29 November, 2009

A Night Out

I probably should wait to post this until later because I am so tired that I'm bound to miss something... But I just have to share.

Yesterday one of Baba's cousins got married, so of course we were planning to go to the wedding... We asked Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud to watch her... So not only were we looking forward to going to a wedding, but to having an evening out.

Well, unfortunately there was a mix up on what time we had to leave for the wedding lol... and we ended up calling Tia Sallie at one point to make sure & found out she was still out of town... She rushed back & we rushed to get ready.

I have to mention something that happened at this point because it was just too cute. Baba and I were both in the bathroom doing various things (I think he was shaving... or brushing teeth... I was putting on makeup) and I realized it was way too quiet. I ran into Kalila's room just in time to find her sitting in her chair covered in powdered chocolate. She'd gotten into a box of jello pudding mix! Huge mess... And of course it was just as we were finishing up.

Tia Sallie got here a few min later and we got Kalila redressed & everything and sent her off. Unfortunately by that point we were an hour and a half late! So yeah... we missed the actual wedding. But we did make it in time for the whole reception.

Which of course was nice... I wish we'd made the wedding, but it was still fun. I had a bit of a backache, which wasn't as fun lol. Gotta love being pregnant... No really I do, but I could do without the backache! Anyways... Did all the fun family, friends, wedding receptionish things. I wish we could have stayed a little longer, but by the time we left I was feeling out of it and needed sleep badly.

So we left and called Tia Sallie... to find out that Kalila was sound asleep. Not too surprising since it was after 10pm at that point. We ended up deciding between the 4 of us that it would be better for her to stay over there the night.

Note: Kalila has never stayed the night away from us.

Honestly I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand it had to happen sometime, we trust them, she's comfortable there, and I was exhausted & she wakes me up quite a bit lol. On the other... she's my little girl and it was just weird not having her here.

I crashed... and woke up early thinking about her being in the room w/ the chocolate. Realized she wasn't here & had trouble getting back to sleep. Finally did and then she called Baba right before we had to get up. That was just too cute. We ended up deciding that Tia Sallie would bring her to the Church instead of us picking her up afterwards.

So we got ready & went to Mass... I'll be completely 100% honest & say it was kind of nice because I didn't have to worry about the cry room or anything at first and was really enjoying it... and then Tia Sallie got there in the middle of the homily.

We walked out into the... area by the doors? You know what I mean... (I told you I'm tired) Anyways... we walked out there and Kalila got this shy smile & then lunged at me and kept giving me hugs. It was sooooo sweet. She told me that she loved me a bunch of times..

When we went into the cry room she behaved a ton better than normal. Did start getting feisty towards the end, but nowhere near what I normally deal with. At one point though, Tia Sallie picked her up & she started crying and clung to me for at least 5 minutes. Poor thing!

Besides that though, apparently she did really good last night. She got a little rowdy at night, but Uncle Bud got her to bed no problems... She woke up at 3 (not surprised) and wanted a boo but lol... obviously wasn't happening. Tia Sallie cuddled with her and she was fine, not surprising since that's what I'm doing when that happens at night like that. And she watched cartoons this morning... but wanted to talk to Baba on the phone lol.

The rest of the day went pretty well too... We had our second Thanksgiving meal with Gran, Papa & Ammo Trevor. It was nice too, but we just got home & I'm wiped out... So I'll end this here!


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Aww, its so hard isn't it? I've only left Layla 2x and both of those were with my mom. One was for my cousin's Bachelorette party, and the other was last new years. I remember missing her a lot and also hating the fact that I had to use the stupid breastpump in the middle of the night. Hate those things :-)

Mama Kalila said...

Awww... Yeah, so glad I'm past the stage I'd need to pump lol. I'm not sure I'd let her go if it meant doing that ;-)