25 November, 2009

Brought Over From Comments...

I know I've replied on the comments section as always, but figured I should address it here too. Not necessarily because of the comments, but because it's come up in several different places & I know we'll have to do this sometime. Might as well be now.

Our sons name.

No we still have not decided on the spelling lol... and this is a big part of the reason why.

Either way we spell it, Xavier or Zavier - has the exact same pronunciation. At least traditionally. Link #1 here actually has a button you can push to hear it... If you can't get to that link, don't have speakers, or flat out don't want to transfer over lol... basically it has a Z sound at the beginning.

However... Not everyone pronounces Xavier with the trad pronunciation. Obviously there's the whole language thing, can be pronounced differently in diff ones.. I get that completely and really liked listening to Link #2. Honestly I don't see much of a difference in those... they're pretty similar. But apparently a few other's have popped up. Link #3 has a few more... Link #4 is prob the best of this group though because its full of comments about how everyone has heard it pronounced and how they do themselves.

Now from all that... I constantly hear it pronounced Ex-avior.

And no I'm not saying I have an issue with someone calling their child that, or themselves that if that's how they say it... but that's not what we're naming our son. We're sticking with the trad way.

Which brings my whole point... I know even if we spell his name Zavior we'll have people have trouble saying his name or mispronouncing it. It happens with Kalila too lol. But... to me it feels like using the X sets him up for that happening more often. Esp when I'm already seeing people online argue that I'm saying it wrong (not just that they used an alternate pronunciation, but that I'm wrong lol).

Baba on the other hand, thinks the X looks cool.

So that's where we are with the spelling lol.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You can never win on this one. We spelled Layla the easiest and most phonetic way we could think of for Americans to pronounce correctly. We still get Lailah, which is the way it is pronounced in Hebrew. Layla is the Arabic pronounciation. It means "night" in both languages. I just deal with it because its similar enough.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL I never would have thought of pronouncing the Hebrew way... but I also have never met anyone who says it that way. I can see that one though because Hebrew & Arabic are pretty close and usually there's only a slight difference in pronunciation.

I'm sure we're gonna hear odd things even with the Z (I just didn't want to make it worse than it is already gonna be lol). I've gotten (mostly) used to Kalila's being mispronounced. It rarely annoys me... The only one that does is Kaliyah.

Organica said...


I like the X, too!

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