31 July, 2009

What A Mess!!!

Seriously... Our living room is a horrid mess right now. But there's good reason and nothing I can do about it until... tomorrow? I don't know, but I'll be glad when its gone. Basically Gido is having a yard sale and we're sending stuff over there... which means pulling it out and going through it. We did a lot last night, and everything that's going is sitting on one side of the living room.

Beyond that...

Yesterday, while we were out running errands, we decided to make a stop by the pet store. Thankfully Squee was not there (has been adopted!) because we would have been greatly tempted (is prob why we've stayed away so long)... But we ended up leaving with the same feeling as last time anyway. Only it was a puppy. They had puppies this time. But let me tell you what happened...

We walked over and saw said puppies... and the one closest to us was a little 7 week old Lab Retriever, exactly what we want when we do get one. Kalila went nuts. There was squealing, jumping, yelling, etc. She ran straight to him and just went nuts. And he... His little tail was wagging up a storm and he kept running up to her and trying to lick her through the cage. It was adorable! And then she went to look at the others, one had worms and wasn't feeling well so he stayed curled up... But the last cage had two, one being a chihuahua mix... and as soon as she walked over they started barking really loud and hitting the cage. Kalila jumped back and got this really frightened look on her face. For a couple seconds I saw her standing there like she was really afraid, but before I could say/do anything that fear on her face turned to this mad, what do you think you're doing/are look.. and then she started barking back at them! It was awesome! And then she went back to the sweet puppy and played with him some more... Finally we had to drag ourselves away and look at the other animals (Kalila said ferret!!!) and then leave w/out him. So can't wait until we have a yard...

Going back to those errands... We had to buy Kalila new shoes! I'm not even kidding she's measuring (and would be wearing if we bought any pair but the ones we did) a 7! Now, the ones we got her are a 6... they must run large because not only did she measure 7, but the other shoes she tried on fit in that size. She really likes these though, they're black and purple lol.

What really gets me is that she went into a size 4 right around her birthday last year. We haven't even made it to the second one now...

I can't even begin to tell you about all the new things she's doing/saying lately. It's been crazy.

Right now she's playing in her room w/ the Elmo's Restraunt toy... or she was, now she's "driving" a toy truck around saying "vroom vroom" and asking for Dora (again).

I caught her w/ a finished puzzle yesterday. We've worked on it before (many many times), but it was cute to see that she'd done w/out me knowing.

She's become obsessed with that youtube alphabet video I shared the other day. Repeatedly asks for "frogs".

Yesterday she climbed into my seat in the truck (as if we'd let her stay there lol) and put her sippy in the cup-holder. Thankfully she didn't fight too badly when we put her in her seat lol.

She's gotten into the "my mommy" and "my baba" stage... Which we just love lol.

She follows the cats around w/ their (full) food dish. Yesterday we caught her trying to spoon feed it to Kimosimi.

She tried to say accidently too. She told us "axitly broke it" yesterday when she stepped on a toy and cracked it.

And for a couple with pics included lol.

She loves to brush Mumble's hair now... Thankfully the cat does tolerate it.

And she is also dragging around this stepstool to get things she wants. Here she's trying to get crayons we'd put up.

I guess that's a start right? LOL No seriously, she is always into something and always saying something... and half of it surprises us. I love it.

Ok, I'm gonna get off of here... I've got a lot to do and an email just gave me a headache.


Steph said...

Our living room is a mess too ... but that has more to do w/ Kairi dragging diaper boxes full of toys into the living room and dumping it than anything else. lol

But Kalila sounds adorable right now! The stage that Kalila and Alex are at right now is my favorite. :) I absolutely love watching so many things just suddenly click with them. :)

OH, and I want a Lab Retriever too! My parents have one and she's the best dog EVER. I love her! I frequently threaten to kidnap her and bring her home w/ me.

It looked like the shoes you bought Kalila were from Target ... in my experience Target's shoes run really large. Kairi measures at a 7 1/2 to an 8 and in more expensive brands wears those sizes, but in Target shoes she's still a 6 1/2. It's crazy!

Mama Kalila said...

There's a pic of Kalila's room that is like that too. We made her pic them up last night, but I know the same will happen today. Our living room gets that way most days, but today is all us lol.

I love this stage too. :-D

The shoes are from Target lol. Is the first time we've bought any there, but we've cut down on WM trips... and I really liked Targets selection better anyway. What's funny is that we measured her there and the first pair we tried she would have worn the 7's. Unfortunately they were out of that size.

Yeah, Lab Retrievers are great. I never had one, but I know how good they are with kids and that plays a big part in choosing a dog.

Steph said...

I prefer Target's shoes and shoe selection as well. But 9 times out of 10 we end up buying smaller sizes than she normally wears.

Thankfully, most of the time when Kairi needs new shoes we're in Midland and able to go to Terry's Kids' Shoes. I love that store. And then he usually has a sale on, and my grandmother offers to buy a pair or two for Kairi, so we end up with 4-5 expensive pairs of shoes for what we would have paid for the same number of shoes at Target. And they're fitted to not just her size but the way she walks. Besides, Striderite and other more expensive brands just last longer than Target's which is something I need for Kairi. She only changes shoe sizes once every 6 months or so. Right now she's wearing the shoes that we bought for her in Midland in March, and they're no where close to being too small ... I expect that they'll last until October at least. Maybe until December.

Alex, on the other hand, I feel like I'm buying shoes for him every month. That boy is like Kalila ... constantly growing feet! I buy one or two nice pairs of shoes for him when we're in Midland, but it's not worth the price most of the time because he'll just be out of them within a month or so.

My grandmother used to sell shoes and she said that with average growth in a child, shoe sizes should change once every 3 months. Of course, that changes with each child, but when we were living in Midland she insisted that we had the kids feet remeasured every 3 months so that she knew for certain that their shoes fit.

Mama Kalila said...

I would so buy the expensive shoes if I got a deal like that. I'll give striderite that they do last and fit great.. Esp the width thing... Kalila has wide feet... but she got a pair for her bday and I swear she hardly wore them! Thankfully she had gotten the wrong size to begin with and Gran exchanged them for both the correct size and a pair Kalila liked (which happened to cost a lot less) or I would have felt even worse about it. The first pair just cost too much to wear such a short time. When she starts going longer lengths between shoes we may look back into that, but for now we have to do cheaper unless there's a sale or something.