28 August, 2009


I've had a lot of weird ones lately... more than normal and I normally have some weird dreams. I'm pretty sure I know why I am, but that's beside the point... I can't really remember them all either... but that's ok because its really the ones from the night before last that I want to write about...

It started out me visiting Babu and finding out that Grandma was pregnant w/ a little boy... I was excited for them, but weirded out about having another brother and one that's younger than my daughter. After awhile I guess my friends picked me up... I don't remember how many of us were on the trip or who the other people were. I just remember Betsy.. and that she was walking? She never said anything until we got to Nana's house in FS and I went to say bye to her... She was crying and begging me to call her. I remember hugging her, feeling horrible and promising I would.. and then we went to the shed in the back where my aunt was showing me my things (Kalila's crib and some toys, only they weren't really the ones we have) stored in there and someone had left the place open so birds had gotten in and shit on everything... She was cleaning it out and tried to say that some of the shit was baby shit and not bird shit.... I swore up and down that I had not stored stuff w/ baby shit in the shed. (as I think that's officially the most I've ever said that word in a post lol... sorry for those of you who don't care for the word, but... I don't feel like editing today). From there it jumped to some weird house I've never seen and I was sitting there talking to my MIL and eating plain cheerios (blech) while Baba was outside doing something or another... and after talking to her I passed out in my dream and woke up for real.

Seriously weird dream... and it left me feeling off the rest of the day.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I always have weird dreams when I am prego!

LOVE the new layout. :)

babyyahyah said...

hmmm yeah are you are pregnant?

I have weird dreams almost constantly though for me even when i am NOT pregnant. i think ist all the stress of all my kids..LOL. I love them but they stress me out.

I was going to write my weird dream out yesterday but i feared ppl would think I am psycho and start to get scared of seriously my dreams are always very bizarre and often religiously based which makes it even weirder. I also dream about my childhood home all the time. every time i dream i am at a home its that home and i movs away from there 20+ years ago