24 September, 2009

NFP Is NOT The Freaking Rhythm Method

Disclaimer: Sorry if this post pisses anyone off but in the past 3 days I have heard people mix the two up way too many times not to go off on a rant about this. Not happy.

From Marriam - Webster:

  • Main Entry: rhythm method
  • Function: noun
  • Date: 1940

: a method of birth control involving abstinence during the period in which ovulation is most likely to occur

Note - During the period in which ovulation is most likely to occur. Ie a guess.

People who use the Rhythm Method do one of two things... 1. assume they are ovulating around day 14 or 2. use the length of previous cycles to guess when they will ovulate. Does it work for some women? Sure... It has around a 75 to 85% success rate. (so no offense if anyone who does this is reading this lol) Do I recommend it? Hell no.

Now... NFP (or Natural Family Planning)...

Marriam - Webster:

  • Main Entry: natural family planning
  • Function: noun
  • Date: 1975

: a method of birth control that involves abstention from sexual intercourse during the period of ovulation which is determined through observation and measurement of bodily symptoms

Now key words here being determined through observation and measurement of bodily symptoms.

There is no guess work here. Yes it takes time to learn. Yes it takes work. Yes, you can still get pregnant on it... but (statistically) it has the exact same failure rate as hormonal birth control!!!! (I say statistically because I just read about someone going off of NFP to use both the Nueva Ring plus condoms and she didn't get pg until she went to the BC LOL)

I'm not going to get into the different methods of practicing NFP again, but I will link them here... Above link also lists more stats on NFP, how it works and links. Once again, there are also links on my right hand side near the top.

Stepping off soap-box now.


Mandi said...

Nope, two completely different things. And it is very effective when used correctly. I am one of the 3% or so who used it correctly and still got a little surprise, but like you said, hormonal bc isn't 100% by a long shot. I used NFP religiously for almost a year with great success... I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS o'd on day 18 or 19... then BAM! Ovulated on or around day 8 one month... But I can't imagine life without my little Ruby Mae! =-)

Mama Kalila said...

Wow... I can't even imagine how anyone could notice the signs that early (unless its normal and you're used to it but even then would be hard). I'd miss it too... But mine are always long. IMO though those are the times those babies are really meant to be. Not that any wouldn't be lol, but you know what I mean lol.

Chic Mama said...

Here Here! I hate when people just don't get it!