31 October, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I have to say that this year was a ton better than last lol. Not that we didn't have fun last year, but still...

Weeks ago Kalila told us that she wanted to be a princess... So when we went to get her costume I picked out all the different ones in her size & let her choose. She picked the "Pirate Princess" one and was very excited about it.. Even knew it was a pirate lol.

We got a few pictures before heading out for the day today...

And here are some more from the first part of the day. We went out w/ Granny to Toys R Us (they had trick or treating, with like 3 booths lol). I wish I'd gotten a pic of her w/ Geoffery because it was adorable.. She giggled... and called him a "Grrf" I didn't get any at lunch either, would have been nice since we saw some friends there... But I did get some at dinner, a lot at dinner because it was too cute!

We came home after that & planned to trick or treat here at the apartments, but hardly anyone had their signs up (I saw one) and Gido called before we even attempted it. I did take a few pics of Kalila with her late bday gift from Granny.

Kalila LOVED trick or treating... She refused to say trick or treat (she can) but did tell (almost) everyone thank you. She loved the houses where the ones passing out candy were dressed up... and didn't get scared at the creepy crawling thing at one, but looked at it like she couldn't figure out why it was doing that lol. She told us that it was fun. She kept talking about the kids running with their pumkins... and started running herself. One house had a puppy that licked her and made her giggle. We almost lost her there, she didn't want to leave! We actually ended up going longer than planned because she was having so much fun... and then when we did head back, she played with her cousins for awhile and had a ton of fun with that too. And of course she got into candy (not a lot) and even conned a cousin into letting her have another piece after I told her no more.

Didn't get a pic w/ Gido until we came back here, but I had to get one of them too lol.

I was a little afraid she'd have trouble sleeping since she did have some candy... but no. Told me she was ready, asked for her bed, blanket, Pika & baby... in that order lol. Has been a good night. But now I need to finish weeding out candy she can't have lol.

30 October, 2009

Entirely Too Relieved

I have several blog posts I keep meaning to write... blog awards I've been given and at least one or two memes I've been tagged in... Plus some pics and video's I've taken lately... but honestly I haven't had the energy to post... I'll get to it when I can... soon I promise.

But right now I have something even better to post! I got my test results in...

The first set (that I actually got the other day) said everything looked good except that I'm borderline anemic. She recommended a liquid supplement... that I've already started taking. I'll admit that it works very well, but unfortunately it tastes horrid. At least it doesn't have the same side effects other iron supplements do lol.

The second set I got tonight... and are the reason I'm so relieved. I do not have antibodies to the Rh protein. The last time we talked I got info on what would happen if I did, and it wasn't as bad as I thought lol... I'd have to have extra blood tests and meet with the supporting dr in case the baby needed a transfusion... not good, but wouldn't put me too high risk to be there & knowing details (instead of guessing the worst) is always good... But moot point now... Rhogam at 28 weeks again, and then after birth if the baby is Rh positive... I have to admit part of me hopes Jas has a recessive neg gene and this baby will pop out negative too lol.

26 October, 2009

MPM 26 Oct - 1 Nov

Yes it's back... I'm trying anyway lol.

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers from Luncheon :-D
Dinner - Tuna Helper

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
Lunch -
CP Chicken Adobo w/ Rice
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch -
Dinner - Baba's Dinner.. prob steak & salad lol

Breakfast - French Toast
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Spaghetti

Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Mom visiting - to be decided later.

Breakfast - Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Mom visiting - to be decided later
Dinner - Leftovers?

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Alex's with Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud

Weeks Desert - Chocolate Pudding

Snacks -
Cheddar Cheese
Peanut or Sun Butter

21 October, 2009

Little Things...

LOL I'm tired and don't even know where to start... Lots of cute little stories though. If I can type anyway... Kimosimi is laying across my hands trying to get on the keyboard.. not cool!

At some point in the last week or two (no idea on specific days here)...

Kalila has learned to say up and open in Spanish. Gotta love Dora...

She's decided that she loves frogs and jumping like a frog.

Has gotten very bossy... We're having to work on that.

Has started including the number 4 when she counts in English more often than not.

Told me she coloured on the doors in her room because she was mad.

And this one was just a few days ago - I read her the sleeping cat book she loves & had her go page by page afterwards & tell me about it... Was adorable. Most pages she came pretty close, or gave me part of the story... but when George's cat climbed to the highest branches she said that his panties were broken and he was with the birdie up high.

Yesterday... Kalila was... wow she just did a ton. Most of it adorable and I had to remind myself that it just had to go on here lol.

At one point she was climbing on EVERYTHING...

Then she chased the cats through the apt saying "You can't get me!!!"

She found a bow hair clip and put it under her chin like a bow tie... I got pics of that, but they're on my phone and will be awhile before they can be posted.

We went for a walk and she was all kinds of excited about that. When we got to the store I decided to get some fruit & cottage cheese since we were out of fruit and she'd been asking for some. I asked which she wanted, peaches or cocktail & she said very clearly (while nodding her head) "cocktail".

She showed me how she could bounce like a kangaroo.

Started pouring water from one bottle to another... yes mess involved lol.

Told me that Kimosimi dropped chocolate cake on the wall and made a mess (one of those scuff stains from before we moved here). She tried to clean it too...

Peeled an onion for me when I was cooking dinner...

Told me my meatloaf was yucky... I had to coax her into trying one bite and she refused to swallow... had a horrified look on her face.

And of course lots and lots of running around.

I got these pics yesterday too....


She's been very happy to have Baba home.

She tried some of my gumbo and made this really funny face while she panted (it was kinda spicy) but then said it was yummy and asked for more.

Tried to put her toothpaste on a toothbrush (not hers).

She tried to run from me (well did run from me... I had to chase after her a good ways) at the groc store and fell against the cashiers wall thing and hit her head, was ok thankfully but cried pretty loudly... Our cashier gave her a balloon to calm her down & it worked... and she's still playing with it lol.

Sang along w/ Baba and YouTube.... I wish I could have gotten the video earlier when she was singing more, but by the time the batteries were charged she was tired and barely sang. Sorry its so dark too!

I know there's a ton more I'm missing, but... eh. These were some of my favourite moments anyway (or things that stood out lol).

19 October, 2009

Any Way You Look At It...

I'm in my second trimester!!!!

It really doesn't matter if you see a dr or a midwife, either way you have the potential to hear that it starts anywhere from 12 weeks to 14 weeks... just depends on the particular dr or midwife. Technically 14 fits better mathematically... But... The calendar on the Birthing Center website says 12 (and like I said, you'll hear anywhere from one to the other) so I started itching to say I was a couple weeks ago. I think part of it was to convince myself I'd stop getting sick lol. It didn't work... It did start slowing down.. but its hung on. Thankfully its almost gone now... now that I'm 14 weeks lol. Now I just need that spurt of energy I've been waiting on!

Not only does today mark exactly 14 weeks... but I also had my second appointment. I'd both been looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time... The dreading just because I knew I'd need blood taken and because the last week or so's been stressful (long story). Thankfully it went really well & was a huge stress relief lol.

Some of you already know, but for those who don't... The birthing center changed ownership very recently. The previous owner (who I met during our first interview but hadn't had an actual appointment with) got married and moved... Until today I hadn't met the new owner, but I had heard of her... all good things. So when I heard about the switch I had no problems with it and was hoping I'd meet her soon.

I did... I actually had my appointment with her. I'm going to assume (although I could be wrong & I should have asked this lol) that I'll end up seeing all of their midwives at some point in our appointments... Is what I'm kinda hoping for, but at the same time I'm comfortable either way. I've really liked both that I've had so far.

Anyways.. The appointment went well. We went over a few of the things we talked about last time just to clear them up... Went over my food chart & she made some suggestions on how to get more protein in my diet... Which is great because in doing the chart I realized I was having a problem there... This baby seems to think he's (or she's) vegetarian right now and me not being one is giving me fits lol. But yeah, got some great suggestions and feeling pretty comfortable with that now. My blood pressure was fine, and Kalila was really interested in that whole process lol. She thought it was a clock! I'm measuring just right for 14 weeks and immediately she could feel where the baby was... Which was great because it took no time to find the heartbeat! Backing up a bit, Kalila insisted on laying down beside me during this whole part lol. It was really cute, she had her head in the crook of my arm and said that she loves the baby... and then we heard the heartbeat (was around 150 and very loud) and her eyes just lit up.. .I know she doesn't quite understand it, but she was excited anyway and it was cute. Baba took her out during the blood draw so she wouldn't get in the way... My vein rolled again, but the midwife got it to work (thankfully lol) and said that she'll call if anything comes up. And my favourite part (LOL) - I'm not losing anymore weight, am back up and a little more than I was pre-pg. Very excited about that!

On top of all that fun stuff... the next appointment they had was a couple who'd just had their 2 day old... I barely got to see her, but Baba & Kalila did.. and we talked to her dad for a few minutes before we left. He absolutely raved about the birthing center and the whole experience there. It was nice and I know his talk with Baba was good for him (Baba) too.

Once again, next appointments not for another month.

15 October, 2009

Bday Party

Sorry it took so long! You're still gonna have to wait for the after party pics... My neighbor has to wait for his comp before he emails them... I promise I'll get em up asap.

Anyways... her party went really well. We mostly just had family over... the couple of friends that came are basically family too, so yeah.. family lol. It was nice. Kalila ran around talking and playing with everyone. She decided all on her own when it was time for presents... Unfortunately it was hard to get pics because she was moving so much lol. I did my best though!

Doesn't she look so much older? Its crazy!

Now these aren't from the party, but including them here because they're bday related... Basically Kalila told me that she wanted pink sheets, so we decided to use some of her bday money for that. We didn't get a chance to go to Target until last night, but she had a blast picking them out and was so excited when I put them on a minute ago. As you can see, she picked out a "princess" set. It seems to be her latest thing since she wants to be one for Halloween too lol.

Sorry the pics aren't that neat, but she ran in while I was putting them on & as you can see jumped right in.. Plus I have to wash her pillow before putting the case on it... Oh well.

12 October, 2009

What Happened To Menu Monday's?

That's prob easy to figure out lol... The pg happened. I haven't been able to keep up with a menu because for the longest time thinking about food made me sick. Groc shopping was hell... At some point I intend to write a first trimester post, but its not happening right now (so consider yourself lucky if you're reading this lol). Anyways, I do plan to get back to them... as soon as I can. Hopefully next week...

On the subject of food though... Jas made steak last night (gotta love sales!!!) and of course that was leftovers today... and I got the cutest pic/video of Kalila. Just had to share!

10 October, 2009

BF Milestones...

I don't remember how much detail I went into in earlier posts... So I'm gonna back up a bit here lol.

Originally we started out with the plan that we would nurse (well I would obviously) for at least a year, 2 at most. It really wasn't all that long after she was born that I realized that I really wanted to make it to 2. Mostly because of all the benefits involved. I figured if she self weaned earlier that would be ok (not going to force it on her lol) but I wanted her to get that last immune boost too. I even debated pumping from the time she weaned until her bday if need be. Obviously that wasn't an issue though lol.

Time passed, we had our ups and downs with all this lol. Overall its been great though.

Well, a couple months ago or so (I want to say its before I got pg) Baba and I started talking and thought we'd try and encourage her to slow down some... and it went rather badly. It didn't take long to realize she was not ready. We talked and decided that if she ended up going a little past 2 that would be ok. Baba joked that if she's still going at 3 we'd have to cut it completely... Not saying I think its wrong at that point, I know its still well into the normal range - but neither of us is comfortable going that long (I guess I'd deal if I needed too... and I may feel differently a few children down). Still it was a relief because I feel really strongly about child led weaning.

A little more time passed and we found ourselves pg... I think I've mentioned this before (possibly) but since I'm not high risk we discussed it with our midwife and continuing is no issue... but I found myself unable to handle nights. Little miss not ready to night wean was not happy & I still feel kinda bad about that, but we did what we had too... and thankfully her new bedtime seems to have solved the dilemma for the most part (she's sleeping through most nights now!!!). The other issue it brought is that I don't want to tandem nurse (once agian, nothing wrong with it... I'd do it in a heartbeat if I'd gotten pg when Kalila was younger). So we're really hoping she'd wean soon. Of course at this point I was also counting on the fact that my midwife told me that I might very likely dry up at 5 months... so if she hadn't by then she might have to from that lol.

Then her bday came, we intro'd cows milk... and she did cut down some. Not as much as we hoped... but some. Since then I've been trying to distract her when she asks (not intending to cut it altogether, just down to once or twice a day) but not refusing her when she insists. I know that's not quite child led, but I'm trying to find a balance here lol.

Well today we hit a big milestone.

I was talking to her Godmother and getting stuff done around the house (seriously I get more done when I'm on the phone than any other time, is that weird or what?) and she asked me for a "boo". She hadn't had any milk since this morning and I wasn't minding a break at that point so I sat down and got ready... When she stepped back and said, "No. Boo yucky!"

I'll admit part of me was sad for a second... Didn't have time to dwell on it since I was on the phone lol, but for a sec I was... and then the rest of me was thinking "whoo hoo!!!!!" LOL Despite asking for it, she absolutely refused to nurse. She took her nap a little later & I had no idea how the rest of today would go....

I won't lie and say she continued with that. She wanted some milk when she woke up... and again before bed. But she didn't nurse nearly as long either time. I really think she's gonna be weaning herself soon. So big sigh of relief.. I wanted this to go smoothly... and it looks like it might be.

09 October, 2009

Questions Answers & Stuff

Sorry if I miss anything... have had quite a few questions lately l0l & gonna try to address that. Before I go there let me add that I am planning to put up the rest of the bday pics up asap, I just haven't felt like getting on here lately lol. I'm still missing a few of the pics too so that doesn't help.


No we do not know if we're having a boy or a girl yet... I'm just under 13 weeks now (will be there Monday) and its still way too early to tell.

Yes I will be needing a Rhogam shot, but not until 28 weeks (and most likely again after birth). I wouldn't have needed one so early last time if not for the probs we had. Thankfully none of that this time, so its not needed. I will need to be tested for antibodies at my next appointment, but we're not worried about that (nor is my midwife).

No we are not planning a Lotus Birth... I think that's enough said on that subject lol.

Yes we are planning to cloth diaper this baby from the beginning (and really looking forward to doing so). We've decided to go with prefolds again, at least during the newborn stage... mostly anyway (we will prob use pockets at night). As much as I used to gripe about them, we're stocking up on the Gerber prefolds to start with... but using Thirsties covers for multiple reasons. I love them... and they have the umbilical cutout on their extra small size too. Like I said, I'm really looking forward to starting this from the beginning this time.

Yes Kalila will get to be there...

Speaking of Kalila...

We have started potty training. She actually decided to do so on her own... Very big surprise yesterday when she did so without telling us & even tried to clean herself up! Very proud... Seriously have to thank Tia Sallie for that potty book!

She's working on numbers... Still refuses to acknowledge 4 in English lol... but she's doing good. One of her bday gifts were some number cards, so we're really working on recognizing them in general. Sometimes she gets it, sometimes not lol... But she loves playing with them :-D

She has decided that she likes pink (sigh....). And... is insisting that she wants pink sheets lol. So we may be doing that soon.

Apparently her stuffed horse needed to eat? She took him in the kitchen and laid him in front of the cat food... Silly girl!

Yesterday we had a playdate w/ Khalil. They did the shy thing at first, but by the end were chasing each other around and playing together. Very cute. My fav part was when Julie asked Khalil to do something and Kalila did it instead and then corrected her "Kalila". She doesn't quite get Khalil's name yet.. keeps calling him baby instead.

Which reminds me... She finally will say her name when asked!

Oh good grief... I just heard those giggles and found her closing Mumble in her dresser drawer... I suppose Mumble found it open and climbed inside before Kalila found her... Made for some cute pics though. Btw the blur is because Kalila wouldn't stop bouncing.

I got a couple really cute video's the other night. Long story short, she burped and thought the word was hilarious. Her giggles made me laugh so much I had to get a video... unfortunately she got into it w/ Kimosimi at the end (no worries, he didn't actually get her... but I had to get onto them both) so I had to stop and start up again. The second one is cute too, she did a lot of counting and colours in it.

And I guess that's where I 'll leave ya for now!

05 October, 2009

The Cake

OK, I'm breaking the party down into several posts to keep it from being too long. Figure I'll do the cake part first lol.

When we first started planning Kalila's party we were thinking we'd do a Sesame Street theme.. but not long after me looking into Abby Cadaby cakes Kalila decided she'd moved on & became attached to Dora. As cute as some of the cakes I was looking at were... it actually made things a lot easier for me. One of her favourite characters was the Map, so I figured I'm model the cake after him.

Figuring out what cake to bake was a whole different story though lol. I started out thinking I'd make one test cake a week to figure it out... I knew I wanted it to be healthy, and had an idea that I wanted fruit involved... But at the same time I was worried about that because Las (a cousin who has been making cakes a long time, is great at this) warned me that the icing and stuff could cave in on that type. I was hoping it being whole wheat would help w/ that, but... I wouldn't know until I tried.

Anyways.. the trial cakes didn't really work out lol. I made one apple cake that Kalila really liked, but in no way would work. I think I posted about it already. Anyways... since I made that cake Kalila begged (almost dayly) for "apple cake". So I knew I needed to find one...

Skip forward to this weekend. Friday I still didn't have a cake recipe... So I went looking and found this Apple Cake Recipe. I sent Baba the link to get his opinion, and was surprised that he said it sounded good... He normally doesn't like spice cakes or fruity ones or whatever. But he said go for it, I sent the groc list to him & planned to make it Saturday.

Ended up baking Sat night... The cake itself was extremely easy to make. And while it was cooking.... the smell. It smelled wonderful. At that point I started worrying about how it'd turn out a little less lol. The recipe said it'd take 45 to 60 min to bake, so I checked on it after 45 and it was completely done, just perfect. How often does that happen lol. Usually I end up putting them back in for longer... Only issue I had was getting it out of the pan & Baba helped with that.

So then I started in on the icing...

The buttercream was done in notime. Seriously I love the stuff. Is soooo easy to make. I figured I would colour the parts of it I needed the next day since I was gonna do the touch up things right before the party.

And then I started on the Marshmallow Fondant.

Ok... Got the marshmallows melted. Not a problem... Went to add the 1/2 lb of sugar that Las told me I'd need... and I had soup. Obviously something was wrong... We figured not enough sugar... So added sugar until we finally got the doughy consistancy we needed. Was still pretty gooey but ok. Continued on with the recipe from there... Until it was time to roll it out. And it started sticking to everything... even after sprinkling sugar on everything like I was told. Everytime I'd roll it out it'd stick and tear. I finally got it to where I could transfer it and then it'd tear again. One thing after another & at this point it was around 3 in the morning. I was so frusterated. Finally I got it though...

Like I said, I finished up Sunday morning... I'd tried to make the fondant pizza the night before, but it turned out way too pink. Like even the dough part was pink lol. So I redid that first... Still a little pinker than intended, but better than before... Got the Map character, Strawberry Mountains and Cookie Lake situated too. And started in on the buttercream additions... The path was supposed to be red, green & yellow... but the red ended up pink too. So overall the cake was way pinker than planned. Kalila even noticed. The first thing she said was "pink", quickly followed by "the Map!"

I wish I could have gotten better pics, but apparently my shadow showed up in them and make it look uneven. It wasn't... Not perfect by anystretch, but not wavey like that lol. I'm hoping that if you click on it to enlarge it you can tell a little better, but we'll see.

As for the cake itself... It really did turn out good. I'm glad I went with that recipe.

And I'll post about the rest of the party later!

02 October, 2009

I Fell In Love...

In the last year and a half or so I've tried out a few types of diapers on Kalila (2 years if you count our stint in sposies) and looked at more online. Some, like the Blueberry Minkies, I'd love to try but not willing to spend that much on a diaper (LOL)... Some I just had no interest in... like fitteds.

Really I just didn't see the point. From what I read/saw they were just like prefolds and flats, but instead of pinning/snappi-ing you put them on like a pocket, aio or sposie... and then cover w/ a cover. They cost more for that convinence... and I really don't mind the folding and stuff. Its easy.

So when I won both a Thirsties Fitted and Cover... I was really excited about an extra cover and didn't really care about the fitted lol. Eh... Not turning it down, but not thrilled over it either. The cover though.... Seriously over the moon. (Not surprising though, that cover was the whole reason I entered the contest lol)

But then our package came in.... and I saw this fluffy teal diaper that was soooo soft. Instantly I wanted to try it out lol. Couldn't yet obviously... did need to be washed first lol. But still... and Kalila.. She grabbed it up and wouldn't let go!

Well... We tried it out on Weds. Now I completely understand why some people pay more for these things.... They are really nice. We put it through the ringer (unintentionally of course) since it was the zoo trip day.... and when we finally were able to change her, it was soaked but her butt was still completely dry. And no leaks of course...

Since then I've looked at them online and saw several reviews saying they use them overnights lol... Not one bad review on there... and none from me either. Not really planning to go out and buy more, but like I said.. I understand why people choose them now. Very nice!

01 October, 2009

Bday Zoo Trip

That's right... It was time for another Bday Zoo trip... We were really excited about this one because we knew Kalila was going to be a lot more into it this time. Last trip she was about 18 months old or so & had fun... but there was still a HUGE difference this time.

It didn't hurt that several animals were out and about lol... But still. Kalila was up and running from one exhibit to another, pushed her stroller around and named off animals. Her favourites were the monkeys and the fish/hippo exhibit. She enjoyed the kitties too of course, but we had to drag her away from the other two lol. I was just happy because the okapi is back :-D No it was fun anyway... I loved seeing Kalila get so excited.

Unfortunately I got overheated or something (I did have water I promise) and nearly passed out at one point so we ended up cutting the trip short. Not cool but oh well. I'm gonna put some of my fav pics up on here... not all of them because they're taking way too long to load for some reason. The rest are all on facebook.