19 August, 2009

Growing Up

The past couple mornings we've had big surprises from Kalila....

There are no pictures of today's. Honestly I'm kinda glad it wasn't anything we could get pics of lol. Apparently she's learned how to open her door because she got herself out of bed and came to our room! On top of that, she told us "diaper wet" several times before she grabbed Baba's hand and showed him... In our defense, we were half asleep and thought she was saying "Dora Boots" like she normally does lol.

Yesterday wasn't so pleasant. We had spent some time colouring the night before and apparently she squirrled away part of a black crayon. Can you see where this is going? Yup... She snuck out of our bed and ate the thing... coloured all over her face, the floor and by the tv in the process... Then she climbed back in bed with us and got it all over me. I woke up to this:

I guess I'll share some cute pictures in this too. We got these on Sunday & I just love em. We've gotten to the point we just about have to pull her hair back, it keeps getting in her eyes. Thankfully she's stopped pulling it out when we do... It is cute to see her sweep it aside though lol.


Steph said...

Very cute! She really is adorable. :)

We have coloring on self incidents more often than I'd like to admit. LOL ... But really, I consider it a part of exploring and don't worry about it too much. Although, when it gets on my wall I get frustrated and make them help me clean.

I have to keep Kairi's hair up most of the time or else it ends up in her food. And since I hate daily baths, that presents a problem. LOL

Anonymous said...

:-D Yeah, it really isn't that bad... Now the fact that she got it all over my chest (I woke up to that nursing on me) was the part that got me the most lol. I make her clean the walls too, but thankfully she has only done that once.

We almost have to do daily baths here... Not even kidding. I wish we could go longer, but... rarely happens.