17 July, 2009

Soup, Baba & Other Random Stories

Apparently Kalila likes soup. She had some when she went to visit Gido the other day (more on that later). So tonight I made some and saw for myself. Not only did she eat quite a bit, but the whole time she told me "Baby like soup" over and over. Later she also said "Baby like squash" as she was spitting out the pieces of it though...

We went to see Harry Potter on Weds. First off, was just nice to get out lol. Was the first date night we've had in months. Beyond that... it was a good movie. A couple things disappointed me, but not enough to ruin the movie... or to keep me from saying its now my favourite of the HP movies.

Lately I've gotten Kalila to head over to the window when Baba leaves and wave at him... Well today, well after he'd gone, she went back and started yelling "Baba! Come back!" - as heart is breaking. It was cute though...

I guess I wrote my blog post on the steam mop too soon... because the one we got is defective lol. It worked a day or two and then randomly wouldn't turn on. I called the number today though and they were very nice and helpful about it... So we get to go exchange it no probs.

There's something else I'm forgetting... all I remember was that she said something incredibly cute earlier and I meant to write about it!

Not going to write long, don't worry lol, because I get to bathe kitties today... Looking forward to Mumble, she's a sweetie in the bath... Kimosimi not so much!

Oh... So an hour or so before bedtime I got Kalila's blocks out. I could tell she wanted to do something and was trying not to turn the tv back on. Between Dora and "the Pigs" (Toot and Puddle) I'm about to go crazy over here... So blocks. We got em out... played for a good while. And of course they're flung out over her room... not something I want to leave. So before bed I told her to pick them up. She picked up one block, put it in the box... Picked up another, put it in the box... Picked up a handful, let them fall.. and just stood there. I told her to pick them up again... and hear a sigh and then "Oh boy...." Picks some more up... Sigh. "Oh boy...." I don't even remember how many times she did it, but I was trying my hardest not to crack up laughing. You'd think I was torturing the poor girl.

She wasn't thrilled about going to bed tonight either. I think its because we accidently let her stay up late last night... and she did the night before as well because of the date. But... I just heard her whine a couple times and that's it. Still in bed... No screaming or anything. I really hope this continues. Now if we can just get her to sleep through the night! I shouldn't complain about that though... she didn't come to our room last night (other than her midnight feeding) until 6:30 or so this morning.

Speaking of mornings... Baba randomly decided to help me out with those and I just love his idea. We're switching out weeks. One he gets up with her, the next I do. I was wondering why I got to sleep in last week and then Monday he told me it was my turn lol. Is nice though because she's turned into a real early bird and we're both struggling with that. Our goal is for both of us to get up that early... but until then this works great.

Anyways, I promised someone a recipe and I do have to bathe the cats, so I'm off...