30 June, 2009

Tonights Conversation

Kalila - Baba an Mommy an Gido... Baba an Gido an Mommy an Baba an...

Mommy - No honey that's Baba with Gran and Gido.

Kalila - Mommy

Mommy - That's not mommy...

Mommy - There's a picture of Kalila... Can you say Kalila?

Kalila - Klia

Mommy - Kalila

Kalila - Klia

Kalila - (points) Girff

Mommy - Yes, that's a giraff

Kalila - Girff, grff, grff....

Kalila - (points to another banana bark) Person!

Mommy - (laughs) yes that's a person... Can you say Maasai?

Kalila - ROAR (her lion sound)

As Mommy doubles over laughing...