20 July, 2009

Life Lately

So what all's been going on here?

We got the steam mop replaced. Very happy to have that done... Esp since a mess was made of the kitchen floor last night lol. All taken care of = happy mommy.

Sorry haven't put up our menu on the calendar yet... Not sure I'm going to. Long story short - We had a few groc items to pick up yesterday. I wanted to do the Lentil & Rice Casserole (is up on the what to feed blog) and needed rice, so we grabbed that... but also found a few coupon deals that were really great. We don't manage to remember those often so it was really nice to this time. But what it means is that we have several really good meal options that will last us the week. Lunch today was the Rotisserie chicken and salad... and dinner is definately going to be the lentils (am playing with the recipe a little... Baba liked Tanna's idea about adding tomatoes. If it works out I'll post about it later)... But afterwards will be a mix of those leftovers and turkey sandwiches w/ jalepeno muenster cheese. Throw in that we've got a lot of salad leftover, and makings for more... I don't know that it'll last the entire week, but its going to take up a good chunk of it. I prob should make a back up plan or two in case I need to cook again later in the week... But yeah, doesn't make sense to try and fit that onto a calendar. Or I'm not sure how too lol. I prob should go add breakfasts though. If I have time lol.

Don't think I've mentioned it on here yet... but despite thinking that we were going to get to go to my family reunion this weekend... It isn't as set as we thought it was. Despite Baba putting in for the time over a month ago... He didn't get it. Between the whole me having promised people I'd be there and not getting to see my side of the family practically ever... We're not giving up so easily lol. He's trying (not sucessfully so far) to find someone who'll switch with him. It's hitting the point where I'm doubting it'll happen... but he's still saying it will. I feel horribly about it... for one I did tell everyone we'd be there. I don't like going back on that... and beyond that I have no idea when I'll see everyone again. Most of them not until next year and even the ones I see more "regularly" is still pretty rare. Is just frusterating, esp after the last few family things have fallen apart for us. Just in the past few months I've missed a wedding, a graduation, visiting Babu, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something (if it was your something, then I apologize lol).


Apparently the truck situation just keeps on going. Despite our having my phone turned off the day it was stolen, we were charged for several video's/movies/whatever that were downloaded the day and two after. One I thought was a porn movie, but apparently was just some random movie I'd never heard of lol. Seriously it sounded like it could be... Either way, I certainly didn't download it... but the phone company swore up and down that I did... and now they're saying that it was downloaded a month after the phone was stolen... After our new phones came in! Now... movies not on my new phone, they're in the content thing as being on the old one... which is not in our possetion (oh good grief no matter how I spell that it looks wrong, I MISS SPELL CHECK!!!!) but is still wrong on principle because I saw the charges a month ago saying it was done in May. Either way it equals out to them trying to charge us for it. So after an annoying talk on the phone, I'm assuming anyway since it was Baba dealing with it, we went to the phone store... They couldn't completely drop the charges (grrr) but they did credit some back (a little over half). At least its something right? I'm both relieved and annoyed at the same time though...

We have a crack in our ceiling... and I don't know what else to say about that w/out sounding very mean. Seriously though, the situation is starting to scare us.

Apparently the nap problem was a one time thing. No problems since then... Bedtimes still good too. Even better actually... with the exception of last night when she had a nightmare, she's stayed in her room all night. Even crawled back in bed after her midnight snack. Did I already mention that? Sorry if I did...

Apparently she's going through a phase of telling us she's sorry constantly. I guess its better than her refusing to say it like before lol... Two funny instances of this... Earlier she knocked me into a stepstool and hurt my back pretty bad. I yelled, not at her but in general... and immediately I hear "I sorry Mama." Sweet, and as much as I was hurting, I could see this worried look on her face so I told her that it was ok, that it wasn't her fault. & then I hear random babbling followed by "fault" in this sad voice. Then... "I sorry Mama" babbling "fault". I had to tell her it was ok several times before she calmed down. The second... She dirtied her diaper pretty bad right before her nap. I went to wash her and she smiled and said "I sorry" over and over... as I was laughing and told her (also over and over) that its ok and that she didn't need to say sorry for that lol.

Watching Dora yesterday Kalila told me there were 3 giraffs. Now I'm thinking she probably remembered them saying it since she's seen the episode before and does not have her numbers down yet. Working on them yes, counting on her own no. Still it got big smiles and everything.

She's been in a silly mood today. Decided to put on this fleece hooded jacket.. Had to be zipped and hood up too. Then she wanted her boots on... but they don't fit lol. So after awhile her trying to force them on her feet she gave up and found her shoes... Note there's no mention of pants here. She did have a shirt on underneath and her diaper, but bare legged. So silly looking that I had to get pics.

I prob should have mentioned/asked this earlier. But if anyone has a specific NFP related topic you want me to post about.. it would be nice to have an idea where to start.

I'm sure there's a million and one things I could continue to write about, but I only have so much time before she wakes back up.