27 July, 2009

Some Random Pics

I don't think I can quite put everything into their own posts so here are some of my favourite pics from the last month or so that don't fit anywhere..

Shopping at Sams.. On our way out I think lol. She really likes pushing the carts.

Happy baby

Please ignore that I needed to take out the trash (I did I promise lol). Here's Kalila (aka the Cheese Monster) trying to get into the fridge... again.

Despite how hot its been lately... She insisted on wearing this around the house one day. Funnier yet, she wore it w/ no pants and a pair of shoes.

Such a big girl, having milk in her cereal!

I just love this picture... She had to have the hair clip... was very insistent on it.

Playing in her room...

Bedtime... Reading and being cute. I didn't let her sleep in the hat lol, but she just had to wear it until then...

Big smiles and loving on Kimosimi

I just love the little hair flip thing here... She'd just stolen a chip from Baba.

Playing princess

She loves her sunglasses

Playing w/ one of Baba's toys... Master Chief I think??? He was proud anyway...

Dressing up in Mama's khanga

More silliness... She has this thing for socks now... and gloves... but can only find one lol.

Sticking her tongue out at me lol

And I'll end w/ a couple of her sleeping on the couch... So sweet.


Lelo and Stitch said...

She is soo cute!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks :-) We think so too lol