31 July, 2009

Kitchen (and other) Disasters

I don't know where my brain is lately...

Yesterday I was making meatloaf. First I broke the egg into the trashcan instead of the pan... Baba was standing right there and didn't say a word. It took me a few seconds to realize what I did. Then... Somehow I didn't mix it well enough (I could have swore I did) because when it was done... There were bits of solid egg white. Thankfully it tasted ok, but still... ???

Then today... We're out of corn flakes, don't have crackers of any kind at the moment, or anything I could think to substitute besides bread. So I crumbled up some and put it on the cookie sheet and toasted it. No problem... It works right? When it was done, I pulled it out and put it on top of the stove... At this point I've gotten my veggies (onions and bell peppers this time) in to the bowl along w/ the toasted crumbs and was adding the salmon. I don't like the bones so I was taking my time trying to get them out, with a hand full of fish, when it happened. I turned to tell Kalila for the million and tenth time to get out of the kitchen (she was playing in the cat food again at this point) and when I turned back around my hip (just when apparently either my shirt rode up or my shorts down) caught that cookie sheet. Yes... I burned my freakin hip cooking.

Shortly after that.. Kalila (who was buck naked due to an incident that I will get back to shortly) slipped on the mess she made putting cat food in the water dish and trying to take it to Kimosimi and fell flat on her backside. Yes, she was ok... Not happy, but ok.

At another point I caught her beating the cat with the ladle. Yes she pulled it out of the drawer and refused to give it back. I saved the cat, but not the ladle. Finally found it in her room later on...

Then when I was finishing up and figured this whole ordeal would be over soon... No... I feel this little body beside me and hear "hot" and of course my first reaction was to think she burned herself.. Scared me half to death before I realized she didn't cry... Just said hot. And then I realized that she touched the outside of the oven door... which was pretty warm. Told her not too... and what does she do? She licks it instead! I get that stopped only to get a call from Granny and in the distraction that was, she decides to try and hug the thing or something because I look down and she's pushing her tummy up agianst it!

As you can imagine, it hasn't been the easiest day.

I'm supposed to be going through stuff to take to Gido's tomorrow... So what's the obvious thing to tackle when Kalila goes down for a nap? No... The bathroom. Procrastinating much? Yes that's me..

So I got the tub scrubbed pretty good... but wasn't gonna leave it there. I added another round of baking soda and water paste and let sit for a bit. Was just about to add more vinegar and scrub it down again when Kalila woke up.

Not only woke up... but w/ a diaper. Good girl that she is told me "kaka yucky... peepee, kaka yucky!"

No problem... I can get her diaper changed just fine right? WRONG. No... I won't gross you out w/ the horrid details of it, but it involved needing to hose her down... in the tub that was being cleaned.

Screaming baby while I try and rinse out the tub, get her in it and washed off... She wanted nothing to do with the water... I finally get done & try to get her out when she refuses. Screaming her head off to turn the water that she didn't want back on. Tub is empty (and apt small) so I walk out to catch my breath and the phone that was ringing before trying agian. Go back. Still screaming and refusing to get out, so I head in to get her diaper from her room and take care of it too...

When I step in it (on the floor not in the diaper, I'm not that bad)!

So I'm on the phone, with a baby screaming her head off, hopping on one foot across the house to wash my foot.

Get stuff to clean it up, but she is STILL SCREAMING. (I'm sure you heard her)

Finally I got it wiped, baking soda down, vinegar sprayed and closed her door so I could finish later...

Fight the child to get her out of the tub because I've had it at this point... and she screams louder and throws a tantrum in the hallway by the bathroom door.

I can't even tell you how long it was before she finally calmed down... but I can tell you what did it. I bribed her with Dora.

Most of the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out how on earth I was gonna finish cleaning her floor since I don't steam w/ her around/awake. Had to get creative... and finally got it done before bedtime.

Seriously its a good thing I'm in a good mood today. I can't imagine if I hadn't been...