16 August, 2009

Pimp Your Stash

Just have to share because I am so excited about this. Diaper Discussions is doing this thing called Pimp Your Stash... basically weekly give-aways. Its just starting this week.... and with a diaper that I am particularly excited about. KnickerNappies came out with a one size diaper recently and they are giving one away this week!

I can't remember if I've posted about the one NickerNappie we have yet or not... But I absolutely love it. They have snaps, which is a huge plus for us... I like that I can repair the velcro on the other kinds, but snaps just hold up longer and don't need it. At least in my experience. Plus, like I mentioned last night... It is so much easier to get on Kalila. And... its cute!

Unfortunately its a sized diaper, so we didn't get one until Kalila could fit in a large and we knew it'd fit a good while... and found it on sale at that lol. As much as I liked it, didn't think it'd ever be a real option...

But now there's one sized ones! I love it... And would love to win one lol. But if I don't, I really wouldn't mind if one of my friends did either. So go check it out!


Steph said...

I'll check it out later today!