15 October, 2009

Bday Party

Sorry it took so long! You're still gonna have to wait for the after party pics... My neighbor has to wait for his comp before he emails them... I promise I'll get em up asap.

Anyways... her party went really well. We mostly just had family over... the couple of friends that came are basically family too, so yeah.. family lol. It was nice. Kalila ran around talking and playing with everyone. She decided all on her own when it was time for presents... Unfortunately it was hard to get pics because she was moving so much lol. I did my best though!

Doesn't she look so much older? Its crazy!

Now these aren't from the party, but including them here because they're bday related... Basically Kalila told me that she wanted pink sheets, so we decided to use some of her bday money for that. We didn't get a chance to go to Target until last night, but she had a blast picking them out and was so excited when I put them on a minute ago. As you can see, she picked out a "princess" set. It seems to be her latest thing since she wants to be one for Halloween too lol.

Sorry the pics aren't that neat, but she ran in while I was putting them on & as you can see jumped right in.. Plus I have to wash her pillow before putting the case on it... Oh well.


Catherine Anne said...

Looks like it went great! Love the big girl bed!

Mama Kalila said...


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

We had the same problem with the present opening pictures. Layla was either moving or one of the other kids was in front of her for most of the shots. Oh well, it looks like Kalila still had fun.
She must be more of a girly girl at heart than Layla. I don't think Layla cares what her sheets or blanket look like, which is fine with me.
I love the huge stuffed horse!

Mama Kalila said...

What's funny is it wasn't just opening pics that did it... She was running around the whole time.

I guess she is getting kinda girly girl.. She wasn't for a long time... preferred blues and greens (my kinda girl lol) and preferred cars & stuff like that. Loves sports... Still does those things but all the sudden she likes the girly stuff too and will pick it out. Is so weird lol.

Christy said...

She looks like a bundle of energy!

Mama Kalila said...

Yup... always.

Angela said...

Hey! There is an award waiting for you at my place!