14 July, 2009


Several people mentioned books awhile back and made me think for a second about posting a blog post on the topic. I love reading... so wouldn't be hard to do. What would be hard is picking one topic to go with and finding the time to do it justice. Luckily around the same time I was sent a nini to Good Reads. I got very caught up on there lol. No really I don't spend much time on there at all, but I have put in quite a few books here and there. I love it though because Babu is on there too and its like being able to see his bookshelf at home. Something he's already been told, so sorry about the repeat!

Another thing I really liked was that I could put nini's from it on here... So if anyone's interested you can see which books I've read/reading/want too. Unfortunately it only posts so many so to see all of them (unless you go to my page there) you'd have to refresh a million and a half times.

Anyways, I haven't looked to see if I could get on from here yet, just did & I can - Whoo hoo! So threw in my latest read (but will have to switch sections soon lol). Reminded me that I haven't mentioned it on here (I don't think)... If I have before... just ignore me. No someone tell me so I can be embarrassed and laugh at myself. Has been such a long time since I added them on that I really don't remember if I posted this yet or not. I should look, but it'd take too long on this silly thing.