25 July, 2009

Catching Up

As you can see I'm working hard to catch back up on here. Apologies for the number of posts that have gone and will be going up over the past/next few days. If I space them out any more I'd never catch up lol. Luckily most of the posts have pictures, so that should help right?

Anyways, beyond that I thought I'd catch you up on a few things going on here lately. Nothing huge, just don't want to forget considering...

Kalila... Oh my... You saw the last post. If not, you know how to get there lol. You know she's into everything lol. But good grief that girl!!! Just today she's sassed her Baba, coloured on the walls, helped me clean the walls lol, thrown several fits over not getting her way, pulled her books off the shelf, talked on the phone to Granny, refused to eat lunch, and of course the infamous chocolate incident! And I'm sure I'm missing somethings.

We got her, her first workbook to start... well working on lol. I couldn't find a good pencil for her, so we have to make do until we can order some online (at Amazon) and I'm not sure when that's gonna be. Oh well. Not really worried about it. I am excited about starting it though!

Another big project with her is gonna wait until another post because I think it deserves its own (esp considering the number of pics involved lol). Any guesses?

Speaking of.. She's up from her nap!

I dont know if you remember me moving the entertaintment center... but we decided on Weds to go ahead and move it to the other spot I had considered. We were going to move the bookshelves in here to free up some bedroom space... but that was the morning we found out about the computer and decided it'd be better to move it (and the comp desk of course) in here instead. Of course, Baba had to do most of that work lol. But it got done and we're very happy with it. Unfortunately it means I have to redo stuff I'd had clean before, but that's ok...

As you can imagine.. I am pretty busy lol. Which is probably a good thing since today is the Family Reunion and I am not there... Unfortunately I've let myself get distracted on facebook today... Email post gone awry lol.

Since this post has been sitting here for 2 hours while I made dinner and stuff, and I can't remember where I was going from here... I'll end this here and get back to whatever it was when I get the chance.


Christy said...

Good luck with the workbook. I tried getting Porgie to work in one, but she just kept scribbling all over the pages. I tucked it away and decided to try again in a few months.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks. I don't like the pencils we have, so I'm gonna try again when the good ones come in (the ones for toddlers that is). We'll see how it goes then. Until then, I think I'm going to do a semi structured colour time instead.

I did try w/ the ones we have btw and Kalila did the same as Porgie lol. She was very into it though, colouring over the pics instead of drawing the lines.. and she'd say "line" the whole time. LOL But yeah, gonna try again then and see if we should try or wait from there.