03 September, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursday..

Seriously not sure I will ever do another one of these, but I thought it was cute and this weeks assignment is one I have NEVER posted on... How crazy is that?!?!


That's right, we use cloth wipes for Kalila too... Not only does it cut the cost of the disposable ones, but what's the point in buying something you throw away when you typically wrap up the wipes in the diaper and now you have two items going two different directions? It made no sense to us lol.

I'm gonna start off w/ those sposies we started with (you'll understand why later). Kalila had very sensitive skin and we tried several brands thanks to friends and family who left us well stocked. Unfortunately all but one brand left her screaming in pain... and that one brand was Pampers. Go figure she wanted the expensive stuff lol. But not just reg Pampers either... They had to be the sensitive ones for newborns. We ended up buying the things in bulk.

When we went to cloth we decided against buying extra wipes. Also thanks to family and friends we had a ton and a half of baby washcloths... and since we'd had blue and purple on our registry and someone gave us a ton of pink ones (lol I'd link the blog post on that here, but it was still on myspace at that point) it was easy to separate out what we were using on her during bath and for diapers. They work just fine... I am kinda thinking about getting some softer wipes for the next baby, but only because I'm afraid he or she might have that same problem she did & she still sometimes complains with these.

Anyways, what do we use to wet them?

I started out with a very simple solution... You squirt a little baby wash in a bottle, add another squirt of baby oil and then fill with water. Shake before use and pour on wipe. Later we added a little vinegar to the mix (I've thought about doing a drop of TTO in place of that, but haven't tried it) and started putting it in a spray bottle instead.

There is an easier way though... and one we use often. Grab wipe, turn on faucet, and wet with water. I'm serious it works lol.

And because she still complains about them being too rough sometimes, we've skipped wipes and showered her bottom in the bath quite a few times too
(makeshift bidet lol). Lately I've done that more often than not.

So that's my contribution to Fluff Talk Thursday lol. Like I said, not sure I'll continue this... I do think its cute, but... We'll see.


babyyahyah said...

i did cloth diapers and cloth wipes with baby 1 and 2 but after that i was too frustrated and just went to disposables again.

you seem to have a good system though.

Mama Kalila said...

There are days that I wish I didn't have diapers to wash and stuff, but I can't imagine going back. I really like cloth too much. Too many advantages to me lol.

And I like the system I have... I'm sure I could refine it some and I probably will as time goes on.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This is great! Sure helped me! I definitely think we will be going with cloth wipes this time around too. Separating is a pain in the ass. No pun intended. ;-)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I use cloth for Layla too, but never did cloth wipes. I usually do the quick wash thing when she poops too.

I think the key with cloth diapers is not having too many, that way you have to wash them after a couple days.
Now we're having some success with the potty training, which means less washing. Yay!