13 August, 2009

Fun Days

It has been a great past couple days...

Yesterday we had a few things to celebrate... The biggest being that we're finally caught up. I know I haven't gone into much detail but I did mention at one point (I'm pretty sure) that we knew this summer would be tight... Unfortunately a couple things happened unexpectedly and made it a little tighter than we expected. Was rough but (surprisingly) I really did enjoy finding new ways to save, esp some of the recipes and stuff like that.
And we knew it would come to an end - even around what week it would. By last week we knew it would be this one... but when it happened... Much rejoicing lol.

So we decided that we needed to have a small celebration.

We went out to this little restaurant on the south side (Mama Lee's Soul Food) and had a wonderful lunch...
Apparently someone Baba works with goes there a lot and brings in food... so he's been wanting to try it for months. I'm so glad we did. Seriously the best fried chicken I've ever had... and the collard greens......... Ok I have to say I was bad.. They had bacon in them, and you know me - I won't even eat something cooked with it, but I had Baba pick it out and didn't care if those greens touched it! That good. Seriously. Kalila loved the mac & cheese.. and was so proud to eat her first whole chicken leg. On top of all that, they have great prices and they were very nice. The owner sat out there and talked to us and the other customers the whole time. Definately a place to go back too...

From there we went to the Childrens Museum... Kalila had a ball. Literally.

Yeah, that was at the front & I couldn't get her changed and back there fast enough lol. They had these little slots where you stick the balls in and they float up to this machine and then after a certain period it dumps them all back on the kids. Lots of squealing and everything. I think I even got a video or two!

We didn't make it through every section, but I did get pictures of every one we made it too lol.

Baba found the bubble section and knew Kalila would love it... Before we let her play with them they built a little track in this tub thing and raced a duck/boat thing down it... I think she just liked having her hands in the water though lol.

Actually playing in the tub of bubbles was a lot more fun for her (and me lol). The wands were shaped like animals and were just fun. Another area in there had a huge wand that you can stand in.. We got her in there for a few seconds.

I'm really surprised she didn't want to see the fish more, but when she found the little sitting area behind them she loved it.

The airplane was just too cute.. My little pilot.

Poor thing took a tumble out of the control center just seconds after I took this pic. Thankfully she wasn't hurt and didn't even cry or anything.

Of course she had to drive the little train too.

And rode in a boat.

We had this reading room to ourselves. Baba and I enjoyed sitting and talking for a few minutes while Kalila played tea party by herself and then decided to help out and pick up the blocks and put them away.

Several little areas had blocks and mirrors, are she just had to go to each of them...

We went downstairs and found a kids grocery store. Kalila grabbed a cart and went straight for a carrot. I really liked that section though, too cute. Had lots of signs talking about organic and local foods.

Baba could prob tell you about this one better than me... But it puts you on stage and I managed to get a family pic of us on tv lol.

More odds and ends. They were making some turney things on the table.

Kalila found a resting spot.

And of course... She had to go straight back to the balls before we left! I was so proud though, she figured out how to make one go up and just the look on her face while she watched it go. Precious.

Now here... Here you can see a little girl throwing a fit and refusing to leave. Why? She wanted to stay and play with the "baby balls" lol. We finally bribed her with chocolate... which she didn't actually end up getting until this morning when she stole it out of my dark chocolate granola cereal.

Now this was supposed to be where the post ended... but I got invited to go to Landa park with family... Now I think, am pretty sure, I saw my aunt & uncle when we went to visit Babu last November... but my cousins... has been forever. I hadn't met two of the little ones yet.

I fully meant to take pics... took both my camera & my phone... but no.

For one thing Kalila threw a fit in the bathroom when we got there. Did not want to put a diaper back on and just did not understand why little girls cannot go running around naked in public. Then when we went to go swimming she didn't want back in the carseat. It was awful... I felt so bad for holding people up.. But after that Kalila did really good. She loved her little cousins. Loved the water. Didn't want to leave lol. Thankfully having two little ones in the car w/ us helped her stay calm on the way back and very distracted lol.

I can't believe how long this took me to get finished lol. I am off now!


Angela said...

Aww sounds like such fun! I like that little kids grocery store...wish we had something like that here. We have a hands on museum for kids but it focuses more on body and health.

babyyahyah said...

lookslike a fun place