18 July, 2009


I shouldn't have said anything about sleep stuff. I jinxed myself... of sorts.

Kalila refused to nap today. I'm not really sure what was up, she was clingy before we put her down... and when we did she screamed bloody murder. After a few minutes Baba went and got her and it took a long time to calm her down from it. She stopped screaming, but still had the tears going and breathing hard and held on to him pretty tightly. Had me kinda worried... '

I tried again after he left, is normally when I do it anyway... (wouldn't have before but she was all but sleeping on me) but she still wouldn't have it. I have a baby gate in front of her door to keep her from lying down right in front of it (long story short one of her first few days in the toddler bed she climbed out and did that... I almost hit her w/ it when I was checking on her. Freaked me out pretty bad and the gate went up. She doesn't lay on the floor anymore but I haven't stopped using it yet) and she started hitting it against the wall (so huge noise) and screaming "mommy". It was awful.

So got her up, got her some milk and figured she'd fall asleep on me & I could put her down... no she'd nurse awhile, get up and play... then when I'd try to get up all the sudden it was back to mommy for more. She was very insistent on it. Finally I bribed her w/ a bubble bath and she did good after that.

Really did good... I was even able to bake a couple loaves of bread. Not something I usually try when she's running around. By the time she was getting ready for bed I was about to crash though lol. So I decided, instead of giving her a bath (normal bedtime routine) the two of us would shower... She needed her hair washed anyway & since we're going to the early Mass tomorrow it makes more sense.... Afterwards she ran around a few minutes, got dressed for bed. Bedtime snack, brushed teeth, read Twinkle Toes (of course), said prayers & she was all ready for bed. You can't imagine (no those of you w/ kids probably do lol) how releaved I was that she went to bed so easily again.

Part of me wonders if she wasn't feeling so good earlier... I don't know. Other than her mood, nothing seemed off. Keeping an eye on it though.

Oh random cute story I forgot to mention yesterday. Thankfully one Baba got to see... I put her in the shower to clean her off after a change, is just easier that way lol. After I got her washed off she sat down and grabbed the hand-held shower nini... Didn't think anything of it at first, she plays with it sometimes... But this time she started pretending it was a guitar and was singing while she played it. Cracked us both up, but so cute...


Steph said...

Oh no! I can certainly imagine how ready you were to have her in bed last night. Probably as ready as I was for my kids to be. We purposely skipped naps so that they'd be ready for bed early. Yeah ... not such a good idea. Neither child slept well.

I wonder what's up w/ the fighting naps thing recently, though. Alex has been fighting them as well. Very similar to what you described. Except he's in his crib still, so he's not able to run around and play. Actually, when I can't get him to calm down in his bed, I've been giving him a water cup along with a few books or quiet toys and tell him that he doesn't have to sleep but that he DOES have to be quiet. Not sure that he can understand what I'm saying, but usually he does at least look through his books until he's ready to conk out. Not always though....

Sorry I've been mia ... I'll catch up. Eventually.

Mama Kalila said...

Oh no! I refuse to skip naps unless she either refuses or something pops up that we can't avoid... for that very reason.

I don't mind so much when Kalila gets up and plays instead... if its quietly. Because when she does that she calms herself down to lie down on her own... She did that at night for awhile. She's become very good at staying in her bed though. She sleeps w/ a couple stuffed animals (I'd rather one, but she will pull another up on her own lol) and I've caught her sitting up playing w/ them or just talking to them lying down... but that's it lately.

Btw, very sorry you've been sick. I tried to reply but my nini's acting up again. I was actually wondering before I saw the post, but understood. Hope you get better soon!