16 November, 2009

Visit #3 (or 4)

Supposed to be my third visit, but since we had that mini one a couple weeks ago... I guess technically its my 4th.

Anyways... It went really well.

We talked about me having a problem with that iron supplament and got the go ahead to take the nasty stomach issue inducing pills when having issues with the liquid stuff. Seriously the Floridix (sp?) is much easier on you... if you can get it down. Its been a real struggle though.

We also talked about the NFP software I use... I forgot (again) to bring in my chart, mostly because someone (hmm.. Baba) keeps forgetting to fix the printer. Finally we decided that it might be best for me to email it to her lol. Prob easiest idea anyway.

And of course we went over the whole feeling baby, morning sickness, etc stuff. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here yet or not... but I am definately feeling the baby move now. Not every day yet, and it still catches me off guard when I do... but still. Morning sickness is almost non existant now, and like I told her... the few times I do feel/get sick I wonder if its that or something else (like bad food, eating too much, etc). I'm slowly getting energy back too, so that's nice.

Then we did my blood pressure/pulse and Kalila had to get up on the table with me again lol. She actually had hers "taken" too just before mine was... and she was very excited about that! Too cute. No problems with mine either...

Then we did the tummy/heartbeat part... I'm measuring great, everything looks good there. Heartbeat was in the 140's and very strong. Baby moving around... all that fun stuff. When she finished up with that part, Kalila got upset and asked to hear the baby again! "More baby... More baby..." I loved it!

Next came test results from todays tests... Weight is good, I've gained about 3 lbs this month... What wasn't good was that I'm spilling sugar. So my blood sugar is too high right now. Because I'm hypoglycemic I know I have to watch that because it puts me at a higher risk for diabetes (gestational or not), so that was not pleasant news for me to hear. At this point its not bad enough to move up my glucose test or anything like that... but it does mean that we have to watch it & make sure I eat more protein if I eat sugars (even fruits). Now... the upside of this whole thing is that I had noticed my sugar being out of wack the last week or so, felt like it was too high (and I was doing the protein thing when I noticed it) so I do feel good about the fact that I was right about what was going on and trying to do the right thing for it.

And that was about it... I have my next appointment next month. But... we're about to schedule our ultrasound too. She said within the next two weeks, so we're gonna try for next Tuesday! I can't wait :-D


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Hmm...You might want to try to limit carbs to 30-40g per meal and no more than 15 for snacks. This should keep your more even throughout the day with your blood sugar so you don't get hyper or hypoglycemic.

Mama Kalila said...

I already have to do that, and watch the kinds of carbs I do. I'm not always perfect about it lol... is really hard to avoid white wheat/rice/etc. At home we do pretty good with it. But yeah, not watching those ends with plummiting blood sugar. Orange juice too.

babyyahyah said...

i always have gestational diabetes problems in pregnancy. its not fun.

Mama Kalila said...

I'm sorry! I didn't have that prob last time & hope I can avoid it this time... we'll see what happens from here.

Lelo and Stitch said...

:-) I am glad your appointment went well. I cant wait to find out what you are having :-D.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks.. Me either!