27 November, 2009


First off... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Once again I didn't get nearly as many pics as I wanted yesterday... but I did manage a few. Not w/ the family unfortunately... but while we waited for Gido & Ammo Trevor to pick us up we sat outside while Kalila played with her little friend Momo. Was too cute so I had too... :-D

Beyond that... lets see. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I've had a cold lately... and it was not gone yesterday so I had trouble breathing. Not cool. Between that and Kalila getting into all sorts of trouble, I had a pretty rough morning. Thankfully going out and playing did help... of course by then she'd already gotten old yogurt out of the trash and eaten some, causing all sorts of issues later lol.

Oh one good thing that did happen in the morning was talking to family on the phone... Kalila tried to say Happy Thanksgiving.. but kept getting confused and wished everyone happy birthday instead! She hinted to Babu that she likes puppies lol.. and was just so excited about talking to her cousin "Lekski" on the phone for the first time. Too cute...

The family part of the day was great. Obviously I was more than a little out of it the whole time, but it was still nice. Kalila ran around like crazy playing w/ her cousins... Unfortunately those probs kicked in at the end... lets just say very nasty diaper and leave it at that. We left right after that lol.

Poor Baba had to work, but did get off a little early and met us back here... I got to eat a second time with him, so that was nice... Unfortunately I was so ready to crash and Kalila woke up with a really sore tummy (we could feel it cramping) and we had to deal with that. I felt so bad for her...

Backing up from there and slightly diff subject (but I have a reason for bringing it up as you'll see lol)... Kalila is so close to weaning now. She's been skipping her bedtime session for awhile, not every night, but still... So it didn't surprise me that she did that Weds night. But what did surprise me is that she didn't ask for it the next morning either. She did while we were getting ready to leave in the afternoon, but we didn't have time & when I told her we couldn't she didn't react at all.. just went about her business while I finished up what I was doing. Then of course we left... So when we got home & Ammo Trevor tried to put her to bed I couldn't believe she'd gone a whole day! But she didn't... she woke up a few min later very unhappy and wanted her "boo". (yes she still says that) So we sat out here and Baba & I talked about the fact that it was the first time that whole day... I went to bed knowing I'd mention it on here at some point because even if all she wanted to do today was nurse I'd still be excited about what a huge step that was lol. Of course then she woke up in the middle of the night hurting and wanted some more and I had to reword that, because while I'd still be excited about her doing it today... all night is a diff story! Thankfully she didn't... maybe 30 minutes and then she fell asleep. She did insist on sleeping with us though, which is fine. For the record, she doesn't seem to be "making up for it" today... She did want a little in the morning and before her nap, but not more than 10 min or so either time. Part of me wonders if my starting my pregnancy tea has anything to do with it, but either way I'm pretty happy with how its going now. Not that I won't be sad in a way when she's done, but... still lol.

So yeah.. That was our Thanksgiving. Still have two down to go though (I think...) lol.


babyyahyah said...

cute hairbow on her. Sofia is still into I am not into it anymore. I guess I need to urge her along.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks... and understood. I don't think I'd feel this way if it weren't for the pg, but... I'm just tired.