24 July, 2009

Round Two - Wedding / Vacation

LOL I thought this was only going to take 2 posts, but I was so wrong. I'm breaking it into days to make it easiest and apparently there were 3.

Before I go any further... I missed some beach pics yesterday, so going back and adding them. I wouldn't worry about it, but there's a really good one of Kalila w/ Baba. I'll do that before this one goes up... and hopefully this post wont be so long that it'll push the other to a second page lol.

We started off the day w/ breakfast at Denny's. I mention it, not only because I got a couple pictures, but because it was a GREAT breakfast. Apparently they added some new choices to their Grand Slam... I only remember 2, yogurt and granola... I got granola. And on the stuff they had before... You can substitute whole wheat pancakes for regular (I did), turkey bacon for pork (once again I did, as did Kalila) and chicken sausage for pork (Kalila did). Everything was great... Baba and I both tried Kalila's sausage and I wish I knew what kind it was exactly... I would make sausage if I could find it.

No pictures here, but after we finished eating we went to find me something to wear... I'd taken a skirt, but something (I forget) happened with its shirt.. and later I found out that the skirt doesn't fit anymore anyway... Aggrivating since its a cute skirt lol. But still got a cute outfit :-)

We'd planned to go to the beach before the wedding... but someone fell asleep. As you can see I was still playing around w/ the phone a bit lol.

Since plans changed, we decided to go ahead and make the kibbe for the reception (our wedding gift to the couple lol). Is a good thing we did because we barely had time as it was... This pic is actually from the reception, but figure it fits better here lol.

Time to get ready for the wedding...

Kalila in her little Flower Girl dress

Baba the Best Man

And me...

Keeping Kalila distracted before the wedding. She was all ready to get in that sand!

People heading over...

More trying to distract Kalila lol

There was supposed to be another Flower Girl to walk with Kalila... but there wasn't. So I got to guide her to the aisle and let her run. Am thankful I got this with my regular camera before it died on me, because the rest of the wedding that I got w/ my phone just disappeared! So sad... Worse yet I can't find the camera I use to put pics from the one I used for the first part on here (it doesn't have a usb to do it) so that will have to wait. I'll just make a short post when it turns up. Believe me I will be posting it, is too cute not too!

What you missed from the missing video includes Kalila running around eating sand... Here you can see the aftermath lol

A pic of the wedding party

Getting Kalila cleaned up (for a while lol) and something to drink.

Headed back to the others

The Bride & Groom

The Bride

More wedding party pics

A couple pics of me & Baba

Kalila playing in the sand while all this was going on...

Heading to the rec

I forget what its called, but is an endangered bird we all got pics of. Is supposedly "good luck" to see it.

Kalila sitting at the table. Such a big girl!

The cakes

The guys smoking thier cigars. We had to get pics since Baba has never smoked in his life before this lol (or since).

Kalila wanted her Baba

Looking at fish (not sure you can see them though lol).

And the fireworks. Kalila loved that part lol

I'm not really sure what this ones of... Dancing maybe?

Didn't really get any other pics at the reception... Sorry. It was a lot of fun though.

And there is one more post from this trip coming soon... and then I can get to much shorter posts again lol.


babyyahyah said...

is that bird an egret? idk

nice wedding pics.

i thought we were the only ones crazy enough to photograph ourselves eating at denny' my dd always pics of her food when we go there. ppl must think we never saw food before. i like their sausage too.

Mama Kalila said...

No.. I want to say its some kind of Crane but I can't say for sure...

I never do that lol... not sure why I did this time!