14 July, 2009

2 Months?

I can't believe its almost 2 months until Kalila's bday... Just doesn't seem right lol.

Awhile back we started thinking about what to do for it. We're not having as big a party as last year, but we do have a smaller one in mind. We're both excited about it... We thought about several "theme" ideas (basically for the cake)... Sesame Street, Ariel, Nemo... I think those were the main ones thrown around lol. We'd just about figured Abby would do. Kalila loved Abby. I even found a cute little tiered cake I could do.

And then all the sudden a few weeks ago life started revolving around Dora. Don't get me wrong, she still likes the Sesame Street characters... She'll "read" the books and point them out by name. But if we put it on tv, she screams for Dora & Boots!

So I'm sitting here racking my brain on how to do a Dora cake... and all the sudden it hit me the other day. One of Kalila's favourite characters on there is the Map. She gets so excited over it lol. Do you know how easy that could be? And fun too...

I figured I'd do a sheet cake, have most of it flat... but the character at the top (at least that's where he usually is lol) stand out as well as the 3 places that are mapped out or whatever.

So now I just have to...

A. Figure out what kind of cake to make.

B. Figure out what those 3 places are going to be.

I've got a few ideas popping in my head for that last one (and a good deal of thanks to Las for a couple of them lol) and one or two over the first.

I'm really looking forward to it. As cute as that first cake I thought about was... This one is going to be fun... and prob a lot easier lol.


babyyahyah said...

sofia's bday is in 2 months too. she will be 2 on sept 27. what is kalila's date?

she also all of a sudden loves dora too.i was just saying to my mom lets have a dora cake for her.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL - it must be the age then. Kalila's bday is the 28th! How funny is that?