30 November, 2009

Ewwww... Blood...

Earlier this evening I realized that I really needed to change Kalila's diaper. Very stinky. So I got up to get everything ready & she took off running like she's been known to do lately. I knew she'd gone in the kitchen and told her to come back, but not too worried about it because I was about to grab her anyway.

Well as I was headed to get wipes I hear a cry. You know the cry I'm talking about too (well if you have kids you do... and possibly if you don't)... The I'm not getting my way, I'm mad, fake cry. Didn't sound like she was hurt, in pain or scared... Nothing like that. Still... she was in the kitchen, and barely out of sight from where I was so I walked over.

Mostly I remember thinking I was gonna have to separate her and a cat... because their dishes are in there and she gets like that when they don't want to play or they get in a fight. But I didn't see any cats... and nothing looked wrong. She looked upset or mad, but beyond that... No reason to worry right? So I told her to get out of the kitchen again and went to get the wipes...

She didn't follow me (not surprised) but I had to wet them in there anyway so I wasn't worried about that either. I'd just grab her on the way...

But when I walked in I saw her standing in a pool of blood.

That's about when everything went fuzzy... I remember her telling me her foot hurt (and it was obvious that's where it was coming from too) and seeing the piece of glass on the floor & throwing it away. I still have no idea where it came from... I picked her up & rushed her to the bathroom, turned on the water & got it washed... Kalila kept telling me her toe hurt... Grabbed a towel, picked her up & got it stopped pretty quickly... Finally got a good look at it & it wasn't a very big cut. Was on her foot, right close to two of her toes (in the middle) By then I was freaking out though... Kalila kept telling me it was ok lol. Not even joking she was rubbing my face, patting me & everything. I kinda feel bad about that, I'm supposed to be telling her that right? Got ointment & band aid put on it too of course and she's very excited about the band aid...

Back in here to nurse a bit (not about to fight that) and then change that diaper. I wanted to wash her foot again a little better (and give her a bath in general) but diaper was bad... Def needed to come first. Got that done, back in bathroom & she saw the blood & freaked out...

Not like screaming and crying, but she kept saying "Ewwwwww... Blood" over and over... Which didn't help me any because this is the first time she's been hurt like that & I wasn't doing too good with it either.

Have to add though... this blood thing has been going on for about a week. I turned on the tv while she was playing one day & was half watching Bones (I love that show)... I don't even remember how it came up, but they were looking at some dog bones or a guy killed by a dog (both were in the episode) or something.. was a crime scene shot anyway, and Kalila walked into the room... Now how she knew there was blood I still don't know. Maybe they mentioned it, but I didn't hear it... But ever since then she's been obsessed with talking about blood and how its gross.

And yes def being more careful about what's on tv while she's up. When its on its usually cartoons though... or House lol. Come to think of it, she might have gotten it from there and decided it was gross after the other.

Anyways, I wasn't too surprised by her reaction... but by the intensity of it if that makes any sense.

Once the blood was gone & I managed to wash her off again (was not in her plans for the night.. she did not want that bath) it was pretty easy to get her bandaged again and ready for bed. She told me a few times again that her foot hurts, but she was smiling about it... and she told me when she was ready for bed too. Did pretty good.

Still scared me pretty badly though.

29 November, 2009

A Night Out

I probably should wait to post this until later because I am so tired that I'm bound to miss something... But I just have to share.

Yesterday one of Baba's cousins got married, so of course we were planning to go to the wedding... We asked Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud to watch her... So not only were we looking forward to going to a wedding, but to having an evening out.

Well, unfortunately there was a mix up on what time we had to leave for the wedding lol... and we ended up calling Tia Sallie at one point to make sure & found out she was still out of town... She rushed back & we rushed to get ready.

I have to mention something that happened at this point because it was just too cute. Baba and I were both in the bathroom doing various things (I think he was shaving... or brushing teeth... I was putting on makeup) and I realized it was way too quiet. I ran into Kalila's room just in time to find her sitting in her chair covered in powdered chocolate. She'd gotten into a box of jello pudding mix! Huge mess... And of course it was just as we were finishing up.

Tia Sallie got here a few min later and we got Kalila redressed & everything and sent her off. Unfortunately by that point we were an hour and a half late! So yeah... we missed the actual wedding. But we did make it in time for the whole reception.

Which of course was nice... I wish we'd made the wedding, but it was still fun. I had a bit of a backache, which wasn't as fun lol. Gotta love being pregnant... No really I do, but I could do without the backache! Anyways... Did all the fun family, friends, wedding receptionish things. I wish we could have stayed a little longer, but by the time we left I was feeling out of it and needed sleep badly.

So we left and called Tia Sallie... to find out that Kalila was sound asleep. Not too surprising since it was after 10pm at that point. We ended up deciding between the 4 of us that it would be better for her to stay over there the night.

Note: Kalila has never stayed the night away from us.

Honestly I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand it had to happen sometime, we trust them, she's comfortable there, and I was exhausted & she wakes me up quite a bit lol. On the other... she's my little girl and it was just weird not having her here.

I crashed... and woke up early thinking about her being in the room w/ the chocolate. Realized she wasn't here & had trouble getting back to sleep. Finally did and then she called Baba right before we had to get up. That was just too cute. We ended up deciding that Tia Sallie would bring her to the Church instead of us picking her up afterwards.

So we got ready & went to Mass... I'll be completely 100% honest & say it was kind of nice because I didn't have to worry about the cry room or anything at first and was really enjoying it... and then Tia Sallie got there in the middle of the homily.

We walked out into the... area by the doors? You know what I mean... (I told you I'm tired) Anyways... we walked out there and Kalila got this shy smile & then lunged at me and kept giving me hugs. It was sooooo sweet. She told me that she loved me a bunch of times..

When we went into the cry room she behaved a ton better than normal. Did start getting feisty towards the end, but nowhere near what I normally deal with. At one point though, Tia Sallie picked her up & she started crying and clung to me for at least 5 minutes. Poor thing!

Besides that though, apparently she did really good last night. She got a little rowdy at night, but Uncle Bud got her to bed no problems... She woke up at 3 (not surprised) and wanted a boo but lol... obviously wasn't happening. Tia Sallie cuddled with her and she was fine, not surprising since that's what I'm doing when that happens at night like that. And she watched cartoons this morning... but wanted to talk to Baba on the phone lol.

The rest of the day went pretty well too... We had our second Thanksgiving meal with Gran, Papa & Ammo Trevor. It was nice too, but we just got home & I'm wiped out... So I'll end this here!

27 November, 2009


First off... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Once again I didn't get nearly as many pics as I wanted yesterday... but I did manage a few. Not w/ the family unfortunately... but while we waited for Gido & Ammo Trevor to pick us up we sat outside while Kalila played with her little friend Momo. Was too cute so I had too... :-D

Beyond that... lets see. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I've had a cold lately... and it was not gone yesterday so I had trouble breathing. Not cool. Between that and Kalila getting into all sorts of trouble, I had a pretty rough morning. Thankfully going out and playing did help... of course by then she'd already gotten old yogurt out of the trash and eaten some, causing all sorts of issues later lol.

Oh one good thing that did happen in the morning was talking to family on the phone... Kalila tried to say Happy Thanksgiving.. but kept getting confused and wished everyone happy birthday instead! She hinted to Babu that she likes puppies lol.. and was just so excited about talking to her cousin "Lekski" on the phone for the first time. Too cute...

The family part of the day was great. Obviously I was more than a little out of it the whole time, but it was still nice. Kalila ran around like crazy playing w/ her cousins... Unfortunately those probs kicked in at the end... lets just say very nasty diaper and leave it at that. We left right after that lol.

Poor Baba had to work, but did get off a little early and met us back here... I got to eat a second time with him, so that was nice... Unfortunately I was so ready to crash and Kalila woke up with a really sore tummy (we could feel it cramping) and we had to deal with that. I felt so bad for her...

Backing up from there and slightly diff subject (but I have a reason for bringing it up as you'll see lol)... Kalila is so close to weaning now. She's been skipping her bedtime session for awhile, not every night, but still... So it didn't surprise me that she did that Weds night. But what did surprise me is that she didn't ask for it the next morning either. She did while we were getting ready to leave in the afternoon, but we didn't have time & when I told her we couldn't she didn't react at all.. just went about her business while I finished up what I was doing. Then of course we left... So when we got home & Ammo Trevor tried to put her to bed I couldn't believe she'd gone a whole day! But she didn't... she woke up a few min later very unhappy and wanted her "boo". (yes she still says that) So we sat out here and Baba & I talked about the fact that it was the first time that whole day... I went to bed knowing I'd mention it on here at some point because even if all she wanted to do today was nurse I'd still be excited about what a huge step that was lol. Of course then she woke up in the middle of the night hurting and wanted some more and I had to reword that, because while I'd still be excited about her doing it today... all night is a diff story! Thankfully she didn't... maybe 30 minutes and then she fell asleep. She did insist on sleeping with us though, which is fine. For the record, she doesn't seem to be "making up for it" today... She did want a little in the morning and before her nap, but not more than 10 min or so either time. Part of me wonders if my starting my pregnancy tea has anything to do with it, but either way I'm pretty happy with how its going now. Not that I won't be sad in a way when she's done, but... still lol.

So yeah.. That was our Thanksgiving. Still have two down to go though (I think...) lol.

25 November, 2009


Ok so apparently my husband has been giving me a hard time... He's been telling everyone else Zavier w/ a Z while telling me he likes the X. Supposedly he told me last night, but I swear he didn't...

Anyways, leaving the last post because I think the links are cool...

But we have a name! One less thing to do lol

Brought Over From Comments...

I know I've replied on the comments section as always, but figured I should address it here too. Not necessarily because of the comments, but because it's come up in several different places & I know we'll have to do this sometime. Might as well be now.

Our sons name.

No we still have not decided on the spelling lol... and this is a big part of the reason why.

Either way we spell it, Xavier or Zavier - has the exact same pronunciation. At least traditionally. Link #1 here actually has a button you can push to hear it... If you can't get to that link, don't have speakers, or flat out don't want to transfer over lol... basically it has a Z sound at the beginning.

However... Not everyone pronounces Xavier with the trad pronunciation. Obviously there's the whole language thing, can be pronounced differently in diff ones.. I get that completely and really liked listening to Link #2. Honestly I don't see much of a difference in those... they're pretty similar. But apparently a few other's have popped up. Link #3 has a few more... Link #4 is prob the best of this group though because its full of comments about how everyone has heard it pronounced and how they do themselves.

Now from all that... I constantly hear it pronounced Ex-avior.

And no I'm not saying I have an issue with someone calling their child that, or themselves that if that's how they say it... but that's not what we're naming our son. We're sticking with the trad way.

Which brings my whole point... I know even if we spell his name Zavior we'll have people have trouble saying his name or mispronouncing it. It happens with Kalila too lol. But... to me it feels like using the X sets him up for that happening more often. Esp when I'm already seeing people online argue that I'm saying it wrong (not just that they used an alternate pronunciation, but that I'm wrong lol).

Baba on the other hand, thinks the X looks cool.

So that's where we are with the spelling lol.

24 November, 2009


Our little boy...

I'd put his name up there too, but Jas & I are still trying to figure out which spelling to use lol. He likes Xavier Jason and I like Zavier Jason. We'll see...

Obviously the ultrasound went well. I don't like that she did all the measurments w/ me alone and just pulled Baba & Kalila in there at the end.... I also didn't like that she didn't say a word while she was doing them. The lady we had last time (w/ Kalila anyway) explained everything on the screen and it was really nice. Even w/ out her saying anything I already knew we had a boy before she officially showed us because of all that. Worse than that was just the waiting while she did the measurments because I had no way to judge if everything was ok or not... I did happen to catch (on the screen of course) that his heart rate was 142 and that he's still measuring a little big (not by much).

But yeah... We're really excited.

Sorry about the yellowish tint btw... I had to take a pic of the pic and it came out like that. We did get one other copy, but you can't really see anything. I love this face shot though.. esp w/ his hands up like that!

23 November, 2009

A Little More Info

First off I managed to get the SS issue straightened out for now... Still need to send in a copy, but at least I'm able to get going lol. Good news right?

I've also gotten a good start on my training.. more to do, but too much to do this morning before I can get back to it.

And best of all, my website is up & running. I have links both on here and facebook btw... but for anyone who wants to know, its I really like that there's the option to sell online now... mostly because I'm on the computer so much lol, but really it makes things a lot easier. Or at least I think so. I've still got all the fun catalogs and samples and stuff, but still... I know I'm going to enjoy the online part more.

Either way I am really excited about this.. .which I probably have said before lol. Its kinda nice to have a job again, and I'm really glad I finally found something I can do from home. What's funny is I've thought about Avon several times in my search, didn't dismiss it for any real reason... just kept getting distracted by other options or life in general. This time everything just fell into place, so I guess it was just time or something.

Well, Like I said (I think) I've got a lot to do today... and Kalila's being a real cutie right now... So I need to go!

22 November, 2009

What a Day....

LOL I don't even know how to start telling you about our yesterday. Parts of it were absolutely great. Parts of it royally sucked. I'm sure we'll be laughing about them at some point, if not already, though...

First off... Yesterday was Hijab Day.

Long story short, I'm in a group on CafeMom called Modest Mommies... all of us have various degrees or ideas of what modesty means to us and such so don't get the wrong idea here lol. For some its longer shorts and no strapless, some looser clothes, some wear headcoverings full time, some cover part time, some don't at all, etc... Pretty much everyone has their own definition of it... and its a great group.

Well awhile back one of the members brought to our attention a law that's trying to get passed in another country where women (of any faith from what we understand) would have to pay a tax in order to wear a headcovering. That's not the only place or issue going on with that right now either... Not cool.

So one of our members decided we should do a "hijab day" where we all wear some kind/style of headcovering... and we put the date for Nov 21st. At first I was a little dissapointed because that was a Sat & since Baba used to work on Sat's... I'd be home all day. Oh well right? Well then his schedule changed... and all the sudden I realized we had a ton to do that day too!

I had orginally planned to wear mine hijab style, for one because I really like the way it looks and for another because lately any time I do wear a scarf I've been wearing it like a tichel... which I really like too (as does Baba so that helps lol), but still I kinda miss the other... But then I realized I had an appointment with Avon first thing in the morning & then we were gonna have breakfast w/ Gido and Ammo Trevor afterwards (that got postponed to lunch today, but I didn't know that yesterday morn) so I decided tichel might be better... Told Baba and he got all happy lol. No really, I'm not joking when I say he likes that style...

Awww as Kalila is playing with my hair right now... sorry off topic...

Well, yesterday came & I had to rush to get ready as always. We take off much later than planned, but got to the Avon place in time... Baba dropped me off since he had to go across town to pick up his paycheck. No problem... actually the timing worked out great because I was done by the time he got back!

I'm not gonna write a whole lot about that right now, but I am very excited about selling Avon. I remember helping Nana (my grandmother) when she sold it, I was in high school at the time... So as you can imagine, things have changed a bit, but I still recognized a lot of it. I can't wait to get my website set up in a little bit and all that fun stuff. But yeah, I'll get back to all that later... Basically the morning just went well there.

So Baba met me back there w/ Kalila and a taco. He knew we needed something in our stomach's at that point even if we were about to eat lol. So we sat there in the truck eating and he called Gido to find out that today worked better for him. So I asked if he minded me switching styles real quick since I was having problems with the knot slipping off the back... Really windy so it wasn't holding up to well lol. Plus it was cold and hijab is a little warmer :-j Of course he didn't mind (I didn't really expect him too) and I got adjusted while we finished up eating and he decided to call Tia Sallie and see if she wanted to get together.

Well, before we could meet her and get some food... We needed to put gas in the truck. To put gas in the truck we needed to put Baba's check in the bank. Can you see where this is going? We get right up to the drive in nini and run out of gas. Seriously trapped in the little space. The teller was nice about it and called security for us... Baba had to climb out the window and off the side of the truck to get out... and then pushed it about 20 feet out of the way. At the end a couple of men helped us turn it too. Then we got to wait while security brought us a gallon of gas. They were really nice about it.. but still. Wow.

So we got gas lol. Then headed to Jims to meet Tia Sallie... Sounds good right? Would have been except Baba closed his door after getting Kalila out thinking his keys were on his belt like normal. They weren't. Yes, our keys got locked in the truck! Thankfully we have a spare, but it was here at the house... as were my keys and his house key was in the truck too! At this point Baba was kicking himself pretty badly and all kinds of frusterated... Tia Sallie got there soon after.. since she had errands to run to, we decided to do them together and just have a fun day. After eating we walked to the Cracker Barrel for something she needed and then they ran in her car back here, had the office open our door & got his spare. Kalila and I played with some checkers outside the Cracker Barrel for awhile and then headed back to the truck just about the same time they were getting back, so good timing there.

We came back here again after that... changed a diaper and then piled into the truck. Spent the day going diff places. Sprint store was too full, but we managed Garden Ridge (although Tia Sallie didn't end up getting what she needed yet... was fun to look around though) and Sams. Back here to unload and change another diaper lol... I ended up adjusting my scarf again back to the style I'd started out with, figured out a way to help it stay a little better (safety pin at the nape of my neck before tying the knot).

And then we headed out to Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud's place since he was off work. Had dinner over there and watched tv... Kalila played with their cats. They have a new kitten, tiny little thing and Kalila just fell in love... was trying to carry her around everywhere. She didn't want to leave when we finally had to go. Tried to put herself to bed there and told us byebye lol.

So yeah, very full day... Mostly good too.

Eta - Ok so apparently those 2 things weren't the only issues. We missed my social security number on teh form somehow (I knew that cause she called to ask for it) and now apparently we're having to jump through hoops over this. I need some form w/ it on there photocopied and stuff before I can do anything. GRRRRR

I Love My Daughter...

But she's been driving me nuts lately! I'm so ready for this little stage to pass. Yes I do know that it will probably be followed by another one that may or may not be harder, but still... lol. No really, most of this is just little stuff that hasn't been going on very long & I don't expect will last... annoying and I've got to find a way to get her past it.... but at least one of them has turned in to a big issue.

Basically I've gotten to the point that we cannot go to the 11 AM Mass. We keep trying (and mostly failing) to go at 8AM because she behaves 239259294246 times better. You think I'm kidding or exaggerating? I'm not. And of course since Baba helps his aunt out directing the choir when she can't... there are weeks that we don't have a choice anyway and have to go at 11. I've tried everything I can think of too. We've tried sitting inside (like not in the cry room) and she does a little better, but can't make it through half the Mass before having a meltdown and I have to rush her out of there. I end up on pins and needles until that point knowing its gonna happen sooner or later, so I can't even concentrate. Staying in the cry room is not an option either... she throws fits, tries to hit this partition thing in there, etc. She likes playing with the kids, but after awhile she gets too rough or decides that one of their toys is hers or tries to steal their food. I've tried bringing toys she doesn't normally see, tried bringing her favourite toys, everything I can think of to distract her... but no. As soon as they come out they get tossed aside and pronounced yucky. AND THIS ONLY HAPPENS AT 11. I don't know if its just too close to her naptime still (it used to conflict and I know that caused some probs) or what, but I've started dreading the weeks we have to go to that particular Mass.

I prob wouldn't have mentioned it though if it weren't for last week. Normally a Mass I really look forward too, it was the one for Veterans Day. Baba was directing so we had to be there early. This made things so much worse. At first she was ok... He went in to rehearse and she started dancing and then tried to direct along with him. Too cute right? But then we moved over to the Church and as soon as we got in the cry room she started screaming. She threw her turtle across the room, ripped her shoes off, pulled at the door, hit the glass that we sit behind before I could stop her (and yes people heard, I saw them turn around), started kicking the wall... and all this was before anyone else came in there. I had the keys so I tried to get her shoes on so we could leave, but of course I couldn't catch her... and then people started coming in. Mass started and for a bit she calmed down a little. Saw a little boy she likes to terrorize (seriously she has a crush and he wants nothing to do with her lol) and followed him around awhile, not the best thing... but not destroying anything or screaming right? And then another friend came in and they started playing... until she tried to break her doll. At that point I managed to corner her & started to put on her shoes... and of course she started fighting me, screaming, kicking, biting... the last of which she almost never does. I can barely pick her up anymore, so I'm struggling to hold on to her... Finally got the damn shoes on & got her out of there... Now have I mentioned that we hadn't even made it past the first reading?

We literally sat in the truck the rest of the morning until the reception afterwards... Baba distracted her during that with iced tea, but once the ice ran out she started acting up in there too. Back outside... but he had the keys this time, so we just stood outside the doors. She did decide to be good once she heard the bagpipes (or puppies as she called them lol), but still. I missed almost the whole thing too. On the other hand, she ate great once the food came out. I can't complain about her eating... something I know I should be thankful for at her age.

But yeah... none of that happens if we go to one of the other Masses. Now that Baba's off weekends, maybe we'll try going Sat night since 8AM is proving to be so rough to do. Beyond that I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome (short of bringing snacks... that's just not happening) esp because I know we're gonna have to go to this one again at least once a month. LOL - We would have today if I hadn't woke up with a stuffy nose & am afraid I might be coming down w/ what Kalila had the other day. Not about to risk giving it to the other kids. Ok, yes, partly making excuses... but even if I wasn't royally frustrated over the situation I still wouldn't go while sick lol.


Beyond that... She has decided that brushing teeth is yucky. Remember she used to love brushing them? Yeah... no more. I'll have this perfectly sweet little girl running around playing with me and just being great (ok, some days thats a huge exaggeration... but even when she is doing that...) and then bring out the toothbrush and all hell breaks loose. She screams, she cries, she runs from me. She doesn't listen when she's in that mood. The only upside to the whole mess is that she will literally put herself to bed to get away from it. Granted I don't want her to go to bed w/out brushing her teeth, but it is nice to have her put herself to bed lol.

I did figure out one way to make it a little easier the other night though. I had her seated on the sink to wash her hands and grabbed the toothbrush then. She fought a little, but I managed to get them somewhat clean.

She's also pulling that little attitude at night when she wants to nurse. If I tell her no (there were a couple nights this week I didn't say no because she was sick, was very grateful she has refused to wean at that point lol) she starts screaming and crying instead of going for the snuggling like she was before, and generally will do during the day if I can't or its been too soon after the last time (we've gotten down to like twice a day). Screams that snuggling is yucky. The other night Baba had it and put her back in her room... and as soon as he did, she starts screaming to snuggle. Finally had it with that (and feeling really bad about it because she sounded so sad) I opened her door and said to come on... and she says no, bed.. and put herself to bed! Last night that happened again (after she bit the crap out of me no less.. not on purpose, but still), but then she came back to our room after I was asleep and helped herself.. I had dreams all night about walking around nursing her, woke up to her still nursing and tried to end it because lets face it I can't do that at this point & another fit followed. Around the point that she hit me I decided to put her back in her room and then she screamed snuggle again, got out and refused to snuggle again... but at least stopped screaming. Refused anything else I offered her, including cereal... and then goes and asks Baba for cereal... lol.

Thankfully this doesn't happen everyday... or all day when it does... and part of me wonders if it has anything to do with her getting sick the other day. Esp since it got worse around the time she was. Hopefully now that she's feeling better she'll settle down a little... because I'm at a loss for what to do when she's like that. Nothing we've tried really works... and despite what some people think, I can't just pick her up and make her do something when she's refusing it. Like literally I can't. Baba can... but when he's not here?


Before I go... I do have to say that she has also been doing a ton of cute things lately. She's learned the word Christmas. She talks on the phone to us so much more now... even asks to talk to Baba while he's at work! She learned to say "I'm berry sorry Mumble" yesterday and then told me she was berry sorry this m0rning after one of her fits. Most of the time she has huge smiles on her face and is constantly telling us she loves us and stuff like that... tries to use it to get her way lol. She's also been parroting some not so pleasant words, so we've had several talks about "bad words" and she's started telling on us when she hears one of us say one. She's just been saying all kinds of new things, and most of them have us smiling. Right now she's sitting here "reading" a Curious George counting book lol.

I have a really big post coming a little later btw. Sorry for the 2 in one day thing, but we had a huge day yesterday that deserves a post of its own... I'll try to get it up this afternoon or something.

20 November, 2009

Blessed Event Giveaways

Yes I am writing about another set of giveaways... I'll admit I love these things! The reviews are interesting and getting a chance to win something (usually by simply commenting on a blog post, although there are ways to get extra entries like twitter, facebook, and blog posts) is always nice.

This particular one is hosted by Happily Domestic, and starts tomorrow Nov 21st. She's going to be sharing reviews and giving away products for postpartum moms and new babies. You can see why this caught my attention right? LOL For those of you who aren't pg or new mom's/dad's - she brings up a great point in the post she introduced this in... These items would be great for the next shower you attend or some other gift.

I'll be honest here and say I'm not just sharing this just to be nice (although I'd do that too lol). Posting about it on your blog before the end of Nov gets you 5 extra entries in each drawing you enter. So if you think you'll be interested in any of them, you might want check out the extra drawing opportunities like this one (you can also get them adding that button to your side bar).

And of course, if I'm lucky enough to win anything I will definately share on here...

Catching Up - Round Two

Another award from Angela at Pagan Mom. Don't I feel special? :-D
Put up the logo on your blog
Post at least 10 blogs who show great attitude and/or gratitude
Link them in your post
Let them know they got it on their blog (this may take me awhile to do lol)
Share the love and link to the person who gave you the award.
Sigh.. so here we go lol. Once again trying to pick people I haven't before... and I have added a lot of new blogs to my list lately that I love (not that I love any of the ones I've been reading forever any less lol), unfortunately that made this just as hard as it helped because I very easily could have picked some of the older ones and some of the new ones aren't the type of blog to do this. Oh well...

Poor Thing

Backing up a bit here...

Yesterday I noticed Kalila was a bit warm in the morning... Baba agreed that she might be (normally tells me I'm nuts... I always think she's warm) but I couldn't find the thermometer. She got up just fine though, played, ate like normal... I figured I was imagining it, esp since I didn't notice it later on.

Today she got up and acted normal again... She's been maybe a little more rambunctious than normal (maybe) but not enough to think something is wrong... Ate, drank, played... all that good stuff. Even got herself into a bit of trouble colouring our bathroom blue. - Hey... at least she didn't put make up on herself and Mumble again!

But... she had a really bad diaper this afternoon. It got me to thinking again, but still didn't notice anything else... until tonight... I went to change another diaper and same results... and I noticed she was warm again. This time I found my thermometer and took her temp under her arm.. which by the way she says tickles lol. It got up to 101.3 before the battery died.

Not happy. I feel so bad for her.... It does seem like I got it down though. If she's not better tomorrow we're making a trip in to see her dr.

19 November, 2009

Catching Up - Round One

Ok, so I've gotten horribly behind... Sorry!

Angela at Pagan Mom gave me a Blog Award...

The Honest Scrap


Present this to 7 other blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or those who have encouraged me.

Tell those people they've won the award and the guidlines.

Share 10 honest things about myself.

So here we go...
1. I dreaded filling this one out just because its hard to think of 10 things about myself that really seem like something important to share or anyone doesn't already know.

2. I'm extrememly annoyed by firefox not working, I had to type out a bunch of things for this that I could have copy/pasted... I guess that's my fault for getting behind lol.

3. I'm really bad at procrastinating, even normally lol

4. I have always hated taking pictures of myself, and now that I wish I was in more I still have problems taking them. I actually started taking one a week during this pregnancy and failed miserably after 11 weeks lol.

5. I'm trying to get back to writing more (like serious no bloggy stuff, as much as I like doing this too).

6. My brain has been non existant lately... too the point of somehow I missed my cell phone being on the bed and tossed it in the washer with the sheets. (note: don't try to call me on it...)

7. I've started counting down the days until Tuesday... So excited :-)

8. I've recently realized that I'm addicted to soda's... I didn't used to be and don't like this one bit. Thankfully its not like I'm drinking a ton of them either, but the days I go w/out one its all I can think about... esp when someone is drumming on the desk w/ our toothbrushes and giving me a headache.

9. I'm finally about to start making our laundry detergent... and I'm actually excited about it. Is that sad?

10. Do I really have to do one more of these? I'm tired... No that's prob one all on its own... I am so tired lately...

7 people... This is gonna be hard to choose, gonna try to pick a few people I haven't before lol.

As you can prob guess, I have a few more posts like this coming up over the next little bit... this is not the only blog award or meme I was tagged in recently.

18 November, 2009

Baba's Girl

I have a few big posts floating around in my head (if they don't disappear) but for now just sticking with a couple of pictures I got today...
Kalila decided that she was going to wear one of Baba's shirts this morning... So of course we had to get a pic! She looked so cute in it... was constantly tripping over the bottom and losing her hands in the arms, but still. Adorable.

After lunch (just before her normal naptime) she grabbed a bag of chips off the table and decided to go down to her hiding place (beneath the table) to eat them... I wasn't gonna stop her from having some, but wasn't surprised at her pulling that either since I'm constantly finding her down there with food now. Anyways, apparently she was tired because she curled up and took a nap down there!

16 November, 2009

MPM 16 Nov - 22 Nov

I'm really hoping this will let you click and view this bigger... I may need to adjust it a bit. Long story short, Firefox is not working on here right now and Explorer won't let me paste on the blogger nini... I just started using this other program for household stuff anyway and mean to use this chart to have my hard copy... So I may stick with this if it works lol.

Eta - It does work, just click the picture/chart to see the whole menu. I can't, however, link anything there so will do that under here...

Visit #3 (or 4)

Supposed to be my third visit, but since we had that mini one a couple weeks ago... I guess technically its my 4th.

Anyways... It went really well.

We talked about me having a problem with that iron supplament and got the go ahead to take the nasty stomach issue inducing pills when having issues with the liquid stuff. Seriously the Floridix (sp?) is much easier on you... if you can get it down. Its been a real struggle though.

We also talked about the NFP software I use... I forgot (again) to bring in my chart, mostly because someone (hmm.. Baba) keeps forgetting to fix the printer. Finally we decided that it might be best for me to email it to her lol. Prob easiest idea anyway.

And of course we went over the whole feeling baby, morning sickness, etc stuff. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here yet or not... but I am definately feeling the baby move now. Not every day yet, and it still catches me off guard when I do... but still. Morning sickness is almost non existant now, and like I told her... the few times I do feel/get sick I wonder if its that or something else (like bad food, eating too much, etc). I'm slowly getting energy back too, so that's nice.

Then we did my blood pressure/pulse and Kalila had to get up on the table with me again lol. She actually had hers "taken" too just before mine was... and she was very excited about that! Too cute. No problems with mine either...

Then we did the tummy/heartbeat part... I'm measuring great, everything looks good there. Heartbeat was in the 140's and very strong. Baby moving around... all that fun stuff. When she finished up with that part, Kalila got upset and asked to hear the baby again! "More baby... More baby..." I loved it!

Next came test results from todays tests... Weight is good, I've gained about 3 lbs this month... What wasn't good was that I'm spilling sugar. So my blood sugar is too high right now. Because I'm hypoglycemic I know I have to watch that because it puts me at a higher risk for diabetes (gestational or not), so that was not pleasant news for me to hear. At this point its not bad enough to move up my glucose test or anything like that... but it does mean that we have to watch it & make sure I eat more protein if I eat sugars (even fruits). Now... the upside of this whole thing is that I had noticed my sugar being out of wack the last week or so, felt like it was too high (and I was doing the protein thing when I noticed it) so I do feel good about the fact that I was right about what was going on and trying to do the right thing for it.

And that was about it... I have my next appointment next month. But... we're about to schedule our ultrasound too. She said within the next two weeks, so we're gonna try for next Tuesday! I can't wait :-D

14 November, 2009

Outrunning Bees

We've had a pretty big day here... Not going to get into most of it, but lets just say that Kalila got in a lot of trouble this morning. Is basically grounded (as much as a 2 year old can be, ie no sweets or cartoons) for the next little while... That's not really the reason I'm posting though.

Since all that happened Kalila has been in a pretty good mood. She woke up from her nap wanting a banana (is one of her snack times so nothing new)... but all we have is apples. She's been eating a ton of those lately, so I figured lets get out a few minutes and get her one. So I start counting up change to get ready and go... anytime we make one of these trips its a lot of fun cause she likes to count the money with me. So here we are counting quarters, get to $2 and Kalila asks if we're gonna have $100. I love her optimism lol.

So we get everything ready & head over there...

I grumble as always on the way becuase it annoys me to no end that there is no sidewalk for a ways & I have the "choice" of pushing her stroller on the street or through overgrown grass that the apartments are very proud of themselves about. Luckily its easy to see if the first option is safe enough, but wrong time of day for that... So I was stuck with the grass & her stroller just doesn't work in it. Hard enough when not pregnant, this was just rediculous... it took over twice as long to walk that part as it should have.

We get to the store, get out... On our way back things go good... I managed to get the street on the last leg and we passed that stretch by in seconds (literally, it was fun... Kalila was yelling something about Baby Jaguar running too). And then we get to our gate...

Now... We used to have this little code that could be typed in if your card was missing/didn't work. It was great... But the new management got rid of it. You either use the card (which I don't have one... Jas does and possibly my FIL, he's supposed to have it anyway lol) or call the house you are going to and have them hit a code from the house phone. Obviously that's not an option either... No worries normally because there's a walk in gate...

Only as I walked up to the walk in part I got swarmed by bees. I'm allergic to bees. Not deathly so, is mild... but I've never been stung by more than one & there were a ton there. Besides its still not a pleasant reaction. And... I don't keep cigarettes around either, so nothing to do for it if I was stung. Ok, so I could go pester my neighbors lol, but no clue if any of them are home.

So still pushing the stroller/Kalila I make a run for it to the main gate... manage to outrun the damn things (I think they were preoccupied, but one did go after us) and saw one of the ladies from the office on the golf court. Yell out for help, hoping she could do something... At least let me punch in a code to the office so they could let me in - you'd think they could do that right? No... She tried to get me to go back to the walk in. I explain what happened, starting to freak out because I was trapped out there... and she said the only other way was to walk all the way around to the other side and try it... Note: this back on the street of no sidewalks. I have never walked that far down it and not planning to with Kalila. Starting to hyperventelate at that point... and then a car comes up and opens the gate to come in and we ran for it...

And got home just in time to catch Baba's phone call... and now Kalila is upset because she wants to talk to him again lol.

13 November, 2009

Another Good Day or Two

For the last... well I don't even remember how long lol... Baba has had his schedule set where he has Weds, Thurs & Sun's off. About a month or so ago he got the option to switch those to Sat, Sun, Tues... but it hasn't gone into effect yet. We just found out that it will this Sunday. It's kinda sad because it means he'll miss being off on Thanksgiving... but at the same time I'm really looking forward to having real weekends with him! Another thing that's really good about the timing is that he was able to be off this Weds for his Bday... I've already posted about that though lol.

Anyways, this last Thursday (yesterday) was a really good day. We really only meant to run a few errands, but... Instead we ended up going to visit a friend & took Kalila to a lake. We went for a walk while we were there... which would have been nice on its own, but Kalila had so much fun running after ducks and other birds... At one point she fed a duck and I swear the thing wagged its tail feathers! I've never seen one do that before lol. It was sooo cute. Baba made dinner, well we both kinda did lol. He made steaks w/ onions & mushrooms & I made sweet potato fries & peas... not quite what was on our menu lol, but so worth it!

Today... was back to work all the way around lol. I'd pretty much had a day off too yesterday (other than major oven cleaning)... but it wasn't that bad today despite that. I'm really behind on laundry, so focusing on putting it away and stuff. Fun stuff right? But it really has been a good day. Kalila fought me over clothing today, but it kinda worked in my favour. When I asked her to put some on she said "No, bed!" and ran into her room and laid down... a few min later I walked in to find her asleep, and there was her nap! I closed the door and about an hour and a half to two hours later she walked out asking for cheese lol. I felt the little one kick at one point too... which makes me very happy esp since its not happening very often yet lol.

That's about it, just had to share lol. I should have another fun post on Monday though... I have my next midwife's appointment then :-)

12 November, 2009

Happy Bday Baba!

That's right... Yesterday was Baba's Bday. Unfortunately he had some errands to run, but it ended up working out great because he met Gido for lunch and took Kalila along too. I was able to get most of what I needed to do around here, including finishing touches on his cake!

As you can see, I need more practice with detailing... but I'm still really proud of that cake. I'd never made chocolate buttercream icing before and it turned out wonderfully... Very easy, almost the exact same recipe as the regular buttercream, and not any harder. Tastes great. The football pan is very easy to use... First time ever I've had a cake completely not stick lol.

By the time they got back I was exhausted lol... and missing them both. I called as they were pulling up and got to talk to Kalila on the phone. It was sooooo cute! And when they came in she took one look at the cake & knew it was a cake lol. Baba was pretty happy with it too :-D
Gran came over just as I was cooking that Goat Casserole... and didn't stay very long, so no pictures of that... But I got plenty later on after the others got here. I did not get any of the guys playing video games (bad mama), but of course had to get some of Kalila running around being cute & of Baba cutting his cake. It was a lot of fun... and I'll leave you with those pics :-D

10 November, 2009


As you prob could see in my last pic filled post... I was forced to turn Kalila around. Here are a couple pics of her first car ride afterwards. Sorry they're so dark... We went over to Grans for dinner & the flash was acting up lol.

09 November, 2009

MPM 9 Nov - 15 Nov

Blech... That's how I feel about doing this right now lol. But I'm excited about part of the menu & have to share, so here I am... We really need it done anyway. Yes I know I'm being bad and resorting to cereal for breakfast way more often than needed... or at least more than I like to... but its cheerios and some other healthy one lol... and I'm having trouble managing breakfast still lol.


Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Scrambled Eggs & Croissants
Dinner - Leftovers & Stuffed Cabbage Rolls


Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Dinner - Leftovers & Cabbage Rolls

Wednesday (Happy Bday Baba!)

Breakfast - French Toast

Lunch - Baba's choice
Dinner - Goat Casserole & Baba's Salad


Breakfast - Breakfast tacos?
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
*Baba's Lunch - Tuna Helper
Lunch - Tuna Melts
Dinner - Spaghetti


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Grilled Cheese
Dinner - Leftovers


Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - ???
Dinner - Beans & rice
Snacks -
Peanut Butter

08 November, 2009

Festival Pics

Apologies here... Gonna post more pics than I am gonna say anything about today. I'm sure everyone is fine w/ that though lol. It was fun... a lot of fun. We got to talk to family and friends that we haven't seen in awhile... Had some really good food... See dancing... All that fun stuff. Kalila even got her face painted for the first time! Like I said it was fun... And now I'm tired lol.

A couple pics of Kalila eating...

Hanging out w/ Ammo Trevor. At one point he brought her back to me and walked off... She screamed for him and we had to go find him lol.

Baba jumped out and danced with the guys a couple times...

I finally got a video the second time!

Kalila watching the dancers and showing off her face paint

Kalila dancing with her balloon Elmo

By the end Kalila was all worn out...

04 November, 2009

Well Visit

I have to say that I love being down to one well visit a year... Although, as our dr pointed out, we're gonna be seeing her alot again for the little one soon too. Not complaining about that though, we found a great pediatrician... Once again, Kalila had a great well visit today...

We expected to wait longer than we did, but got seen almost right away. I'm not sure if its just the particular time/day we went... or if it has anything to do w/ our dr having recently had her own little one lol. Either way it was great. Very nice surprise.

I was right on w/ her weight... Kalila is now 24 lbs 1 oz. I don't remember her head measurement other than it was on the small end of the "chart" just like it always has been. Once again no worries because its growing at the same rate & obviously there is nothing wrong with her lol. I was pretty close on her height too... She is 35 3/4 inches.

This is where I stop and take a little pitty break lol. When we bought our carseat we got a great deal. It was the lowest price for the longest RF limits. 35 lbs or 36 inches. Seriously at the time the only ones that went longer were like 4 times the price! I knew by then (she might have been a chunky monkey as an infant but by the time we got a convertable seat she'd slowed down there) that she wouldn't hit the weight limit until well after 2 years old... but the height limit we've worried about for awhile. I've had a feeling this well visit would do it, and it has... I'm glad she made it to 2 years rear facing, but... I really hoped she would at least be closer to 30 lbs. And she's not... So tonight we get to turn her seat around & I'll get to hold my breath every time we go out in it until she gains some weight. Not happy.

Anyways... Beyond that... Kalila did really good talking to her dr and showing off some of her skills. We talked about her eating habits, including the nursing... I love that she's still supportive about that and not pushing. She did ask if we'd started other milk, which we have.. and kinda laughed about Kalila preferring goats milk (not in a bad way). Got some advice about her waking at night. Talked about discipline and potty training... Plus she did all the normal checking everything out, no surprise ear infections this time lol.. Said everything looked great. Oh and she asked about the swine flu vax... I have to say I loved the way she did that, just said that they had it and asked if we were interested... didn't try to push it at all. Didn't seem surprised when we said no either lol.

Now... Kalila did have one more shot than we were expecting. Apparently one of them was on hold at her last visit (Baba knew this, I didn't) so she was behind on it... So Kalila got 2 shots instead of just one :-( Thankfully her next visit will be just one... and like I said before, isn't for another year lol. As for the shots, Kalila did pretty well. She did cry... but stopped at the thought of washing her hands w/ soap lol.

And that was it... Hopefully she won't need to go in for anything until her next well visit!

03 November, 2009

The After Party - A little Late lol

Ok back to Kalila's bday...

We had several friends stay while I made pizza's... was supposed to be for the party, but... yeah. Anyways, the guys played video games & drank... Kalila played with her best friend Momo. I didn't get any pictures, but my neighbor did... so here they are!