07 September, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend... for the most part we did. I felt better yesterday than I have in weeks. Always nice lol. Plus it was just a fun day.

We got to Church really really late (oops) but Kalila did really good in the cry room. She spent most of her time playing with one of the little girls and told her "Love you" when we left lol. For the second week in a row one of her cousins, a little boy, gave her a hug.. and for the second week in a row she wasn't sure what to think about that lol. Thankfully she didn't beg food too much this time... mostly because we weren't there as long, but still. I almost want to try staying out of the cry room again over that whole thing but I have visions of her screaming "boo" out during Mass again stopping me lol.

We ran a few errands and then came back here since Kalila fell asleep and ended up heading over a little later than we'd planned. When she woke up, Kalila was all ready to go and then changed her mind. We had to bribe her with seeing the puppies to get her going lol.

And as soon as we got to Aunt Janelle's house Kalila did go straight for the dogs lol. Until she saw one of her cousins... They started playing right away & was just too cute. She went back and forth between her cousins and the animals... I think the cutest moment was when she hugged one of the bunnies. But the playing was pretty cute too... She scared me a couple times though. I was exhausted (sat down on the couch at one point and nearly crashed) and she kept getting out of sight. Once she opened the door and got outside (luckily there were people out there).. .She was going after a dog again lol. Another couple of times she just walked out of sight w/ cousins and I couldn't see her. The worst one was when she got upstairs... She'd been playing by Gido's feet and none of us saw her walk away... had to have gone right in front of us... made it up the stairs and was playing with the other kids again! She tried to pull that one again when Baba was changing her diaper... I ended up chasing her up the stairs w/ my heart in my throat the whole time. She also gave lots of kisses and was just being cute all day.

So yeah... It was fun. I'd write more but I'm exhausted and having trouble getting her down for bed.