19 October, 2009

Any Way You Look At It...

I'm in my second trimester!!!!

It really doesn't matter if you see a dr or a midwife, either way you have the potential to hear that it starts anywhere from 12 weeks to 14 weeks... just depends on the particular dr or midwife. Technically 14 fits better mathematically... But... The calendar on the Birthing Center website says 12 (and like I said, you'll hear anywhere from one to the other) so I started itching to say I was a couple weeks ago. I think part of it was to convince myself I'd stop getting sick lol. It didn't work... It did start slowing down.. but its hung on. Thankfully its almost gone now... now that I'm 14 weeks lol. Now I just need that spurt of energy I've been waiting on!

Not only does today mark exactly 14 weeks... but I also had my second appointment. I'd both been looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time... The dreading just because I knew I'd need blood taken and because the last week or so's been stressful (long story). Thankfully it went really well & was a huge stress relief lol.

Some of you already know, but for those who don't... The birthing center changed ownership very recently. The previous owner (who I met during our first interview but hadn't had an actual appointment with) got married and moved... Until today I hadn't met the new owner, but I had heard of her... all good things. So when I heard about the switch I had no problems with it and was hoping I'd meet her soon.

I did... I actually had my appointment with her. I'm going to assume (although I could be wrong & I should have asked this lol) that I'll end up seeing all of their midwives at some point in our appointments... Is what I'm kinda hoping for, but at the same time I'm comfortable either way. I've really liked both that I've had so far.

Anyways.. The appointment went well. We went over a few of the things we talked about last time just to clear them up... Went over my food chart & she made some suggestions on how to get more protein in my diet... Which is great because in doing the chart I realized I was having a problem there... This baby seems to think he's (or she's) vegetarian right now and me not being one is giving me fits lol. But yeah, got some great suggestions and feeling pretty comfortable with that now. My blood pressure was fine, and Kalila was really interested in that whole process lol. She thought it was a clock! I'm measuring just right for 14 weeks and immediately she could feel where the baby was... Which was great because it took no time to find the heartbeat! Backing up a bit, Kalila insisted on laying down beside me during this whole part lol. It was really cute, she had her head in the crook of my arm and said that she loves the baby... and then we heard the heartbeat (was around 150 and very loud) and her eyes just lit up.. .I know she doesn't quite understand it, but she was excited anyway and it was cute. Baba took her out during the blood draw so she wouldn't get in the way... My vein rolled again, but the midwife got it to work (thankfully lol) and said that she'll call if anything comes up. And my favourite part (LOL) - I'm not losing anymore weight, am back up and a little more than I was pre-pg. Very excited about that!

On top of all that fun stuff... the next appointment they had was a couple who'd just had their 2 day old... I barely got to see her, but Baba & Kalila did.. and we talked to her dad for a few minutes before we left. He absolutely raved about the birthing center and the whole experience there. It was nice and I know his talk with Baba was good for him (Baba) too.

Once again, next appointments not for another month.


Christy said...

Glad you're feeling better. The second trimester is always the best time. Enjoy it, because you'll miss it later (at least I do).

Mama Kalila said...

LOL Thanks... I'm looking forward to enjoying this one. Last time I didn't stop getting sick till closer to the third trimester, was awful... I'm still having a few issues this time, but nowhere near as bad. Now if the energy will just kick in!