31 July, 2009

Kitchen (and other) Disasters

I don't know where my brain is lately...

Yesterday I was making meatloaf. First I broke the egg into the trashcan instead of the pan... Baba was standing right there and didn't say a word. It took me a few seconds to realize what I did. Then... Somehow I didn't mix it well enough (I could have swore I did) because when it was done... There were bits of solid egg white. Thankfully it tasted ok, but still... ???

Then today... We're out of corn flakes, don't have crackers of any kind at the moment, or anything I could think to substitute besides bread. So I crumbled up some and put it on the cookie sheet and toasted it. No problem... It works right? When it was done, I pulled it out and put it on top of the stove... At this point I've gotten my veggies (onions and bell peppers this time) in to the bowl along w/ the toasted crumbs and was adding the salmon. I don't like the bones so I was taking my time trying to get them out, with a hand full of fish, when it happened. I turned to tell Kalila for the million and tenth time to get out of the kitchen (she was playing in the cat food again at this point) and when I turned back around my hip (just when apparently either my shirt rode up or my shorts down) caught that cookie sheet. Yes... I burned my freakin hip cooking.

Shortly after that.. Kalila (who was buck naked due to an incident that I will get back to shortly) slipped on the mess she made putting cat food in the water dish and trying to take it to Kimosimi and fell flat on her backside. Yes, she was ok... Not happy, but ok.

At another point I caught her beating the cat with the ladle. Yes she pulled it out of the drawer and refused to give it back. I saved the cat, but not the ladle. Finally found it in her room later on...

Then when I was finishing up and figured this whole ordeal would be over soon... No... I feel this little body beside me and hear "hot" and of course my first reaction was to think she burned herself.. Scared me half to death before I realized she didn't cry... Just said hot. And then I realized that she touched the outside of the oven door... which was pretty warm. Told her not too... and what does she do? She licks it instead! I get that stopped only to get a call from Granny and in the distraction that was, she decides to try and hug the thing or something because I look down and she's pushing her tummy up agianst it!

As you can imagine, it hasn't been the easiest day.

I'm supposed to be going through stuff to take to Gido's tomorrow... So what's the obvious thing to tackle when Kalila goes down for a nap? No... The bathroom. Procrastinating much? Yes that's me..

So I got the tub scrubbed pretty good... but wasn't gonna leave it there. I added another round of baking soda and water paste and let sit for a bit. Was just about to add more vinegar and scrub it down again when Kalila woke up.

Not only woke up... but w/ a diaper. Good girl that she is told me "kaka yucky... peepee, kaka yucky!"

No problem... I can get her diaper changed just fine right? WRONG. No... I won't gross you out w/ the horrid details of it, but it involved needing to hose her down... in the tub that was being cleaned.

Screaming baby while I try and rinse out the tub, get her in it and washed off... She wanted nothing to do with the water... I finally get done & try to get her out when she refuses. Screaming her head off to turn the water that she didn't want back on. Tub is empty (and apt small) so I walk out to catch my breath and the phone that was ringing before trying agian. Go back. Still screaming and refusing to get out, so I head in to get her diaper from her room and take care of it too...

When I step in it (on the floor not in the diaper, I'm not that bad)!

So I'm on the phone, with a baby screaming her head off, hopping on one foot across the house to wash my foot.

Get stuff to clean it up, but she is STILL SCREAMING. (I'm sure you heard her)

Finally I got it wiped, baking soda down, vinegar sprayed and closed her door so I could finish later...

Fight the child to get her out of the tub because I've had it at this point... and she screams louder and throws a tantrum in the hallway by the bathroom door.

I can't even tell you how long it was before she finally calmed down... but I can tell you what did it. I bribed her with Dora.

Most of the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out how on earth I was gonna finish cleaning her floor since I don't steam w/ her around/awake. Had to get creative... and finally got it done before bedtime.

Seriously its a good thing I'm in a good mood today. I can't imagine if I hadn't been...

What A Mess!!!

Seriously... Our living room is a horrid mess right now. But there's good reason and nothing I can do about it until... tomorrow? I don't know, but I'll be glad when its gone. Basically Gido is having a yard sale and we're sending stuff over there... which means pulling it out and going through it. We did a lot last night, and everything that's going is sitting on one side of the living room.

Beyond that...

Yesterday, while we were out running errands, we decided to make a stop by the pet store. Thankfully Squee was not there (has been adopted!) because we would have been greatly tempted (is prob why we've stayed away so long)... But we ended up leaving with the same feeling as last time anyway. Only it was a puppy. They had puppies this time. But let me tell you what happened...

We walked over and saw said puppies... and the one closest to us was a little 7 week old Lab Retriever, exactly what we want when we do get one. Kalila went nuts. There was squealing, jumping, yelling, etc. She ran straight to him and just went nuts. And he... His little tail was wagging up a storm and he kept running up to her and trying to lick her through the cage. It was adorable! And then she went to look at the others, one had worms and wasn't feeling well so he stayed curled up... But the last cage had two, one being a chihuahua mix... and as soon as she walked over they started barking really loud and hitting the cage. Kalila jumped back and got this really frightened look on her face. For a couple seconds I saw her standing there like she was really afraid, but before I could say/do anything that fear on her face turned to this mad, what do you think you're doing/are look.. and then she started barking back at them! It was awesome! And then she went back to the sweet puppy and played with him some more... Finally we had to drag ourselves away and look at the other animals (Kalila said ferret!!!) and then leave w/out him. So can't wait until we have a yard...

Going back to those errands... We had to buy Kalila new shoes! I'm not even kidding she's measuring (and would be wearing if we bought any pair but the ones we did) a 7! Now, the ones we got her are a 6... they must run large because not only did she measure 7, but the other shoes she tried on fit in that size. She really likes these though, they're black and purple lol.

What really gets me is that she went into a size 4 right around her birthday last year. We haven't even made it to the second one now...

I can't even begin to tell you about all the new things she's doing/saying lately. It's been crazy.

Right now she's playing in her room w/ the Elmo's Restraunt toy... or she was, now she's "driving" a toy truck around saying "vroom vroom" and asking for Dora (again).

I caught her w/ a finished puzzle yesterday. We've worked on it before (many many times), but it was cute to see that she'd done w/out me knowing.

She's become obsessed with that youtube alphabet video I shared the other day. Repeatedly asks for "frogs".

Yesterday she climbed into my seat in the truck (as if we'd let her stay there lol) and put her sippy in the cup-holder. Thankfully she didn't fight too badly when we put her in her seat lol.

She's gotten into the "my mommy" and "my baba" stage... Which we just love lol.

She follows the cats around w/ their (full) food dish. Yesterday we caught her trying to spoon feed it to Kimosimi.

She tried to say accidently too. She told us "axitly broke it" yesterday when she stepped on a toy and cracked it.

And for a couple with pics included lol.

She loves to brush Mumble's hair now... Thankfully the cat does tolerate it.

And she is also dragging around this stepstool to get things she wants. Here she's trying to get crayons we'd put up.

I guess that's a start right? LOL No seriously, she is always into something and always saying something... and half of it surprises us. I love it.

Ok, I'm gonna get off of here... I've got a lot to do and an email just gave me a headache.

29 July, 2009

That's Right...

We have started on Potty Training!

Baba and I decided it was time since she's been showing a lot of the signs now... I'm still not forcing her, some days she will tell me that she wants a diaper & I go with that lol... For now. When we get farther in that'll change.

I have to tell ya though. I started looking into the methods when we had that talk & I saw this one that really caught my attention. First off the name alone did: Creative Pottytraining. Sounds interesting right? Or different at least and I like different lol. When I read it, it made a lot of sense to me though.

Basically you get a bucket with a few bath/water toys in it and fill it with lukewarm water. When you put baby on potty (and only when you put them on the potty), you let them play with it. Baby's hands hit water, and if they need to pee they do. The lady who posted it got it from some jokes her husband and his friends used to play and it worked well for her.

I decided to try it before bedtime and... It worked! Kalila loves it... and since peeing in the potty is the one that she has a harder time with, this really is perfect for us.. at least to start with.

And of course, I do have pics to show... Don't worry, I don't show everything lol. And yes, the potty was in the living room this time (usually is in the hallway).

I need to step it up on this again, have been busy the last few days and potty training really requires me not doing much else.. at least that's what I've found so far lol.

28 July, 2009


Has not been a good day.

I forgot to put the chicken on before I went to bed last night... So we had to rush to find something for lunch today.. Thankfully Baba stepped in and made Tuna Helper while I got the chicken started so we could have it for dinner.

Kalila has been in a mood all day. It started off w/ fits and not letting me dress her because non of the purple shirts were clean. Thankfully I found one that was, but it was a 4T. Thankfully it isn't really the size it says and fits her anyway lol.. Baba got her dressed, but she flipped out on him too in the process.

Later I tried to put her down for a nap.. She fell asleep on me for a few min and when I stood to put her in her bed she started mumbling "it hurts, it hurts" and screamed when I laid her down. She wouldn't tell me what hurt though... I've checked her fever since and she has none... Other parts of the day she's acted just fine, happy and playing so who knows. Keeping an eye on it though.

Then... the apt manager came over. Backing up, our fridge is dying... and we needed a stopper thing fixed on the tub. The maintenance guy saw both.. said he'd look for the tub thing and later told me he found it... and that he could see the prob with the fridge and that he'd look for another one to switch out and if not, he'd fix the seal. No problem. So she comes in and looks around like she stepped in this (sorry Cakerwakers I had to lol, couldn't think of another place to find something similar). Which I could have understood if someone had just had an accident, but other than a few toys that Kalila had thrown around earlier in the day and the dishes that we're working on, the apt is perfectly clean and looks pretty good. Anyways, she went back to put the thing into the tub and then came in and put a light in our fridge (it'd gone out too) and looked at it... And told me that it was sealing just fine, she didn't hear the noises its starting to make, and that the maintenance guy told her that the reason it wouldn't stay closed was because of what we had in it... (coughbullshit) I seriously can't stand dealing with her, because she's like this with me every time... Same lady that tried to tell me that it was ok that Mumble was stung by a Brown Recluse because she gets stung by Scorpions all the time (as if they're equal) after she lied to the then manager about the severity of what happened to Mumble's paw and got called on it by him. (Basically she didn't want him to call out the emergency exterminators for us was the whole deal) Also same lady who talks down to me every time I have to go near her. She does better with Baba (out of fear we think), so he gets to go deal with that tomorrow.

Now I have a stinking headache on top of everything...

Not everything today was bad though...

Kalila showed off her naming colours skill this morning (w/ the lei from Tia Sallies wedding lol).

She's working on her numbers more too... The other day I caught her saying 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (but refuses 1,2,3 lol) and today it was 6 through 9. Slowly making her way down to getting them right?

The chicken turned out wonderfully. We used a whole chicken this time and I think I prefer it that way. Whole chicken and the full 40 cloves of garlic. I think we did quarters and only 30 last time... was good, but this was great. Kalila made me laugh though, I thought she had a small piece of chicken left on her plate and pointed it out.. She stuck it in her mouth, pulled it out and said "garlic!" - sure enough it was!

And of course she's haveing a hard time going down tonight. I'm off...

Oh wait, random cute pic from yesterday lol.

African Music Night...

So last night a friend posted this on Facebook

Kalila absolutely loved it and made me watch it over and over and over and over... etc.

So finally I decided enough was enough (lol). It was cute but still.

I put on Jambo Bwana instead. I knew she'd like it because its our special song. I don't really know any lullaby's (at least not well) so I started singing it to her when she was little bitty and upset... and its just stuck. I was right.. She was thrilled and started dancing along.

From there we clicked over to a few other Swahili songs...

And then I saw the words "cha kutumaini" and thought, "wait a second... could it be...?" So I clicked on this...

And yes it was... One of my favourite songs from visiting the coC in Moshi. Not quite the same, but still made me smile. I like it...

But I kept clicking around and found this version. Still has music (which honestly I prefer anyway) but sounds a lot more like we sang.

I'm not posting the other one I found... it was definately interesting. But I don't want to drag this out too much longer and you've already heard the song two diff ways now lol.

Anyways, we spent a good amount of time listening to music on YouTube and dancing around. It was a lot of fun...

27 July, 2009

MPM 27 July - 2 August

That's right.. MPM is back!!! I am not getting rid of the calendar at the end.. I like that I can see it on my phone & I can plan ahead of my week if I need/want too. But I can't really link the recipes and sites I'm using as easily so I'm glad I can do this again... Besides I miss my MPM posts and seeing the others!

Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Leftovers
Breakfast - Scrambled Egg & Avocado Taco's
Lunch - 40 Clove Garlic Chicken with rice and green beans.
Dinner - Leftovers

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers or Turkey Sandwiches
Dinner - Tanzanian Meat Stew (Goat)

Breakfast - Baba's Omelets
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes and Corn

Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Salmon Croquettes w/ Macaroni & Cheese and Salad

Breakfast - Whole Wheat Pancakes w/ Fruit Topping
Lunch - Leftovers or Turkey Sandwiches
- Roast & Gravy w/ Wheat Bread and ???
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Family
Dinner - Chicken w/ Bulgur (new/untried recipe)

Weeks Desert -
Choc Chip & Pecan Cookies

Snacks -
String Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Peanut or Sun Butter

Some Random Pics

I don't think I can quite put everything into their own posts so here are some of my favourite pics from the last month or so that don't fit anywhere..

Shopping at Sams.. On our way out I think lol. She really likes pushing the carts.

Happy baby

Please ignore that I needed to take out the trash (I did I promise lol). Here's Kalila (aka the Cheese Monster) trying to get into the fridge... again.

Despite how hot its been lately... She insisted on wearing this around the house one day. Funnier yet, she wore it w/ no pants and a pair of shoes.

Such a big girl, having milk in her cereal!

I just love this picture... She had to have the hair clip... was very insistent on it.

Playing in her room...

Bedtime... Reading and being cute. I didn't let her sleep in the hat lol, but she just had to wear it until then...

Big smiles and loving on Kimosimi

I just love the little hair flip thing here... She'd just stolen a chip from Baba.

Playing princess

She loves her sunglasses

Playing w/ one of Baba's toys... Master Chief I think??? He was proud anyway...

Dressing up in Mama's khanga

More silliness... She has this thing for socks now... and gloves... but can only find one lol.

Sticking her tongue out at me lol

And I'll end w/ a couple of her sleeping on the couch... So sweet.

26 July, 2009

Steaming (like) Mad

That steam cleaner I mentioned...

Didn't get any before pics lol.. but here's the living room afterwards. I was so proud...

What I wasn't proud of...

Can you believe I did a huge vacuum job minutes before I pulled that up? Crazy!

I tried to get before/after pics of the kitchen... but they didn't turn out so well. Here's the best of the lot though.

The hallway...

Kalila's room... I just got this done the other day & I already need to go over it again thanks to her having an accident.

Speaking of going over stuff again, I need to hit the living room again too... Kalila's pulled all sorts of toys everywhere.. it needs to be vacuumed (I haven't yet today) and then a good steam as well... Esp since we did so much work in here last week after I finished.

So yeah, you can see a lot of what's been going on here lately lol. Fun Fun!

A Wii Bit of Fun

These are a bit newer... No, a lot newer lol. I got them just a couple days ago. I couldn't help it... She's just too cute sitting there playing Mario Kart on the Wii like a big girl!