19 June, 2009

Oven Macaroni

I think I've already apologized for the lack of menu this week... but I'll say it again. It really stinks on my end too... I'm so used to having it. I know I could have just written one down... but w/ everything being flipped upside down this week it didn't happen at all. We've managed to have a pretty good food week dispite that though. Baba tried one of Gido's new recipes for a chicken salad thingie... and it turned out great. We ate off of it for 3 straight days and I didn't even mind that we did lol. I found a chicken recipe in a cookbook that deserves its own post sometime soon... We did have a couple helper meals, something I'd like t o get away from but Baba loves them and both were days that we needed something fast and it just happened to work for us. But... the one that I wanted to share was the macaroni I made a few days ago...

There's an oven baked macaroni recipe that I've wanted to try for awhile... but we didn't have the stuff to do it. So that was automatically out... but I did need to bake whatever I was gonna make because our pans were in the wash. So with the thought that I wanted mac and cheese w/ some kind of vegitables (I hadn't completely decided yet, but was thinking onion and tomato). That I could do easy... if it was on the stove top... In oven I had no clue how long, temps, etc. So I got on here and started looking recipes to see if I could find something close to what was in my head so I could use that as a guideline. I found this... (that will be a link asap I promise... if you google oven baked macaroni it was a recipezaar recipe though).

If I remember right it was the addition of tomato soup (not something we had mind you) that caught my attention. I was already thinking tomatoes and I got curious. As soon as I finished reading through it I had an idea in my head that I just had to try!

I used the 2 cups of macaroni that it called for and the 1/3 cup of water, but instead of a can of tomato soup I added a can of cream of chicken. I also threw in chopped onions and tomatoes (my brain just wouldn't let go of those two and I'm glad) and fresh garlic instead of the powder it calls for. I used a little less grated cheddar cheese (a cup instead of 1 1/2) but also threw in several broken up slices of muenster. Sprinkled the parsley on top as mentioned in the recipe. All of this was in my dutch oven btw. I think I may have added a little more water before that parsley... Anyways, baked at the temp and time mentioned on the recipe.... And it was great!

I have this thing about mac and cheese being creamy. I don't want to go back to velveeta (it tastes great that way & I grew up on it... but I want real cheese!) so I've been using american cheese slices (like Kraft, but we don't always get that brand) because I found it does the same thing. Still not quite what I want... but baby steps I guess lol. Anyways, I don't know if it was the combination of the cheese and the soup or what... but this dish was creamy... and neither cheddar or muenster do that normally. I loved it. I may play around with it a bit more. No... I know I will. But still one to do again!


babyyahyah said...

i am making mac an cheese tomorrow with kraft slices. never thought of adding tomato soup..hmmm maybe i should?

Mama Kalila said...

I don't think I'd try the soup if your using the slices (they cream on their own) but... I did blend tomato onion and milk once and add to a mac made w/ that kind... and tech that's soupy... So it may turn out ok with it anyway. I like chopping up the veggies and adding to it instead though. Oddly enough those two go very well w/ mac & cheese.