23 July, 2009

Having Trouble Deciding...

Just where to go w/ this NFP post.

I flat out don't have time to do what I'd wanted to do w/ it... but really I don't mind too much because I found another blog that did! So before I go any further, I'm going to link to it real quick. Feel free to head on over there and check out her weeks worth of NFP posts full of links and great info!

Catholic Mommy Brain

Please don't let the title scare you off if you aren't Catholic lol... We aren't the only ones who practice NFP I promise! There is a post or two that specifically deals with why we (Catholics) view the topic the way we do (and of course not all her posts are on NFP so if you keep going you will get into that more), but there's still good info for those not interested in that... Specifically one on how it helps marriages in general and one w/ links to more info (granted most, if not all, of those links are on the far right side of my blog here lol). I liked her posts on it anyways.. Thought I'd share.

Now... I'm still having trouble deciding what exactly to write lol. I know one friend is supposed to call tonight w/ some things she'd like to discuss/read about/whatever... So that will prob come up tomorrow. But today?

I guess I'll start off by continueing from where I left off the last time I posted on the subject.

Like I mentioned, quite awhile back, I decided to go w/ the Ovusoft program. Before going any further I will say that I still really like it. It is a great program. I started using it sometime in April I think... am just as happy with it now as I was then.

I'm gonna back up a little here and say that I really recommend taking classes if possible. Most Churches have them (or can get you info to them).. and there are other places that do it too. I know the Birthing Center here in town does. I was really happy when I saw that.

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to any when I first started learning how to chart though. So the last few years have been a real learning process for me. I started out w/ a method that didn't really mesh well w/ me... Thankfully I had some time (lol) to look into it more and start studying. I've gotten a ton of good info online (and not just from the links I've posted) that helped me through the first few months after Kalila was born.

Finding Ovusoft was another big step for me though. Or the time period around that rather... I found more info that helped explain things a little easier (and I wish I remembered where so I could link) and just the fact that Ovusoft is a good program (better than the one I was using) helped. A few months after I started using it, I found a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility on sale (gotta love that) and months later I still pick that book up and look things up. Is very easy to understand & I love it... I can see why its so highly recommended everywhere.

I will stop and say that the fact that its FAM and not NFP does bother me a little. For those who don't know the difference.. Fertility Awareness Method and Natural Family Planning are very similar... use the same methods to determine fertility and chart your cycles... but FAM allows for the use of birth control along with it. They do discourage certain types for all they do to your body, but even those are allowed and mentioned in the book. Anyways, the book is geared towards FAM... and at least at one point that I've seen has made a big deal about seperating itself from NFP in a way that makes us that practice NFP sound like we're all a bunch of religious nuts. Not appreciated. Grit teeth and move on... just like I skip over the parts that talk about using birth control during fertile times (they do at least make a side note that you can abstain instead and give info on how that works) and similar topics. I know I'm not the only one since there's a whole group of NFP users on their site lol.

My one issue lol. Beyond that I do like the book... and the program. Sorry I know I'm repeating myself there... but I do. And the last month I was very thankful that I had that book. No computer = no chart. Have I done paper charting before? Yes. Did I do well with it? No.... On top of that I worry about Kalila dragging charts every which way around here. Believe me I find her w/ my old ones from time to time lol. But the book.... it has some at the end. And they work just like the one on the computer! I had no problems paper charting (in my book that I can see easily where is).

Not only did I have no problems... but I'm actually glad for the experience. It gave me a chance to really learn how things like making the cover line work. I hadn't done temps last time, so I had no clue really... Gives me more insite to what I'm doing on here and that is always a good thing. Plus, now I know that the comp crashing will not be the end of the world for me in that area lol.

Obviously we're back online... So my program is up and running again. I had lots of fun putting in information last night lol.

So that's my NFP story (so far)... In the midst of this I think I figured out another post I'd like to write about the basics of it, stats and whatnot.. Not sure if that will come next or not... Depends on that phone conversation later.. We'll see.


Anne said...

Thanks for the link! Yes, don't be afraid everyone :) NFP is good for all. I wish I'd had more time and space to do more re: the health and environmental benefits. That's something everyone appreciates!

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, those are the ones I usually mention. I know a few other people (most protestants too) who do it for religious reasons, but way more people understand the other ones.. I feel kinda bad that I've only written on the subject a few times on here... but only so much time lol.