07 September, 2009

MDA Memories

As you can probably guess I have the tv set to the MDA Telethon right now, and it'll be firmly planted there until it ends later today. I'm a bit surprised that Kalila's not fighting me on it lol, but thankfully she's not putting up a fuss. Has me in a bit of a mood (but I expected I would be today) and thinking back...

Just lots of memories, mostly good... and I thought I'd write a post w/ some of them, partly just because I'm in that mood & partly because I realized that I never have before... So here we go.

For some reason I have very few Telethon pics on disk... This was back in 03. I'm still shaking my head over my hair... as much as I like it curly, the blonde thing still gets me & I hate the way it looks here lol. I miss the contacts though. Yes, Betsy had purple hair here... I still smile when I see these pics and remember the jokes made about it. We were also celebrating Emily's bday here, hence the cake.

And I can't forget camp memories either... esp with all the little video's of it they've been showing on tv today.

I wish my printer was working because some of my fav pics are from 1999 (the first year I went) but I don't have them on disk (or can't find it if I do). I cheated and used my camera phone to get a few of them on here lol. Apologies for the quality...

There was a running joke started on the way over about aliens in the light bulbs.. Here's Betsy looking up at the "aliens"

Betsy hanging out w/ Dustin. We had some particularly funny memories w/ him.

Emily turned Tarzan

Betsy kept refusing dance requests and finally said she would dance w/ him if it rained... and then it did!

Dustin got her to dance too...

Signing a year book thing

Proof I exsisted lol. I am bad about taking pics of others and skipping out on ones of me... This first was of me & Bets obviously & the next was from one of the rookie things I went through that year. There's another of us at the pool that I really like, but is missing :-(

And then 2000. Another year of me avoiding the camera... I think this first pic is the best one I got. If you can't tell, I'm the one sitting in back with the pigtails.

Another year of rookie stunts... I was glad to be on the viewing end of it this time lol.

I have no idea what was going on here... but just looks funny.

I don't remember how the balloon hats happened, but this was at one of the dances (or before one).

Lake pictures... This was always a blast.

I need to get up and vacuum now that Kalila's (somewhat) gone down for a nap... but going through these have really made me smile. Has taken a little longer than I expected with Kalila running around making trouble lol, but I'm looking forward to sharing these w/ her later (both today & as she gets older).

Oh & I should be putting up another post soon about yesterday.. We had a ton of fun & lots of cute stories to share!