28 September, 2009

Birthdays, Diapers, and Books - Oh my!

Can you believe Kalila is 2? I mean really... wasn't this yesterday?

Now ya look at her and she's such a little girl...

We didn't really do anything special today... Baba's working so the zoo trip has to be Weds (praying the weather is cool enough so we can go) and the party's not until next week.

She did get her first cup of cows milk... which she loved. Unfortunately she got so excited about it that she poured some on Kimosimi lol... Then tried to get Mumble too and made an even bigger mess. Definately gonna have to lay down some rules about where she can drink milk lol.

We also had a bit of a surprise when we checked the mail today...

The diapers we won came in!!! Kalila's very excited about them... Carried them around and wouldn't let em go for a bit after we opened them lol. Apparently they picked good colours cause she was happy with that too.

We also got a book in the mail from a friend of mine. Keith was one of the guys on the Mission Moshi team the first year I went and we talk on facebook... Kalila just loves seeing pics and video's of his little boy lol. But yeah, he sent a counting through Tanzania book that I'd seen online and hoped to get at some point. Kalila grinned when I read it to her and tried repeating some of the animal names in Kiswahili. I haven't started working with her on the numbers yet because I'm determined to get to Arabic first w/ those since I actually know them lol. She's doing really good w/ English & Spanish though so I need to get on that.

Before I go... trying to get some pics/video's to put up today too...

26 September, 2009


I just have to share because I find this stinking hilarious.

Kalila just turned on Ice Age... and as thesquirrel started falling off the ice and holding on & stuff, Kalila started screaming "Careful! Careful!" and holding her arms up to the tv....

ETA - Its just getting worse... Since then I've heard "Oh no!!! The squirrel can't get the nut! The nut.. The nut.. Oh no, it's broken!!!" (when the ice spins around w/ the squirrel and the nut)

This girl is cracking me up tonight....

24 September, 2009

That's Right...

I guess its about time we fill everyone in lol. We are expecting baby #2...

Before I get to the fun part of this post I do have some serious stuff to cover. Once again, this is not aimed at any one person... Just have to put it out there.

This pregnancy is not a result of NFP being this horrible unreliable thing. Not getting into details, but we did lose our computer at one point this summer... all of my charts and everything was on that computer. While I had backed it all up, unfortunately I did not back it up on disk... Not a mistake I intend to make again lol. Losing all my information and scrambling to stay on top of things caused a lot of stress, my last two cycles were greatly thrown off by this. On top of that I ended up taking Waletussin (or however you spell it, generic Robitussin) - a cough syrup for some congestion I had at one point during my last cycle... As most of you probably don't know this cough syrup's main ingredient can increase fertility. I can't say if any one of those (or all) contributed to this pg, but it's here.

Now, of course we know that this isn't the best time for another baby. Baba is still in school for another couple semesters or so... and things are tight. However there is a saying along the lines of "if you wait for the perfect time to get pg you'll never have a child" and I believe its very true. Will it be hard? Yes... But we are choosing to be happy about this baby. Not saying we haven't both had our freak-out moments because we have... but still.

On top of that, there are definitely some good things about it (beyond the whole baby thing which is just good in and of itself lol). Beyond the whole financial aspects of it the timing is good. Kalila will be 2 1/2 by the time he or she is born. Not too close together, but a good age difference. She's already very excited about it and swears up and down that she's having a sister lol. And of course there's the fact that I will be 29 around the time the baby is born as well... Not old by any stretch lol (errr at least I don't think so) but still.

So yeah... points being -

A. NFP is not bad. I trust it completely. Will continue to trust it after this baby is born... Part of me wants to throw in a comment or two about not trying to shove contraception down my throat in here, but the main people who do this don't read this blog in the first place so I'll be nice lol.

B. We are happy about this baby no matter what... Granted it is hard to stay that way when you're constantly seeing people's disappointed reaction and stuff.. But still.

Ok now on to the happy part of the post lol.

We had our first appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. We decided to wait until then because they said it's best to wait to 10 to 12 weeks so we could hear the heartbeat (or try) and that before that point we'd just be going over nutrition and morning sickness stuff... It went very well....

We did hear the heartbeat! Just for a few seconds because he or she kept moving lol... But it was still pretty easy to hear & combined with how much I'm showing it caused the midwife to doubt our dates enough to suggest getting an ultrasound to date lol. No complaints here.

Beyond that there were the normal weighing and tests... although I was slightly dehydrated, which caused my veins to shrink and she couldn't draw blood. So that has to wait until our next visit (which is fine) and I just have to make sure to down a lot of water before hand lol. I am a little aggravated at myself though because I know better than to let myself get dehydrated!

There were also all the questions and stuff... We talked about everything from my morning sickness and history to PPD. Around this point I got my homework too lol. I still need to give Las a hard time... She let me go in not knowing I'd be coming home w/ homework!!! No it's cool.. I completely understand why. Its a food chart that I'll need to fill out over 5 days w/ all the foods that I eat during that time.

I think that's about it for that appointment lol. I have my next Oct 19th.

Now on to the sonogram...

Obviously she wanted it asap because after a certain point its not as useful at dating and we knew I was already 10 weeks. So we went in on Weds.

Ok, so by my chart (which honestly I still trust more) I was 10 weeks 2 days when we went in... Which puts my Guess Date at April 19th. By the sonogram... I was 10 weeks 6 days, putting my Guess Date at April 15th. 4 days difference = basically nothing lol. Either way I should be delivering sometime between mid and late April.

And of course... We did come home with a picture of the little one, who spent his or her time kicking and punching around the whole time... even waved at Baba & Kalila when they walked in the room lol. I have to smile because I can already tell he or she has Baba's nose (we could tell w/ Kalila too) and really big feet. The ladies doing the thing even commented on that! Anyways, I will leave you with the pic... Sorry if its a little blurrier than it should be... I had to take a pic of the pic w/ the phone lol.

NFP Is NOT The Freaking Rhythm Method

Disclaimer: Sorry if this post pisses anyone off but in the past 3 days I have heard people mix the two up way too many times not to go off on a rant about this. Not happy.

From Marriam - Webster:

  • Main Entry: rhythm method
  • Function: noun
  • Date: 1940

: a method of birth control involving abstinence during the period in which ovulation is most likely to occur

Note - During the period in which ovulation is most likely to occur. Ie a guess.

People who use the Rhythm Method do one of two things... 1. assume they are ovulating around day 14 or 2. use the length of previous cycles to guess when they will ovulate. Does it work for some women? Sure... It has around a 75 to 85% success rate. (so no offense if anyone who does this is reading this lol) Do I recommend it? Hell no.

Now... NFP (or Natural Family Planning)...

Marriam - Webster:

  • Main Entry: natural family planning
  • Function: noun
  • Date: 1975

: a method of birth control that involves abstention from sexual intercourse during the period of ovulation which is determined through observation and measurement of bodily symptoms

Now key words here being determined through observation and measurement of bodily symptoms.

There is no guess work here. Yes it takes time to learn. Yes it takes work. Yes, you can still get pregnant on it... but (statistically) it has the exact same failure rate as hormonal birth control!!!! (I say statistically because I just read about someone going off of NFP to use both the Nueva Ring plus condoms and she didn't get pg until she went to the BC LOL)

I'm not going to get into the different methods of practicing NFP again, but I will link them here... Above link also lists more stats on NFP, how it works and links. Once again, there are also links on my right hand side near the top.

Stepping off soap-box now.

20 September, 2009

A Mind of Her Own...

Well.... The other day I noticed Kalila was coming down with something. I tried to head it off, but yup... Runny nose, sneezing & cough... Cranky, not much energy.... But no fever thankfully. She wouldn't eat much solids, but she nursed pretty normally until last night where she about drove me crazy because she wouldn't stop lol. Not complaining because I know she needed it & it helped... but still. Today she seems a ton better....

Me on the other hand. I started noticing yesterday that I was gonna come down with it too... It hit me hard last night when I laid down.... all the sudden I couldn't breath (nose) and the sinus pressure was/is horrible.

But I have the cutest story to share because of it...

Like I said, Kalila came to our room last night. And between her loud breathing while nursing & my blowing my nose... Neither Baba or I could sleep... and he needed to be up early today. We could/did miss Mass, but he couldn't. So finally he got up and went to "lie down" on Kalila's recliner in her room.

After awhile Kalila decided she wanted to go back to bed. So I got her up and walked her back, watched her crawl in bed & said good night again. Is when I saw where Baba had gone lol...

So I headed to the restroom after and was thinking that maybe this was good... He's in her room so if she has any problems, someone is right there! But as I was going into our room I hear "Baba!" and then some chattering first from her and then him.... Then the door opens and I hear him walk out & come back to bed with this halarious look on his face.

She kicked him out of her room! Apparently she told him to turn off the night light & leave her room... Was something along the lines of something something something light off something something room byebye. I don't know exactly, but as soon as he turned off the light she crawled back in bed & slept most the night in there afterwards lol.

08 September, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding Me...

I got online earlier to see a new post by Nursing Birth... Shocked, disgusted and somewhat speechless I headed over to another blog she linked to and kept reading... I'll admit there were moments that made me laugh like NB's allcaps rant at the end of hers, and a couple comments on Stand and Deliver (particularly one by anonymous that starts with a little profanity & just gets better from there).

I really encourage you to read those posts... I want to say something about this, but I still have no words. This is sick. Its wrong... Why would anyone let them do this? One more piece of respect lost here...

07 September, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend... for the most part we did. I felt better yesterday than I have in weeks. Always nice lol. Plus it was just a fun day.

We got to Church really really late (oops) but Kalila did really good in the cry room. She spent most of her time playing with one of the little girls and told her "Love you" when we left lol. For the second week in a row one of her cousins, a little boy, gave her a hug.. and for the second week in a row she wasn't sure what to think about that lol. Thankfully she didn't beg food too much this time... mostly because we weren't there as long, but still. I almost want to try staying out of the cry room again over that whole thing but I have visions of her screaming "boo" out during Mass again stopping me lol.

We ran a few errands and then came back here since Kalila fell asleep and ended up heading over a little later than we'd planned. When she woke up, Kalila was all ready to go and then changed her mind. We had to bribe her with seeing the puppies to get her going lol.

And as soon as we got to Aunt Janelle's house Kalila did go straight for the dogs lol. Until she saw one of her cousins... They started playing right away & was just too cute. She went back and forth between her cousins and the animals... I think the cutest moment was when she hugged one of the bunnies. But the playing was pretty cute too... She scared me a couple times though. I was exhausted (sat down on the couch at one point and nearly crashed) and she kept getting out of sight. Once she opened the door and got outside (luckily there were people out there).. .She was going after a dog again lol. Another couple of times she just walked out of sight w/ cousins and I couldn't see her. The worst one was when she got upstairs... She'd been playing by Gido's feet and none of us saw her walk away... had to have gone right in front of us... made it up the stairs and was playing with the other kids again! She tried to pull that one again when Baba was changing her diaper... I ended up chasing her up the stairs w/ my heart in my throat the whole time. She also gave lots of kisses and was just being cute all day.

So yeah... It was fun. I'd write more but I'm exhausted and having trouble getting her down for bed.

MDA Memories

As you can probably guess I have the tv set to the MDA Telethon right now, and it'll be firmly planted there until it ends later today. I'm a bit surprised that Kalila's not fighting me on it lol, but thankfully she's not putting up a fuss. Has me in a bit of a mood (but I expected I would be today) and thinking back...

Just lots of memories, mostly good... and I thought I'd write a post w/ some of them, partly just because I'm in that mood & partly because I realized that I never have before... So here we go.

For some reason I have very few Telethon pics on disk... This was back in 03. I'm still shaking my head over my hair... as much as I like it curly, the blonde thing still gets me & I hate the way it looks here lol. I miss the contacts though. Yes, Betsy had purple hair here... I still smile when I see these pics and remember the jokes made about it. We were also celebrating Emily's bday here, hence the cake.

And I can't forget camp memories either... esp with all the little video's of it they've been showing on tv today.

I wish my printer was working because some of my fav pics are from 1999 (the first year I went) but I don't have them on disk (or can't find it if I do). I cheated and used my camera phone to get a few of them on here lol. Apologies for the quality...

There was a running joke started on the way over about aliens in the light bulbs.. Here's Betsy looking up at the "aliens"

Betsy hanging out w/ Dustin. We had some particularly funny memories w/ him.

Emily turned Tarzan

Betsy kept refusing dance requests and finally said she would dance w/ him if it rained... and then it did!

Dustin got her to dance too...

Signing a year book thing

Proof I exsisted lol. I am bad about taking pics of others and skipping out on ones of me... This first was of me & Bets obviously & the next was from one of the rookie things I went through that year. There's another of us at the pool that I really like, but is missing :-(

And then 2000. Another year of me avoiding the camera... I think this first pic is the best one I got. If you can't tell, I'm the one sitting in back with the pigtails.

Another year of rookie stunts... I was glad to be on the viewing end of it this time lol.

I have no idea what was going on here... but just looks funny.

I don't remember how the balloon hats happened, but this was at one of the dances (or before one).

Lake pictures... This was always a blast.

I need to get up and vacuum now that Kalila's (somewhat) gone down for a nap... but going through these have really made me smile. Has taken a little longer than I expected with Kalila running around making trouble lol, but I'm looking forward to sharing these w/ her later (both today & as she gets older).

Oh & I should be putting up another post soon about yesterday.. We had a ton of fun & lots of cute stories to share!

05 September, 2009


I know I've been bad about writing a real update. I've felt miserable lately and its been a chore to get anything done, even writing on here. I feel even worse about it because I know Kalila's noticed it...

Some things are cute, like her telling me to lay down yesterday & rubbing my head... but others like the night before just make me feel horrid. Baba was home and since I felt bad I asked him to do bedtime w/ her (usually happens on his days off anyway just so he can have that time w/ her too), but instead of staying out here until then I went and laid down in our room about 15 min before. Well time for bed came & he let her in our room while he got a diaper ready & when he did she told him that I was sad and crying. I wasn't.. and we told her that... but it made me want to cry that she thought it.

Anyways.. beyond that I have some really good news that I haven't shared yet.

Baba got "converted" at work. Confuses everyone we tell, but it means he's not a temp anymore and a lot of other good things for us... including insurance. Thankfully that hadn't been an issue for us really, but we do have appointments coming up & are very grateful to have it back. We were really looking forward to this happening, and knew it would... but is still a huge relief now that it has.

Beyond that... Labor Day weekend is here. I really am looking forward to visiting family tomorrow, but at the same time I wish this weekend would pass already. My side is all getting together in Balmorhea (there now) and for the 4th year in a row (and 4th in my life) I'm not there. Plus there's the whole Telethon thing this weekend... I know I'll get to see the local one, but I miss watching the one from back home (or better yet going) & seeing my friends. Bleh...

Anyways, looks like I've got a diaper to change, so that ends that lol.

03 September, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursday..

Seriously not sure I will ever do another one of these, but I thought it was cute and this weeks assignment is one I have NEVER posted on... How crazy is that?!?!


That's right, we use cloth wipes for Kalila too... Not only does it cut the cost of the disposable ones, but what's the point in buying something you throw away when you typically wrap up the wipes in the diaper and now you have two items going two different directions? It made no sense to us lol.

I'm gonna start off w/ those sposies we started with (you'll understand why later). Kalila had very sensitive skin and we tried several brands thanks to friends and family who left us well stocked. Unfortunately all but one brand left her screaming in pain... and that one brand was Pampers. Go figure she wanted the expensive stuff lol. But not just reg Pampers either... They had to be the sensitive ones for newborns. We ended up buying the things in bulk.

When we went to cloth we decided against buying extra wipes. Also thanks to family and friends we had a ton and a half of baby washcloths... and since we'd had blue and purple on our registry and someone gave us a ton of pink ones (lol I'd link the blog post on that here, but it was still on myspace at that point) it was easy to separate out what we were using on her during bath and for diapers. They work just fine... I am kinda thinking about getting some softer wipes for the next baby, but only because I'm afraid he or she might have that same problem she did & she still sometimes complains with these.

Anyways, what do we use to wet them?

I started out with a very simple solution... You squirt a little baby wash in a bottle, add another squirt of baby oil and then fill with water. Shake before use and pour on wipe. Later we added a little vinegar to the mix (I've thought about doing a drop of TTO in place of that, but haven't tried it) and started putting it in a spray bottle instead.

There is an easier way though... and one we use often. Grab wipe, turn on faucet, and wet with water. I'm serious it works lol.

And because she still complains about them being too rough sometimes, we've skipped wipes and showered her bottom in the bath quite a few times too
(makeshift bidet lol). Lately I've done that more often than not.

So that's my contribution to Fluff Talk Thursday lol. Like I said, not sure I'll continue this... I do think its cute, but... We'll see.

01 September, 2009

Singin' & Cleanin'

Our Princess

Kalila has turned into such a girl!!!