20 June, 2009

Random Cute

I posted too early the other day...

So a few days ago the Hillshire Farm meat commercial came on... They got to the end where they yell "Go Meat!" and make the arm motion... Kalila mimicked the arm thing and yelled "farm!"

Then... Yesterday... We decided to watch The Lion King. So the opening came on and she's yelling about the birdies and quacking... and then babbling at the other animals (apparently the elephants are yellow btw)... And then it freezes on Kilimanjaro (yes we have the new edition) and I pointed it out and told her its name... and she looks at me all bright eyed and said "maro". Ok not really close, but still.... heart melting... And then they showed the lions and she got all excited and pointed and said "lion!" and we got all happy all over again lol. Just too cute.