02 October, 2009

I Fell In Love...

In the last year and a half or so I've tried out a few types of diapers on Kalila (2 years if you count our stint in sposies) and looked at more online. Some, like the Blueberry Minkies, I'd love to try but not willing to spend that much on a diaper (LOL)... Some I just had no interest in... like fitteds.

Really I just didn't see the point. From what I read/saw they were just like prefolds and flats, but instead of pinning/snappi-ing you put them on like a pocket, aio or sposie... and then cover w/ a cover. They cost more for that convinence... and I really don't mind the folding and stuff. Its easy.

So when I won both a Thirsties Fitted and Cover... I was really excited about an extra cover and didn't really care about the fitted lol. Eh... Not turning it down, but not thrilled over it either. The cover though.... Seriously over the moon. (Not surprising though, that cover was the whole reason I entered the contest lol)

But then our package came in.... and I saw this fluffy teal diaper that was soooo soft. Instantly I wanted to try it out lol. Couldn't yet obviously... did need to be washed first lol. But still... and Kalila.. She grabbed it up and wouldn't let go!

Well... We tried it out on Weds. Now I completely understand why some people pay more for these things.... They are really nice. We put it through the ringer (unintentionally of course) since it was the zoo trip day.... and when we finally were able to change her, it was soaked but her butt was still completely dry. And no leaks of course...

Since then I've looked at them online and saw several reviews saying they use them overnights lol... Not one bad review on there... and none from me either. Not really planning to go out and buy more, but like I said.. I understand why people choose them now. Very nice!