15 August, 2009

Joys of Toddlerhood

I've been wanting to write a real post for days, but can't seem to get my brain going enough to do it lol. So instead let me share a few things that have happened lately.

Kalila... I love her.

The past week or so she's been waking up at night and not wanting to go back to sleep. Most nights she ends up in bed with us and nursing all night. I think its the teething, but whatever it is - is getting old. I'm perfectly content to let her self wean.. but the night thing has got to stop! I've gotten to where I'm telling her that they're sleeping lol. She's not enthused.

Last night however... a whole different situation. Not only did she refuse to go to bed the first time, but she refused to get ready for bed. Not the little attempts to delay it that have happened before, but threw a big huge screaming fit over putting on a diaper at all. I couldn't get it on her for anything... I had to walk away several times to cool down, wasn't easy since she followed me screaming each time. I had a horrible headache by the end of it. Took over an hour before I gave up, let her nurse and she fell asleep on me buck naked. I was so afraid of waking her that I turned off the air and covered her w/ a good blanket and let her sleep that way until Baba came home. Thankfully when she woke up she let us dress her easily and even went back to sleep in her room. She did come to our room later on, but there was enough of a break that I wasn't pulling my hair out like I was the past few days before that. Left me wondering which was worse though lol.

Tonight.. Not bragging here because I don't want her to wake up in a sec screaming her head off lol.. plus the night is just beginning anyway. But tonight she went down pretty easily. Of course I had the happy diaper clean (the knickernappie, so much easier to put on her at night.. she never fights that one) so that helped.

Not everything or every day is crazy tantrums and stuff of course...

Today she helped me unload the dishes and was so excited about it. By the end she was jumping up and down and grabbing them almost faster than I could take them lol.

She's learned how to say "Your welcome" and is happy to tell you it if you tell her thankyou.

I randomly catch her counting things still... Still out of order, like starting with 5 or 7 lol. Thankfully she's doing better at saying "14" - for awhile it sounded like she was saying "fucking" when she tried lol.

Kalila has become obsessed with chocolate. Somehow she knows what's in the wrapper and will say chocolate as soon as she sees one... and repeat it until you give her a bite (0r throw a fit if you don't). She also likes to steal my dark chocolate granola. Today she managed to get it out of the kitchen and into it before I even knew what she was doing!

I've also noticed that she's picking up on feelings more lately... or understanding what they are. Before she used to laugh if she saw me crying (which was kinda good cause it'd make me laugh) but now she gets a sad look on her face and says sorry. Same with if she knows or thinks she's hurt someone. I overheard her apologizing to Mumble yesterday and tell her she loves her.

Speaking of.. she's saying "I love you" so much more lately. My favourite is hearing her say it to Baba on her own as he's leaving for work.

Today she had a blast dancing w/ me. Wouldn't let me sit back down for anything.. Really wore me out, but it was really cute & a lot of fun.

She's not just in the naked stage, but in the "no" stage as well. Sometimes its almost cute and we have to bite back smiles/laughing... but still. Uggh. LOL Of course the upside is that we can tell her not to do something that we want her to do when she's in one of her moods and about half the time it works.

Back to the feelings thing, of sorts, when she's in one of those moods or throwing a fit... She does not want her picture taken at all. Like she knows what she's doing... Last night I got one w/ the phone to send to Baba and she tried to push it away so I couldn't get it lol.

Yesterday I was wearing one of Baba's shirts and she pointed out two letters (correctly) on it. W and S. Was the first time she's done that w/ either of those... W is "double" though lol. After that she said double for N and then started randomly saying X, Y, Z over and over while she pointed at different spots lol. Since the Muppets video thing, those three letters have become her favourites.

I absolutely love her giggling fits. Especially when she snorts. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it just cracks me up!

Baba has become even more of a playground. She climbs up on him and jumps off. Jumping is a favourite activity actually, whether its off of him or not. Today I caught her saying "ouchie" everytime her little butt hit the floor (she plops down on it) but wouldn't stop.

Oh and I have to mention this because it was just too cute. She gave Baba a back massage the other day. I was rubbing his back and she joined me... was just lightly rubbign her hands like we would expect.. and then she started digging in with her fingers and really giving a back rub. So cute! She's given me the light ones a few times too. I love it.

I guess I'm gonna end this there lol. As you can see, for the most part I am loving this stage... I probably should have written this last night though lol. I needed reminding :-D


Julie said...

Very sweet! Thanks for sharing. They grow so fast and time passes in the blink of an eye. Luckily you'll have this Blog to help you remember all the little things. :)

Steph said...

Awww .... so cute!

We have those fits you talk about with Kairi. But on a daily basis.

So big about helping unload the dishwasher!

I think Kairi discovered chocolate about that age. Alex knows that it's good, but doesn't say it or insist on it. LOL ... but at about 20-21 months or so Kairi knew when it was in the room and would start demanding it. So cute and annoying at the exact same time. LOL

And Alex is saying no constantly too. After a while it gets a little old! It never really bothered me with him until he started saying it in a mean voice, and suddenly I'm not finding tolerance for his no's. LOL I guess that that's just one more thing to work on....