13 July, 2009

Two Cute Conversations

1. As I was making dinner tonight...

Kalila - Trash!
Mommy - (sees Kalila throwing away a plastic bag) No honey that's not trash... It goes here (puts w/ other bags). We recycle these. Can you say recycle?
Kalila - Ree... cy... cle
Mommy - That's right. Recyle. We take it to the store and put it in the box and they take it away and make something new.
Kalila - No! No way!

2. This morning we watched Dora (of course) and she went to Tanzania... and taught the word Jambo somewhere in the process. Tonight before bed we were talking and I decided to see if she'd repeat any other words...

Kalila - Jambo
Mommy - Can you say shikamoo?
Kalila - sheek
Mommy - (laughing) shikamoo
Kalila - shikamoo
Mommy - (as song enters head) Jambo
Kalila - Jambo
Mommy - Bwana
Kalila - No
Mommy - habari
Kalila - bari
Mommy - Gani
Kalila - Gani
Mommy - Nzuri
Kalila - Nzuri (as mommy is impressed she had no prob with this one)
Mommy - Sana
Kalila - Sana
Mommy - (starts singing)
Kalila - (grins)
Mommy - (thinks of the lion king) Wewe
Kalila - Wewe
Mommy - Nugu
Kalila - Nugu
Mommy - Mimi
Kalila - Mimi
Mommy - Hapana
Kalila - Hapana
Mommy - Simba
Kalila - (smiles) Simba!
Mommy - Tembo
Kalila - Tembo
Mommy - Twiga
Kalila - Twiga
Mommy - Do you know what a twiga is?
Kalila - Hapana! (translation - no... not that she knows that lol)
As Mommy cracks up once again... And yes I did explain that it was a giraff and she got all excited by that. Went to bed saying "Twiga is girff" over and over and over...


Amy Brown said...

LOL...I know I'm somewhat partial, but I loved the 2nd one!!! That's awesome!!! You'll have her speaking at least 4 languages before she goes to school! You know this is going to thoroughly confuse her teachers, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL I figured you'd get a kick out of that... and no kidding. We'd planned from the beginning to teach her 3... but she's picking up some Swahili too and we knew it before this. Thankfully Baba's ok with that lol.