had a great well visit today...

We expected to wait longer than we did, but got seen almost right away. I'm not sure if its just the particular time/day we went... or if it has anything to do w/ our dr having recently had her own little one lol. Either way it was great. Very nice surprise.

I was right on w/ her weight... Kalila is now 24 lbs 1 oz. I don't remember her head measurement other than it was on the small end of the "chart" just like it always has been. Once again no worries because its growing at the same rate & obviously there is nothing wrong with her lol. I was pretty close on her height too... She is 35 3/4 inches.

This is where I stop and take a little pitty break lol. When we bought our carseat we got a great deal. It was the lowest price for the longest RF limits. 35 lbs or 36 inches. Seriously at the time the only ones that went longer were like 4 times the price! I knew by then (she might have been a chunky monkey as an infant but by the time we got a convertable seat she'd slowed down there) that she wouldn't hit the weight limit until well after 2 years old... but the height limit we've worried about for awhile. I've had a feeling this well visit would do it, and it has... I'm glad she made it to 2 years rear facing, but... I really hoped she would at least be closer to 30 lbs. And she's not... So tonight we get to turn her seat around & I'll get to hold my breath every time we go out in it until she gains some weight. Not happy.

Anyways... Beyond that... Kalila did really good talking to her dr and showing off some of her skills. We talked about her eating habits, including the nursing... I love that she's still supportive about that and not pushing. She did ask if we'd started other milk, which we have.. and kinda laughed about Kalila preferring goats milk (not in a bad way). Got some advice about her waking at night. Talked about discipline and potty training... Plus she did all the normal checking everything out, no surprise ear infections this time lol.. Said everything looked great. Oh and she asked about the swine flu vax... I have to say I loved the way she did that, just said that they had it and asked if we were interested... didn't try to push it at all. Didn't seem surprised when we said no either lol.

Now... Kalila did have one more shot than we were expecting. Apparently one of them was on hold at her last visit (Baba knew this, I didn't) so she was behind on it... So Kalila got 2 shots instead of just one :-( Thankfully her next visit will be just one... and like I said before, isn't for another year lol. As for the shots, Kalila did pretty well. She did cry... but stopped at the thought of washing her hands w/ soap lol.

And that was it... Hopefully she won't need to go in for anything until her next well visit!


Steph said...

Oh my goodness! She's taller than Kairi! My little princess needs to grow.... LOL

Sounds like you do have a great doctor! Congrats on a healthy little girl -- not that there were any doubts. :)

Mama Kalila said...

LOL - I'm not too surprised because everyone thinks Kalila is older than she is... And no no doubts about her being healthy. It was still a relief to hear though lol.