10 October, 2009

BF Milestones...

I don't remember how much detail I went into in earlier posts... So I'm gonna back up a bit here lol.

Originally we started out with the plan that we would nurse (well I would obviously) for at least a year, 2 at most. It really wasn't all that long after she was born that I realized that I really wanted to make it to 2. Mostly because of all the benefits involved. I figured if she self weaned earlier that would be ok (not going to force it on her lol) but I wanted her to get that last immune boost too. I even debated pumping from the time she weaned until her bday if need be. Obviously that wasn't an issue though lol.

Time passed, we had our ups and downs with all this lol. Overall its been great though.

Well, a couple months ago or so (I want to say its before I got pg) Baba and I started talking and thought we'd try and encourage her to slow down some... and it went rather badly. It didn't take long to realize she was not ready. We talked and decided that if she ended up going a little past 2 that would be ok. Baba joked that if she's still going at 3 we'd have to cut it completely... Not saying I think its wrong at that point, I know its still well into the normal range - but neither of us is comfortable going that long (I guess I'd deal if I needed too... and I may feel differently a few children down). Still it was a relief because I feel really strongly about child led weaning.

A little more time passed and we found ourselves pg... I think I've mentioned this before (possibly) but since I'm not high risk we discussed it with our midwife and continuing is no issue... but I found myself unable to handle nights. Little miss not ready to night wean was not happy & I still feel kinda bad about that, but we did what we had too... and thankfully her new bedtime seems to have solved the dilemma for the most part (she's sleeping through most nights now!!!). The other issue it brought is that I don't want to tandem nurse (once agian, nothing wrong with it... I'd do it in a heartbeat if I'd gotten pg when Kalila was younger). So we're really hoping she'd wean soon. Of course at this point I was also counting on the fact that my midwife told me that I might very likely dry up at 5 months... so if she hadn't by then she might have to from that lol.

Then her bday came, we intro'd cows milk... and she did cut down some. Not as much as we hoped... but some. Since then I've been trying to distract her when she asks (not intending to cut it altogether, just down to once or twice a day) but not refusing her when she insists. I know that's not quite child led, but I'm trying to find a balance here lol.

Well today we hit a big milestone.

I was talking to her Godmother and getting stuff done around the house (seriously I get more done when I'm on the phone than any other time, is that weird or what?) and she asked me for a "boo". She hadn't had any milk since this morning and I wasn't minding a break at that point so I sat down and got ready... When she stepped back and said, "No. Boo yucky!"

I'll admit part of me was sad for a second... Didn't have time to dwell on it since I was on the phone lol, but for a sec I was... and then the rest of me was thinking "whoo hoo!!!!!" LOL Despite asking for it, she absolutely refused to nurse. She took her nap a little later & I had no idea how the rest of today would go....

I won't lie and say she continued with that. She wanted some milk when she woke up... and again before bed. But she didn't nurse nearly as long either time. I really think she's gonna be weaning herself soon. So big sigh of relief.. I wanted this to go smoothly... and it looks like it might be.


babyyahyah said...

thats good. still bf with sofia too but i want to stop completley by december is my plan. I tandem nursed once and I hated thats why I am not going to go that route this time. The longest I have ever nursed is 2.5 years with one of my sons. The shortest was 1 year.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That's so funny! I started with a similar mentality for Layla. Now she's night weaned, but it did take some refusal to nurse her on my part. She's just too stubborn! Now I also usually tell her no when we're out, unless its at a good friend's house. Some days she only nurses 2x from morning until bedtime, but other days it can be more like 5. I still notice that she nurses more when she's not feeling well, then usually doesn't get more than a fever for a day. The immune benefit is still there, and I feel like I should let her keep nursing until I'm ready to get her stared on immunizations.

Mama Kalila said...

Babyyahyah - only having one I haven't dealt with tandem nursing yet... Like I said, I'll do it if I have too, but would rather not. Good job though!

Stacy/Fahiima - :-D I think its a pretty common progression lol. Last night Kalila did wake to nurse and it was awful. I was refusing her at night but the last few times I've slipped on it because its such a fight. I need to get back on that though because the nights really are too much for me. I guess I got spoiled with her sleeping through the night lately too. I hope I can bring that back!

We aren't really NIP anymore either... She's a lot more distracted and doesn't make an issue of it. That's been in the last few months really. Closer to a year we still did, but it just gradually got less and less.

The whole not feeling well thing is one thing I am dreading about when she does wean. For one its easier to deal with a sick baby that's nursing lol and for another they seem to get better so much quicker. She's never been dehydrated, etc.

But yeah even once a day is enough for those benefits and agreed on doing it till you start vaxes. We started those early (mixed feelings here, I want to do a delayed schedule but we're not able too right now) so that's not an issue here... but still more comfortable with her getting as much as possible with this lol.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's great! I always get more done on the phone too... hehe.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL Glad I'm not the only one... :-D

Christy said...

Weaning is hard to do. Izzy still nurses one time per day (he always wants to nurse when he wakes up in the morning). Whenever I try to skip the nursing session, he cries. So, I am going to continue nursing him for now. Like you, I always thought he would be weaned by age 2. But, his 2nd birthday is next month and he is showing no signs of giving it up.

Mama Kalila said...

:-) Personally at this point I would love if Kalila was down to once a day too lol... but she's not. Is kinda funny though how these little ones change our plans sometimes.