24 November, 2009


Our little boy...

I'd put his name up there too, but Jas & I are still trying to figure out which spelling to use lol. He likes Xavier Jason and I like Zavier Jason. We'll see...

Obviously the ultrasound went well. I don't like that she did all the measurments w/ me alone and just pulled Baba & Kalila in there at the end.... I also didn't like that she didn't say a word while she was doing them. The lady we had last time (w/ Kalila anyway) explained everything on the screen and it was really nice. Even w/ out her saying anything I already knew we had a boy before she officially showed us because of all that. Worse than that was just the waiting while she did the measurments because I had no way to judge if everything was ok or not... I did happen to catch (on the screen of course) that his heart rate was 142 and that he's still measuring a little big (not by much).

But yeah... We're really excited.

Sorry about the yellowish tint btw... I had to take a pic of the pic and it came out like that. We did get one other copy, but you can't really see anything. I love this face shot though.. esp w/ his hands up like that!


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yay! I like both spellings, but with the X you might have it pronounced like they do in Spanish. Zavier guarantees only one spelling basically. Oh well, you still have awhile to choose :-)

Mistika said...

I am so happy for you guys...a boy wow we are having boys are the same time.

We are having a hard time with the name.

Mama Kalila said...

I've never seen anyone pronounce Xavier the same as Javier (although tech Xavier is a more Spanish/Basque spelling too... is still supposed to be prounced w/ a Z). The main prob I have with the X is everyone around here pronounces it like "Ex- avior" or "Ex-zavior" and we'll end up fighting that more with that.

Mama Kalila said...

Mistika - Thanks.. and understood. We've gone through 3 diff boy names before... When pg w/ Kalila Jas wanted to name our first son after his dad (Edward) but we wanted to stick more with Arabic names so after she was born we decided on Yousef. Then he decided he didn't like it as much (I still do so its on the list for future boys lol) and we went back to the list. I got all kinds of excited when I saw Zavier on there. Jas likes it too, so it works.

deltaflute said...

Congratulations!! I think both spellings are great. But your right about fighting with pronouncing names. My name is very common but people pronounce it different between countries and even in the US. It also has a lot of different spellings. I'm from the south, but my parents aren't so my mom uses a northern pronounciation. I choose that one because that's what she named me.

In hs, I told a lady at a competition my name was and then she said "Oh, I'm so glad to meet someone with my name and spelling." Then she spelled it and I told her "no" I spelled it the traditional way. And she said "Oh your a (pronounciation from the south.)" and got all huffy with me because she felt that I pronounced it wrong. It was really annoying. It's your name; I think you choose whatever way you want it pronounced.

It hasn't been a big headache for me once I left to another part of the country. People pronounce it the northern way here. But now I run into nick names. I keep trying to tell people that I don't go by a nick name, but they don't listen.

I suppose you may want to make sure that people don't call him Zack or Zacky too. But that's up to you.

Anonymous said...

Aww yay! I personally like Zavier better than Xavier. But that is because where i live people would be confused by Xavier lol.

It sucks you didn't have a good tech. Our last one was so wonderful I would recommend she travel the country! Not only did she explain everything she had my girls get involved and they were so excited it wasn't funny.

babyyahyah said...

Oh my. I am so happy for you! A little boy! How awesome.

and I love his name.

In my experience most people that pronounce it havier write it with a J and most people who pronounce it Exavier write it a X.

I think its the same sort of name like Joachim... which can be pronouced as Joa-kim or Wa-kine... it depends on the nationality. So If you are going for a havier I would also agree with you on the J spelling.

anyway Its a great name and congrats.

Mama Kalila said...

Deltaflute - Thanks. That's obnoxious. My name is pretty unmispronouncable lol, but my daughters is mispronounced by almost everyone at least once. I've never heard of Zack or Zaki as a nickname for Zavier though lol. Wow. I don't mind nicknames in general though, just depends on what they are. For instance I do not want anyone calling Kalila Kali because it has some bad conotations to me lol.

Angela - Thanks... and exactly. I know it would here too. We had a good tech last time... if it hadn't cost so much (over double this place) and been connected to that awful Ob I'd wish we'd gone back lol.

Babyyahyah - Thank you!

And yeah, that's why I commented on the spanish thing, I've never heard Xavier pronounced the same as Javier. I don't want Javier either by the way (I guess that got lost in translation somwhere here). I have however heard it Exavior and that's exactly what I dont want... Its supposed to be Zavior w/ a Z sound. Even if spelled with an X (the Ex sound is very recent... has made it to some of the baby books as an alternate pronunciation but not all yet lol), but obviously everyone is confused by that too.

I guess goes back to Deltaflutes comment if someone wants to call their child (or themself) EX-avior.. that's fine. But its not the trad pronunciation and that annoys the living daylights out of me because I am naming my child the original name lol.

Christy said...

Congratulations! WOW! I am so excited for you. Little boys are so much fun:)