20 August, 2009

No Cry

We don't have a whole lot of parenting books here, but I'm sure you remember me mentioning we broke down and bought a sleep one awhile back. We ended up going with The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I can't remember what I wrote about it before, but I really did like the book for the most part. Some of the tips helped for the phase we were in (but we'd passed the time period it was mostly geared towards lol). I have recommended it a couple times anyway.

I didn't realize there was a whole line of them though... I saw the toddler book at Half Priced the other day (a few weeks ago really) and thought about picking it up/looking at it. I didn't, but several nights lately I've thought back to it lol.

Well, anyways, the other day I got something in an email about their website and other books (plural) so I headed over there to look at it a min ago. Was just good timing really. Apparently there's one called The No Cry Discipline Solution... out of curiousity (partly because no cry & discipline really doesn't seem to fit together lol) I looked at it and saw this in the myths section:

MYTH: Good parents don’t lose their patience and yell at their children.

TRUTH: Even the most peaceful easy-going parent loses patience and yells from time to time. No matter how much we love our children, they will try our patience, they will make mistakes, and they will make us mad. All children have their “naughty” moments. And, guess what? When children are “naughty”--- parents lose their patience and they YELL.

REALITY CHECK: Just like driving a car, mastering a computer program, or becoming skilled at any sport or hobby – good parenting is something we need to learn. You can learn by trial-and-error – but that can be wildly frustrating. Instead, take a class, read a book, join a support group – you’ll be amazed to find that a few good tips can make your life much easier.

Seriously, what timing... I've felt horrible for this very thing the past few days because I haven't been feeling well & Kalila's well into terrible two's and been pushing things lately.

Beyond that I've seen some good advice on there... I know its good advice because I've heard it a million times from other sources lol. Things I've heard from other mom's and stuff.

Anyone read any of these books? Opinions? I'm not planning to go out and get them (at least not yet lol) but I am curious now.


Steph said...

I haven't read any of them. But the reality check sounds a lot like what I think we've both said before. We make mistakes, lose patience, yell from time to time (ok, so maybe even more often than that), and even punish when we're angry. But even if we do those things, it doesn't make us bad parents -- it makes us human parents that can only pick themselves up, stop beating themselves up, and work to do better next time. :)

I'm sorry things have been rough recently -- the terrible 2's (and apparently the HORRIBLE 3's) are not fun. But they do some of the most adorable things during this age too! :D

Remember, you ARE a good mommy. :) And Kalila loves you very very very much.

Christy said...

I've only read the No Cry Sleep Solutions book, which was okay. It sounded better on paper than it was in practice.

However, I agree with the passage. Everyone yells. I feel guilty for yelling too, but sometimes you just have to.

Anonymous said...

Steph - Yeah it does... Doesn't hurt to hear it again sometimes though & this was when I needed it lol.

Things really are ok, Kalila's actually... ok no she's got her moments but I think I'm over reacting due to "outside factors" lol.


Christy - That's the only one I've really read too... and I liked parts of it and didn't like others (even on paper). I'm sorry, I'm not waiting outside her door and knitting until the second she cries... She will be fine in the time it takes to get across our apartment lol.

But yeah, that's why I always give the disclaimer... I think you can get some good ideas from it, is def worth trying & if they work great (a few of them did for us) and if not.. life goes on & we try something new.

I really am curious about this second (or whatever number it is) book though because all the excerpts were like this one. Maybe I'll find it at a library lol. Not too worried about it though, I know we're doing just fine - extra yelling lately or not lol.