20 November, 2009

Blessed Event Giveaways

Yes I am writing about another set of giveaways... I'll admit I love these things! The reviews are interesting and getting a chance to win something (usually by simply commenting on a blog post, although there are ways to get extra entries like twitter, facebook, and blog posts) is always nice.

This particular one is hosted by Happily Domestic, and starts tomorrow Nov 21st. She's going to be sharing reviews and giving away products for postpartum moms and new babies. You can see why this caught my attention right? LOL For those of you who aren't pg or new mom's/dad's - she brings up a great point in the post she introduced this in... These items would be great for the next shower you attend or some other gift.

I'll be honest here and say I'm not just sharing this just to be nice (although I'd do that too lol). Posting about it on your blog before the end of Nov gets you 5 extra entries in each drawing you enter. So if you think you'll be interested in any of them, you might want check out the extra drawing opportunities like this one (you can also get them adding that button to your side bar).

And of course, if I'm lucky enough to win anything I will definately share on here...