31 August, 2009

A Solution

Have I mentioned our little big problem with crayons?

Not only is Kalila colouring all over herself...

And other random things around the house...

She's eating the freakin' things!!!!

We try to keep them put up... I watch her like a hawk when she's using them... and still she ends up finding ways to work the things into her diet. And while they may be non-toxic... They make her sick every time! As gross as it is, I wouldn't mind colourful diapers that much if they weren't the nastiest diapers I've ever seen and if they didn't cause the worst rashes I've ever seen.

Well we've been looking into alternatives because its gotten to the point that I dont want her near them, but I do want her to colour... She loves the activity and I know its good for her.

Someone brought up washable markers. Someone else the crayons that you can screw and unscrew (I cant think of what they're called). And someone else mentioned the markers that only colour on special paper... All good ideas and we've looked into all of them.

The markers seemed the best bet at first because they're decently priced... and I know I can clean up her mess... but I dread the mess they'll make lol.

The crayons... I'm still half afraid she'll figure out a way to eat them lol... I need to look at them more.

The special markers also seem great... only the cheapest I've seen the set is $10 and while that's not a lot... its still a lot more than the other options. I've been keeping an eye out for a good deal on them though. The other issue I have is while they wont show on other materials... are they still leaving something on there?

All a moot point now though...

One of Kalila's cousins (well Baba's really, but still lol) gave her a bunch of hand me down toys yesterday... One of which being a magna doodle. Seriously we hadn't even thought of those... Baba was so excited when he saw it lol. And Kalila's over the moon with it. So grateful for that toy... She's been drawing on all day (and part of last night) and so happy about it. And of course... No mess at all and nothing she can eat!

29 August, 2009

Latest Video

I really don't feel like typing up anything, so just gonna share the latest video we got here... Is kinda slow at first but I love it cause she named her clouded leopard (Baby Jaguar) in it for the first time and showed off a little bit at the end... Excuse the mess, she's been pulling all her stuff out lately lol.

28 August, 2009


I've had a lot of weird ones lately... more than normal and I normally have some weird dreams. I'm pretty sure I know why I am, but that's beside the point... I can't really remember them all either... but that's ok because its really the ones from the night before last that I want to write about...

It started out me visiting Babu and finding out that Grandma was pregnant w/ a little boy... I was excited for them, but weirded out about having another brother and one that's younger than my daughter. After awhile I guess my friends picked me up... I don't remember how many of us were on the trip or who the other people were. I just remember Betsy.. and that she was walking? She never said anything until we got to Nana's house in FS and I went to say bye to her... She was crying and begging me to call her. I remember hugging her, feeling horrible and promising I would.. and then we went to the shed in the back where my aunt was showing me my things (Kalila's crib and some toys, only they weren't really the ones we have) stored in there and someone had left the place open so birds had gotten in and shit on everything... She was cleaning it out and tried to say that some of the shit was baby shit and not bird shit.... I swore up and down that I had not stored stuff w/ baby shit in the shed. (as I think that's officially the most I've ever said that word in a post lol... sorry for those of you who don't care for the word, but... I don't feel like editing today). From there it jumped to some weird house I've never seen and I was sitting there talking to my MIL and eating plain cheerios (blech) while Baba was outside doing something or another... and after talking to her I passed out in my dream and woke up for real.

Seriously weird dream... and it left me feeling off the rest of the day.

27 August, 2009

Short & Sweet

Baba started school today... Yes I lied the other day. I really thought he started Tues. Oops.

He also got my paperwork printed out... So I'm on my way to the WAHM job I've either mentioned or haven't - I can't really remember. So now I just need to get everything sent in now. Still really excited about it.

Read a post earlier today that really got to me. Not going to go into detail because I really can't anymore than she has. So drop by Coolred's Rant if you get a chance. Thanks!

Before I go, pic from earlier today... Kalila skipped her nap & crashed w/ Baba when he got home lol. So sweet!

22 August, 2009

Loads of Little Things...

I think most of these have ended up being FB status' lol... but I know Baba wanted me to share em on here & they are cute so here we go...

The other day Kalila was eating chocolate gram crackers... The little bears. She went up and asked Baba for more when he realized she was just eating the heads off & leaving the rest!

The same day we watched Kung Fu Panda and she started jumping around saying "Hai ya!" Too cute...

This morning Kimosimi sneezed (poor thing has a cold) and Kalila told him "bless you!". Since then she's done it anytime anyone sneezes & is just adorable to hear in her little voice.

Her little friend next door gave her a pair of sunglasses. They're glittery and pink and she's in love with them... Unfortunately she wants me & Baba to wear them too and doesn't understand that they won't fit lol.

The other day she got in a fight w/ me over Baba... I was hugging him & she pushed me off saying "My Baba!". Of course I had to repeat the statement (I'm mean I know) and we argued back and forth for a few minutes before she pushed me away again, hugged him & said "I love you Baba."

I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember now lol.

As for the rest of us here...

Baba starts school on Tuesday.

And me... I should have two bigger posts coming soon. One being on a WAHM job that I'm starting soon. I need to get the paperwork filled out and sent in before I really go into details, but very excited about it.

Before I go... A few pics from yesterday. Kalila was giving Mumble some (unwanted) love. Too cute.. But I felt so bad for Mumble lol.

20 August, 2009

No Cry

We don't have a whole lot of parenting books here, but I'm sure you remember me mentioning we broke down and bought a sleep one awhile back. We ended up going with The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I can't remember what I wrote about it before, but I really did like the book for the most part. Some of the tips helped for the phase we were in (but we'd passed the time period it was mostly geared towards lol). I have recommended it a couple times anyway.

I didn't realize there was a whole line of them though... I saw the toddler book at Half Priced the other day (a few weeks ago really) and thought about picking it up/looking at it. I didn't, but several nights lately I've thought back to it lol.

Well, anyways, the other day I got something in an email about their website and other books (plural) so I headed over there to look at it a min ago. Was just good timing really. Apparently there's one called The No Cry Discipline Solution... out of curiousity (partly because no cry & discipline really doesn't seem to fit together lol) I looked at it and saw this in the myths section:

MYTH: Good parents don’t lose their patience and yell at their children.

TRUTH: Even the most peaceful easy-going parent loses patience and yells from time to time. No matter how much we love our children, they will try our patience, they will make mistakes, and they will make us mad. All children have their “naughty” moments. And, guess what? When children are “naughty”--- parents lose their patience and they YELL.

REALITY CHECK: Just like driving a car, mastering a computer program, or becoming skilled at any sport or hobby – good parenting is something we need to learn. You can learn by trial-and-error – but that can be wildly frustrating. Instead, take a class, read a book, join a support group – you’ll be amazed to find that a few good tips can make your life much easier.

Seriously, what timing... I've felt horrible for this very thing the past few days because I haven't been feeling well & Kalila's well into terrible two's and been pushing things lately.

Beyond that I've seen some good advice on there... I know its good advice because I've heard it a million times from other sources lol. Things I've heard from other mom's and stuff.

Anyone read any of these books? Opinions? I'm not planning to go out and get them (at least not yet lol) but I am curious now.

19 August, 2009

Growing Up

The past couple mornings we've had big surprises from Kalila....

There are no pictures of today's. Honestly I'm kinda glad it wasn't anything we could get pics of lol. Apparently she's learned how to open her door because she got herself out of bed and came to our room! On top of that, she told us "diaper wet" several times before she grabbed Baba's hand and showed him... In our defense, we were half asleep and thought she was saying "Dora Boots" like she normally does lol.

Yesterday wasn't so pleasant. We had spent some time colouring the night before and apparently she squirrled away part of a black crayon. Can you see where this is going? Yup... She snuck out of our bed and ate the thing... coloured all over her face, the floor and by the tv in the process... Then she climbed back in bed with us and got it all over me. I woke up to this:

I guess I'll share some cute pictures in this too. We got these on Sunday & I just love em. We've gotten to the point we just about have to pull her hair back, it keeps getting in her eyes. Thankfully she's stopped pulling it out when we do... It is cute to see her sweep it aside though lol.

17 August, 2009

MPM 17 Aug - 23 Aug

I'm determined to do those burgers and stew lol... We stuck to the menu pretty well last week though (a few detours). Trying to go the easy route this week, we'll see.

Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
Lunch - Bubble & Squeak
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch -
CP Chicken Adobo w/ Rice and Green Beans
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Fruit & Yogurt
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner -
Tanzanian Stew (Goat) & Ugali
Breakfast - Fruit & Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Pasta & Stuff

Breakfast - Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Grilled Alaskan Salmon Burgers
Dinner - Leftovers or Turkey Sandwiches

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner -

Weeks Desert - Banana Strawberry Yogurt Cake (minus the coconut and odd frostings)

Snacks -
Cheddar Cheese
Peanut or Sun Butter

16 August, 2009

Pimp Your Stash

Just have to share because I am so excited about this. Diaper Discussions is doing this thing called Pimp Your Stash... basically weekly give-aways. Its just starting this week.... and with a diaper that I am particularly excited about. KnickerNappies came out with a one size diaper recently and they are giving one away this week!

I can't remember if I've posted about the one NickerNappie we have yet or not... But I absolutely love it. They have snaps, which is a huge plus for us... I like that I can repair the velcro on the other kinds, but snaps just hold up longer and don't need it. At least in my experience. Plus, like I mentioned last night... It is so much easier to get on Kalila. And... its cute!

Unfortunately its a sized diaper, so we didn't get one until Kalila could fit in a large and we knew it'd fit a good while... and found it on sale at that lol. As much as I liked it, didn't think it'd ever be a real option...

But now there's one sized ones! I love it... And would love to win one lol. But if I don't, I really wouldn't mind if one of my friends did either. So go check it out!

15 August, 2009

Joys of Toddlerhood

I've been wanting to write a real post for days, but can't seem to get my brain going enough to do it lol. So instead let me share a few things that have happened lately.

Kalila... I love her.

The past week or so she's been waking up at night and not wanting to go back to sleep. Most nights she ends up in bed with us and nursing all night. I think its the teething, but whatever it is - is getting old. I'm perfectly content to let her self wean.. but the night thing has got to stop! I've gotten to where I'm telling her that they're sleeping lol. She's not enthused.

Last night however... a whole different situation. Not only did she refuse to go to bed the first time, but she refused to get ready for bed. Not the little attempts to delay it that have happened before, but threw a big huge screaming fit over putting on a diaper at all. I couldn't get it on her for anything... I had to walk away several times to cool down, wasn't easy since she followed me screaming each time. I had a horrible headache by the end of it. Took over an hour before I gave up, let her nurse and she fell asleep on me buck naked. I was so afraid of waking her that I turned off the air and covered her w/ a good blanket and let her sleep that way until Baba came home. Thankfully when she woke up she let us dress her easily and even went back to sleep in her room. She did come to our room later on, but there was enough of a break that I wasn't pulling my hair out like I was the past few days before that. Left me wondering which was worse though lol.

Tonight.. Not bragging here because I don't want her to wake up in a sec screaming her head off lol.. plus the night is just beginning anyway. But tonight she went down pretty easily. Of course I had the happy diaper clean (the knickernappie, so much easier to put on her at night.. she never fights that one) so that helped.

Not everything or every day is crazy tantrums and stuff of course...

Today she helped me unload the dishes and was so excited about it. By the end she was jumping up and down and grabbing them almost faster than I could take them lol.

She's learned how to say "Your welcome" and is happy to tell you it if you tell her thankyou.

I randomly catch her counting things still... Still out of order, like starting with 5 or 7 lol. Thankfully she's doing better at saying "14" - for awhile it sounded like she was saying "fucking" when she tried lol.

Kalila has become obsessed with chocolate. Somehow she knows what's in the wrapper and will say chocolate as soon as she sees one... and repeat it until you give her a bite (0r throw a fit if you don't). She also likes to steal my dark chocolate granola. Today she managed to get it out of the kitchen and into it before I even knew what she was doing!

I've also noticed that she's picking up on feelings more lately... or understanding what they are. Before she used to laugh if she saw me crying (which was kinda good cause it'd make me laugh) but now she gets a sad look on her face and says sorry. Same with if she knows or thinks she's hurt someone. I overheard her apologizing to Mumble yesterday and tell her she loves her.

Speaking of.. she's saying "I love you" so much more lately. My favourite is hearing her say it to Baba on her own as he's leaving for work.

Today she had a blast dancing w/ me. Wouldn't let me sit back down for anything.. Really wore me out, but it was really cute & a lot of fun.

She's not just in the naked stage, but in the "no" stage as well. Sometimes its almost cute and we have to bite back smiles/laughing... but still. Uggh. LOL Of course the upside is that we can tell her not to do something that we want her to do when she's in one of her moods and about half the time it works.

Back to the feelings thing, of sorts, when she's in one of those moods or throwing a fit... She does not want her picture taken at all. Like she knows what she's doing... Last night I got one w/ the phone to send to Baba and she tried to push it away so I couldn't get it lol.

Yesterday I was wearing one of Baba's shirts and she pointed out two letters (correctly) on it. W and S. Was the first time she's done that w/ either of those... W is "double" though lol. After that she said double for N and then started randomly saying X, Y, Z over and over while she pointed at different spots lol. Since the Muppets video thing, those three letters have become her favourites.

I absolutely love her giggling fits. Especially when she snorts. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it just cracks me up!

Baba has become even more of a playground. She climbs up on him and jumps off. Jumping is a favourite activity actually, whether its off of him or not. Today I caught her saying "ouchie" everytime her little butt hit the floor (she plops down on it) but wouldn't stop.

Oh and I have to mention this because it was just too cute. She gave Baba a back massage the other day. I was rubbing his back and she joined me... was just lightly rubbign her hands like we would expect.. and then she started digging in with her fingers and really giving a back rub. So cute! She's given me the light ones a few times too. I love it.

I guess I'm gonna end this there lol. As you can see, for the most part I am loving this stage... I probably should have written this last night though lol. I needed reminding :-D

13 August, 2009

Fun Days

It has been a great past couple days...

Yesterday we had a few things to celebrate... The biggest being that we're finally caught up. I know I haven't gone into much detail but I did mention at one point (I'm pretty sure) that we knew this summer would be tight... Unfortunately a couple things happened unexpectedly and made it a little tighter than we expected. Was rough but (surprisingly) I really did enjoy finding new ways to save, esp some of the recipes and stuff like that.
And we knew it would come to an end - even around what week it would. By last week we knew it would be this one... but when it happened... Much rejoicing lol.

So we decided that we needed to have a small celebration.

We went out to this little restaurant on the south side (Mama Lee's Soul Food) and had a wonderful lunch...
Apparently someone Baba works with goes there a lot and brings in food... so he's been wanting to try it for months. I'm so glad we did. Seriously the best fried chicken I've ever had... and the collard greens......... Ok I have to say I was bad.. They had bacon in them, and you know me - I won't even eat something cooked with it, but I had Baba pick it out and didn't care if those greens touched it! That good. Seriously. Kalila loved the mac & cheese.. and was so proud to eat her first whole chicken leg. On top of all that, they have great prices and they were very nice. The owner sat out there and talked to us and the other customers the whole time. Definately a place to go back too...

From there we went to the Childrens Museum... Kalila had a ball. Literally.

Yeah, that was at the front & I couldn't get her changed and back there fast enough lol. They had these little slots where you stick the balls in and they float up to this machine and then after a certain period it dumps them all back on the kids. Lots of squealing and everything. I think I even got a video or two!

We didn't make it through every section, but I did get pictures of every one we made it too lol.

Baba found the bubble section and knew Kalila would love it... Before we let her play with them they built a little track in this tub thing and raced a duck/boat thing down it... I think she just liked having her hands in the water though lol.

Actually playing in the tub of bubbles was a lot more fun for her (and me lol). The wands were shaped like animals and were just fun. Another area in there had a huge wand that you can stand in.. We got her in there for a few seconds.

I'm really surprised she didn't want to see the fish more, but when she found the little sitting area behind them she loved it.

The airplane was just too cute.. My little pilot.

Poor thing took a tumble out of the control center just seconds after I took this pic. Thankfully she wasn't hurt and didn't even cry or anything.

Of course she had to drive the little train too.

And rode in a boat.

We had this reading room to ourselves. Baba and I enjoyed sitting and talking for a few minutes while Kalila played tea party by herself and then decided to help out and pick up the blocks and put them away.

Several little areas had blocks and mirrors, are she just had to go to each of them...

We went downstairs and found a kids grocery store. Kalila grabbed a cart and went straight for a carrot. I really liked that section though, too cute. Had lots of signs talking about organic and local foods.

Baba could prob tell you about this one better than me... But it puts you on stage and I managed to get a family pic of us on tv lol.

More odds and ends. They were making some turney things on the table.

Kalila found a resting spot.

And of course... She had to go straight back to the balls before we left! I was so proud though, she figured out how to make one go up and just the look on her face while she watched it go. Precious.

Now here... Here you can see a little girl throwing a fit and refusing to leave. Why? She wanted to stay and play with the "baby balls" lol. We finally bribed her with chocolate... which she didn't actually end up getting until this morning when she stole it out of my dark chocolate granola cereal.

Now this was supposed to be where the post ended... but I got invited to go to Landa park with family... Now I think, am pretty sure, I saw my aunt & uncle when we went to visit Babu last November... but my cousins... has been forever. I hadn't met two of the little ones yet.

I fully meant to take pics... took both my camera & my phone... but no.

For one thing Kalila threw a fit in the bathroom when we got there. Did not want to put a diaper back on and just did not understand why little girls cannot go running around naked in public. Then when we went to go swimming she didn't want back in the carseat. It was awful... I felt so bad for holding people up.. But after that Kalila did really good. She loved her little cousins. Loved the water. Didn't want to leave lol. Thankfully having two little ones in the car w/ us helped her stay calm on the way back and very distracted lol.

I can't believe how long this took me to get finished lol. I am off now!