29 July, 2009

That's Right...

We have started on Potty Training!

Baba and I decided it was time since she's been showing a lot of the signs now... I'm still not forcing her, some days she will tell me that she wants a diaper & I go with that lol... For now. When we get farther in that'll change.

I have to tell ya though. I started looking into the methods when we had that talk & I saw this one that really caught my attention. First off the name alone did: Creative Pottytraining. Sounds interesting right? Or different at least and I like different lol. When I read it, it made a lot of sense to me though.

Basically you get a bucket with a few bath/water toys in it and fill it with lukewarm water. When you put baby on potty (and only when you put them on the potty), you let them play with it. Baby's hands hit water, and if they need to pee they do. The lady who posted it got it from some jokes her husband and his friends used to play and it worked well for her.

I decided to try it before bedtime and... It worked! Kalila loves it... and since peeing in the potty is the one that she has a harder time with, this really is perfect for us.. at least to start with.

And of course, I do have pics to show... Don't worry, I don't show everything lol. And yes, the potty was in the living room this time (usually is in the hallway).

I need to step it up on this again, have been busy the last few days and potty training really requires me not doing much else.. at least that's what I've found so far lol.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Just remember patience is key!

Also, I would advise staying away from pullups. Those were the worst things for my kids. They did tons better without them, it just meant I had to be diligent about messes lol.

BTW, is in my town for mommy bloggers. If you can...come on down for it!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! Don't worry, no pullups here.. We use cloth.

I'll be sure to check that out :-D

Steph said...

Good luck!

We're still working with both kids. I can get Kairi to pee, but not poop. Alex doesn't ever go, but I swear he sits on it 20 times a day. And the moment he pees or poops in his diaper he's taking it off -- that's actually better than Kairi who is more than willing to walk around in poop and peed in panties for hours unless I tell her to stop.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! Kalila will poop on there before pee... which is why we went w/ this method lol. She used to be like Kairi over the dirty diapers, but thankfully is starting to tell us. For awhile it was always "kaka" no matter which she did, but now she's saying which one too. Progress... She's also cleaning up her messes, or trying too, when she has an accident lol. But... sometimes she just doesnt want to go near the potty.