04 August, 2009

Time is Flying

There are quite a few things I could write about right now... but I'm tired and my eyes are going fuzzy (you'll see why in a moment) and I figured I would be nice and do something short.

Tía Sallie called earlier to ask about Kalila's sizes, colour preferences and all that for her birthday... Somewhere in that whole thing she made a comment about it being next month. Next month! I keep thinking about it like its two months away... because technically it is... but it really is next month. How crazy is that?

I still haven't made this week's trial cake (figure I'll do that tomorrow?) but that is set to go... The invitations were firmly in my head and only in my head... So I decided I really should start working on them. Note: I still haven't figured out the last nini (hense the big question mark) and I'm not thrilled with the way my front picture turned out. But its a start right?


Mama Kalila said...

note: I changed the front page already lol. Couldn't stand to leave the first attempt up