03 July, 2009

Good and Bad

So much going on the past couple days...

I'll start off w/ a cute story. Kalila stole Baba's orange juice this morning... Took off and slid, spilling it all over the carpet. Before Baba could get to it, Kalila ran over to the table, grabbed a paper towel, came back and cleaned up her mess!

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good... went to take my temp and it said 102.something. Really freaked me out... and confused me since I wasn't feeling bad. I took it again and it was back in the normal range at 97.52 - I have no clue why it put it so high before.

Baba has been working a lot of over time this week... So it was really nice that he was off yesterday. We got a lot done and Kalila had a blast playing with him.

Speaking of Baba... He figured out a way to make spaghetti w/ meat (beef) that I actually liked. I browned the meat (is my job anytime we have ground meat for obvious reasons) and he threw in a jar of our favourite sauce... The HEB brand one w/ portabello mushrooms and onions. Added some chopped garlic, onions, a tomato (Kalila ate the rest days ago) and some lime. I think that was it... Anyways, it was really good. Kinda reminded us of goulash (sp?) but not quite... Put it on top of our whole wheat fettecini (now I know that's not sp right, but can't check it on here :-/) and had a great dinner. Was really nice having the three of us sitting down together and everything too.

On to the bad news before I go... Not going to say who because I'm not sure they'd want me too... but I just got the news that some friends miscarried today. If yall could keep them in your prayers that'd be great.

Ok getting off... need to vacuum again. And sounds like the washer stopped too.


babyyahyah said...

minus the lime that is eactly the way we eat spaghetti too.

Mama Kalila said...

I normally just eat it w/ the sauce. This was really good though.

Lelo and Stitch said...

:-) glad you had a good family dinner. I am praying for the couple who had the miscarriage.

Mama Kalila said...