03 August, 2009

MPM 3 Aug - 9 Aug

I have a couple of repeats from last week for various reasons. I forgot to put one cooking in the cp early enough lol... and last night we just didn't feel like cooking. Since we've been very good about not eating out, we went to Cici's and had pizza. Kalila was thrilled... Unfortunately she got a brownie too. I can't even begin to describe her reaction to it. It was stinking halarious and more than a bit cute. I'm just glad she wasn't hard to get down to sleep afterwards.

When we did stick to it, everything turned out well. Well, other than the mishaps lol. The cookies... I just have to say those were wonderful. Definately a recipe to keep. I'd make em again this week, but I have to start testing cakes for someone's birthday!

As for this week... I'm sure you can't tell at all what kind of mood I'm in lol. I'm really looking forward to it. I had to bribe Baba w/ TZ stew in order to get my Ugali... but that's ok. Is one of my favourite things to make anyway, so its not like its a sacrifice or anything!

Quick question for fellow menu planners... Do you stick to a schedule on this day is this meat or? I keep trying to do that and failing. We're doing more chicken, one to two veggie meals, and down to one or two redmeat meals, plus/or one or two of fish (depending what kinds we have). This week it was accidently thawing something we don't have a major ingredient for, so it got put tomorrow when it'd work best today but if I hadn't been so spacy lately I could have easily done it later in the week. Oh well.

Anyways, here it is:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner -
Chicken w/ Bulgur (new/untried recipe)
Breakfast - Cherry Muffins
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner -
Roast w/Gravy and Green Beans
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers

Dinner - Chicken Kafta and Salad

Breakfast - Mandazi
Lunch - Tanzanian Stew (Goat) & Ugali
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Lentil & Rice Pilaf (CB - TLC pg 83)
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Chips Mayai
Lunch - Grilled Alaskan Salmon Burgers
Dinner - Leftovers or Turkey Sandwiches

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner -
Chicken & Green Bean Alfredo Pasta w/ Garlic Bread.
Weeks Desert -
Whole Wheat Apple Cake

Snacks -
Cheddar Cheese
Peanut or Sun Butter


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