13 November, 2009

Another Good Day or Two

For the last... well I don't even remember how long lol... Baba has had his schedule set where he has Weds, Thurs & Sun's off. About a month or so ago he got the option to switch those to Sat, Sun, Tues... but it hasn't gone into effect yet. We just found out that it will this Sunday. It's kinda sad because it means he'll miss being off on Thanksgiving... but at the same time I'm really looking forward to having real weekends with him! Another thing that's really good about the timing is that he was able to be off this Weds for his Bday... I've already posted about that though lol.

Anyways, this last Thursday (yesterday) was a really good day. We really only meant to run a few errands, but... Instead we ended up going to visit a friend & took Kalila to a lake. We went for a walk while we were there... which would have been nice on its own, but Kalila had so much fun running after ducks and other birds... At one point she fed a duck and I swear the thing wagged its tail feathers! I've never seen one do that before lol. It was sooo cute. Baba made dinner, well we both kinda did lol. He made steaks w/ onions & mushrooms & I made sweet potato fries & peas... not quite what was on our menu lol, but so worth it!

Today... was back to work all the way around lol. I'd pretty much had a day off too yesterday (other than major oven cleaning)... but it wasn't that bad today despite that. I'm really behind on laundry, so focusing on putting it away and stuff. Fun stuff right? But it really has been a good day. Kalila fought me over clothing today, but it kinda worked in my favour. When I asked her to put some on she said "No, bed!" and ran into her room and laid down... a few min later I walked in to find her asleep, and there was her nap! I closed the door and about an hour and a half to two hours later she walked out asking for cheese lol. I felt the little one kick at one point too... which makes me very happy esp since its not happening very often yet lol.

That's about it, just had to share lol. I should have another fun post on Monday though... I have my next midwife's appointment then :-)