11 July, 2009

That's Right...

I warned you... Big long post headed your way. Apologies if more random than normal lol.

Like I said yesterday, lots of work getting done around here. I got those carpets cleaned (or at least started and a good amount done), changed litter boxes (even washed them out and everything), moved the entertainment center (more about that coming soon), so on and so forth. I can't claim this next one for myself, but Baba & I have gotten a handle on dishes FINALLY. Normally we get down to the last and get hit w/ something before we can finish... nasty cycle and we finally broke it. Much cheering and celebration. I do still have laundry to do (always) but it is going...

Kalila is such a little helper. She still loves wiping things down for us... and yesterday helped me pack Baba's lunch.

Take a look over to your side at my cooking blogs section... Do you see the What to Feed My Family blog? A friend started that up awhile back... I have several friends who've done that (and I love and recommend them all) but this one asked me to post on hers. I have no idea how often I will lol... but am going to try. I did get an oatmeal cookie recipe up yesterday. Was great timing because I just loved it... Don't worry will still post recipes on here. Maybe/probably not the same ones though lol. Still working that out.

We're on an upswing w/ bed issues. Not saying Kalila isn't waking at night... She is. And not saying there haven't been nights she's ended up in our bed for part of it... because she has. But... She's getting back in the habit of laying down and letting me tuck her in. I'd missed that... is so cute! Hopefully the other issues will resolve themselves soon too.

Did you know crayons will colour on skin? I was turned blue the other day... As was our carpet and a bowl. The poor carpet got the worst of it actually... She took both the blue and green crayons to it.

I was reminded yesterday exactly why I don't go anywhere without my phone. I had to run out somewhere by myself (luckily it was early enough that it wasn't broiling hot out yet) and since it was just me and a short trip I figured I'd leave it. On the way back some.... person... acted like they were going to pull out in front of me while I was crossing the street. At that moment I wished I'd had it, but thankfully it wasn't a big deal... But it started me thinking. That's exactly why (or one of the reasons why) I have it... Esp when I'm out with the baby. If something happens I'd be in a lot of trouble if I couldn't call for help. Esp since we walk. And of course that led me to thinking back before Baba and I got married when that guy tried to follow me home from work one night. Thankfully I did have my phone that time... and nothing bad happened obviously. But yeah... Lately I've been so greatful for the fact that I can do so much on mine to make up for the lack of computer (like check on our bank account, some of our bills, email, menu calendar, etc.)... which is great, and honestly a life saver right now... but no where near as important as the other. Did I really need to be reminded of that? I don't know lol.

So I got the bright idea to move the entertainment center... There's really only two options that I could do... and one I need Baba for. I'm not even kidding it took me the better part of an hour (after unloading it) to get it moved a foot... but it looks a ton better now. We're still keeping the other option open... because it would free up a ton of space in here. But we're leaving it for now and we'll see about later.

I don't know what its called... but Kalila has started doing that thing where she refers to herself as the baby. Everything is baby this or that. Baby water, baby apple, baby sit, etc... and she'll point to our stuff and say it w/ Mommy or Baba attached too. Baba got her to say Lila yesterday too, and she pointed to herself and said Kali to me (not a nickname I want to encourage) but more often than not its baby...

Have lots and lots of pics to share... a few video's too. All on facebook. Well, pics are on myspace too, but I can't get the video's to send there. I can't wait until I can put some up on here! In other words, apologies for those of you who can't see them!

Am so glad I wrote that post yesterday about the steam mop. Had one friend who's looking into something similar ask about it, and apparently reminded my cousin that she was needing one lol. She ended up getting a Shark (mine is a Bionaire) and loves hers just as much as I do mine. Was kinda funny because we were both going on about it for longer than sane people (which I'm pretty sure we are) prob should go on excitedly about cleaning supplies lol.

Its stinking hot.

I was woken up yesterday by a little girl trying to pry my eyes open. Literally. Baba said she spent a lot of time giving us kisses before that... I'm sure he's right because I sure got a lot of them afterwards too. I love when she's in those sweet happy moods. She stayed in it most of the day too.

Going back to the video thing. I really wish I could post a few I got earlier. They're on facebook (or should be, I really sent four and only see two but can't look to see what happened) but still... Kalila has gotten into this thing of talking about Dora constantly. She'll babble on and there's a lot of repeating names... .but I'm catching parts of the plot too. Like one day she was telling me the ball went to the volcano (obviously not in full sentences lol, but said ball in volcano or something like that) and "bouncy bouncy ball". Yesterday it was about Swiper getting stuck in the bottle. Several times she said "Swiper stuck!" and when I'd ask her where he's stuck she'd think a second and then say bottle. She mentioned Dora and Boots dancing too (from the same episode)... I caught the first time she did the stuck in bottle/dancing thing on video, but its too long to send and will have to wait until I can download it before sharing... so it'll prob be one of the first on here (was really funny too because she said that Swiper wants the boo at th end). I went back and made shorter ones trying to get her to repeat it and those are the ones I sent. My favourite though is watching her go around looking for Swiper.. and telling him to stop swiping. She'll randomly do it throughout the day lol. Today she added in that he swiped her water and was sleeping in the back lol. I love seeing how she's picking it all up.. but sometimes she surprises me with it too...

Have I mentioned its hot?

I found a carrot recipe. I'm not even kidding when I say that I hate cooked carrots. Raw w/ ranch dressing = yummy... In Baba's salad... great. Cooked? Blech!!!!!! But... I have this weird habit of trying to get Kalila to eat things (like carrots) that I don't enjoy. And before anyone goes there, pork is a whole different subject. I know I'll have to deal with it at some point, but thankfully Baba is backing me up for now lol. Ok if that sounded snarky its not meant to have, we've made a compramise on it and I really am ok with it. The for now was just referring to that compramise. Anyways, it makes me happy when I see her eat, and enjoy, some healthy food like carrots, bananas, leechies, papaya or random other odd thing I don't care for. Is that odd? I don't know lol... But still. So I found this carrot recipe to try. Is baked with a glaze that has orange juice in it. Sounded interesting and was off an Irish recipe site. I was making an Irish dish, so made sense. (Mustard Chicken and rice if you're wondering. Not on menu obviously). So glad I decided to try it. Not only did Kalila like it, but so did I!!! As for the mustard chicken... I screwed up and put too much mustard. Poor Kalila was a trooper... She made faces and said "Yuck!" but she ate most of it... and then asked for seconds of carrots.

I've been in this odd Cold Case mood lately. I've been recording all the episodes since they come on way too late at night/morning and watchign them while I clean and stuff... during Kalila's nap and bed time of course. I've always liked the show, but not this much... Today though... I saw an episode that really got me. Was set around a theatre, the victim was a guy who had a role in Caberet. And of course some of the music was in it... including the song we did in choir. So I'm sitting here and all the sudden thinking back to high school. Had to smile...

Which brings me to... My HS reunion is next week. For one thing, I can't belive its been 10 years already! But beyond that... I never thought I would want to go. If you'd asked me back then if I'd go back... Well you prob wouldn't want to hear my answer lol. Wasn't long before I didn't mind goin back to town to visit for short periods, but I still would have said I wasn't going to the reunion. But when it started getting planned... I wasn't sure. And then... I really wanted to go. But between Baba's work and the fact that the family reunion is the week after means its just not possible. And I'm kinda sad about that. I hope it goes well and everyone has a good time though.

I need to go work on menu stuff... We're all really excited about tomorrows dinner, gotta love Bubble & Squeak... and it does a good amount of leftovers, but I'm drawing a blank at what to do beyond that. Sad since I added that one last week lol.

Speaking of food... I found a vegetarian haggis recipe earlier. Intrigued... and discusted at the same time lol.

Aggh! I forgot to put the diapers in the wash... Started the water and left it at that. Gotta go!!!!